So metro was right

There is absolutely no project in any industry where changing managers incites a one-year delay. That is simply not a thing.

Metro isn’t right either though. Initial balancing for 5v5 is not a one-year project. Not even close. Real balancing doesn’t even begin until the game is released and in the hands of millions of players who break it in ways that devs – even brilliant ones – can’t foresee.

The bottom line is that they think the game sucks and is nowhere near where they hoped it would be by this time.


This community owes him an apology…

Sorry metro. :pleading_face::pleading_face::pleading_face:

a little honest side from Blizzard: it never created calendars made public online with unfulfilled promises in the data (right, CD Project Red?)

a little dishonest side from Blizzard: don’t give OW1 the slightest respect even in the most insignificant features that OW2 benefits (the HUD).

in any case, it didn’t take Metro to understand the obviousness of events in Blizzard. a postponement of OW2 helps us not wish for another “WarCraft 3 Reforged”

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To be fair, nobody said it was a one year delay, just that it’s not releasing in 2022. So if it was originally coming out in December, a one or two month delay would make that statement true.


no metro wasnt right. he said something that was wrong at the time and got lucky

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Even a blind man woudl have seen that there was nothing done on the PvP part.
However considering OWL was planned to be played on OW2, this delay seems like a last minute decision due realizing that they have nothing done yet.

That’s fair enough. A lot of us assumed it would be much sooner since OWL will start the season with OW2 PVP, but that was just an assumption and we could’ve been way off.

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Probably why it isn’t a year delay as the CM said himself

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Pretty funny how people will do a quadruple mental backflip before admitting metro was right.

“He guessed right so wat”

Yes. That’s what a prediction is. Y’all were quick to **** on him when you thought he predicted wrong. Now that his prediction was better than BLIZZARD, all of a sudden it’s just a guess.

Someone please tell me, what did metro do? I know nothing about him, so I half to imagine he did something really bad to trigger the community this hard.


That’s is absolutely NOT what the CM said lmao. All he is saying is “2023 is not confirmed”. Which is the same as saying “ow2 is coming out in 2022 or later”.

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“ow2 is coming out in 2022 or later”

This is the same as just saying “OW2 is coming out”. Metro said a while back that they’re going to do it in 2023, the CM says there is no timeline. If the dev team doesn’t have a proper timeline then Metro’s “leak” has no real substance. Hell even when Metro originally leaked it they even said he was wrong.
Through no fault of his own there’s a slim chance he may have guessed right, that doesn’t change the fact that his actual info was wrong.

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Honestly nothing. He was probably sharing the info he had for the time but I do think the things have changed several times after.

Literally all of his leaks were retroactively proven to be true. People just don’t want to hear that the game is making no progress. I do not even like the guy, but at the end of the day, it was always obvious that his source was accurate.


Didn’t he once say OW2 was gonna be released Q1 of 2020? I swear I remember that.

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Maybe? I just meant all of the delay ones, I suppose. The reality is that these things are very fluid. Even now, I doubt the developers have a date in mind. It is subjecg to change, I am sure. Whatever source was telling him that things weren’t looking good was clearly an insider. And heck, if they had a q1 2020 plan at one point, it might have been true and pushed back as no progress was being made or the scope changed.

I guess my point was that the copium positivity people who wrote off his info were always being a little too hopeful.

The lawsuit changed a lot of things and you can clearly see the impact it has had

For instance, Malevento was meant to be released much earlier

I’m not justifying them by any means but lawsuits generally do slow down progress a lot, as there’s a lot of things to go through, so no I don’t think whoever that is was right, and anyone with half a brain will realise that OW2 is not going to be balanced on release because that would be incredibly difficult to do

I knew at the time that he was probably right. This happened the last time he was “wrong” too. The devs debunked his hero bans leak, only to introduce hero pools, which is essentially the same thing functioning slightly different than expected.

Here, I don’t but that a simple change in leadership is setting them back so much, not in this case. They still have Aaron, who was the assistant director before replacing Jeff. They have Geoff Goodman on balance. They have the new lead writer, who’s been there for some time now. The guy that left was a producer. If that’s an impactful reason, then it’s probably only the straw that broke the camel’s back.

For me it’s less about denial and more about it being apparent in the first place. We saw where they were with OW2 PvP in the livestreams; Rein and Winston looking like the only tanks who had been worked on at all, and they were still pretty much in a draft state. Existing characters that were kept behind closed doors like Orisa and Moira. Acknowledgement that snipers/flankers/etc. were going to be a problem but they “were keeping a close eye on them” - i.e. they haven’t done anything about them yet.

Metro “leaking” that OW2 is in a rough state is like me “leaking” that the Pope is Catholic.


So they need another year to balance 5vs5?..

They didn’t even do a re-balance for 2/2/2; just pretended that adding some limits would magically fix a game designed to be played a completely different way.

The only explanations for this game’s balance have been “incompetence” and “low effort.”

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