As a former apologist, I have lost hope

It’s so sad to see that these developers ruined their own game like it’s nothing.

Honestly at this point just completely turn Overwatch 2 into it’s own game.
None of that Overwatch 1.5 bs concept. 4 years of development is practically a new game especially if it used Overwatch as its base.

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The only thing wondered me is how people still have hope for this crap company

Quality control lose since WoW Legion
Loyalty to customer lose since Immortal
Yet you guys somehow still possess the wet dream of Blizzard
Keep telling yourself none of them related to Overwatch…and guess what?


I would highly recommend Paladins. It’s similar but different.

Dunno when lol was released, but it took you quite some time to find this “in your words” good game.

Playing since beta ow is a game that only upsets when playing, i get upset just thinking on most other games to be fair…

Delays imho are good, it means the devs aren’t happy themselves.
And i’m sure none if them is celebrating the delay.

News that a team is taking longer than anticipated with a game is never easy, especially in a case where players have been eagerly anticipating any information about release, beta, etc. The forums, reddit, and social have all been a reflection of the frustration I believe a lot of OW players are feeling today, and that’s ok.

Jodie (our new CM, you’ll meet her eventually) and I have been spending the last day gathering feedback, and today we’ll be summarizing it and sending it along to the those who need to see it. While it’s important that our team does everything in our power to meet the high expectations that we all have for the Overwatch franchise, we also need to be aware of how it affects the community that’s grown up around our game.

In the meantime, I want you all to know that we understand what’s happening on the forums. While we still believe that this is the right thing to do for the team, the game, and ultimately the players, we get the emotions being shared today.

One rumor to clear up: I’m seeing a lot of folks assuming a launch date in 2023 is wrote. Without being pedantic, I want to point out that there was no release date or beta date communicated in yesterday’s earnings call. While I’m not prepared to discuss dates with you here today, I want to quash the rumor of a 2023 release date as being somehow “official”.

To the OP: I understand where you’re coming from and sincerely hope to have the opportunity to restore your feelings of excitement and joy about Overwatch and the team behind it.


I’d share some feedback to the public quick… I’m watching ATVI plummet in real time. lol Luckily, I wasn’t dumb enough to buy any.

Thank you for posting. Best community manager we’ve had on the forums


Since Open Queue and QPC players told me to make a thread about this, I’m just going to directly tell you. Sorry in advance for the plug.

Could someone take a look at the rank inflation for OQ at diamond+ (where sliver and plat players are masters, making game quality horrible for diamond+ role queue players)? It a very odd situation as there’s mostly gold and plat role queue players at 2300-2500 in Open Queue. The bell curve is seriously wonky, and QPC offers better matchmaking for diamond+ mmr players which is odd since higher elo players prefer ladder. Currently Open Queue has horrible queue times if your OQ rank is top 500 (diamond+ literally).

So, we feel that OQ needs a rank reset, or at the very least some investigation into what happened. We will be patient in the meantime. (This is for NA OQ, cannot speak about other regions).

The language used heavily suggests the games won’t launch in 2022. So much so that I’d say they should’ve reworded it if that wasn’t what they were trying to say.


Hahah yep, OQ is a cesspool. I played it for one season, endured the really bad players with really big egos due to rank inflation, and yeeeeeted myself right out. You literally have GMs and plats on the same team and the differential SHOWS.

It’s probably because all of like, 7 people actually play the mode.


It might not be official, but the statement was pretty much clear about the game not being a 2022 release. And i am pretty sure that majority of the community expects the game to NOT release in 2022. Please don’t give the community false hope about 2022 release because all we had since the reveal 2 years ago is more and more delays and lack of communication.


So there is another option: There will be no release before 2024 :woman_shrugging:


Andy communicating will be a big part of our trip to OW2.


Going by past delays and everything else. It’s safe to assume it will be 2023. They launched the first trailer without a date. They’ve delayed it a few times without giving a date. By the time their game comes out ATVI is going to hit 0 lol

Edit: Watching ACTVI will give a good idea on what’s going on in the “inside” of blizzard it’s down 15%

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Yes, it seems like a 2023/4 release is what to look forward to.

And I mean that - I look forward to OW2. I am bummed there is a delay, but I will pray to RNGesus each day that the project continues and OW2 is a great game.

In the meantime, I plan to max my borders lol. Here we go!!!


Where you at with that? I’m at 2 Star silver border.

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Yeah it does really imply (in the earning call) that things originally planned for “next year” will be pushed for much later. I don’t mind the game delay myself, but if Andy’s goal was to disrupt the rumour, nothing in what he said denies it either. If anything his wording could also imply it could come out even LATER :grimacing: (which i personally doubt is the case but yeah…)


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Thank you. At this point in time, I’m assuming TBA 2022 until proven otherwise.

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