As a former apologist, I have lost hope

Remember this thread?

Also the many other threads I’ve posted having hope for the future of Overwatch and being a “proud” fan of team 4.

I woke up this morning with a good feeling, but all that drained when I noticed OW2 is not coming out til at least 2023 announced with that tweet from Blizzard today.

Doesn’t that mean we have almost 4 years of no content, delay after delay? I’m pretty sure I was excited for OW2 to release in 2020, which certainly wasn’t the case.

I’ve lost all hope, I don’t even know why I’m still in this community. I give up.

Thankfully I found League of Legends Wild Rift and been playing the crap outta that. Riot still hasn’t disappointed with their projects. Overwatch is a relic of the past at this rate…


i would rather they release it when it’s finished, but yes 2023 is a long way away so hopefully this delay also comes with content updates for OW1 to tide us over (or at least more balance changes again).


Its just so painful to see. 2023 is a very long time…


its ok nega I forgive you, stages of grief, ive been in acceptance for a while


They’ve botched this so horribly it’s difficult to comprehend.


OW is going to be a case study for future game developers on how to absolutely squander your game, community and reputation.


You might want to take into consideration everything that has happened. The global pandemic and the sh*t storm that is happening at Blizzard right now. There is no need to lose hope, quiet the opposite, I think these changes are good, they are getting rid of a lot of bad people and putting better ones in charge. In the long run this is a good thing.


I was always more reasonable too, but this is well beyond ridiculous. By the time the game is released, it will probably have been three and a half to four years since it was announced. That’s not even counting the years they spent on it before. It seems pretty ridiculous for a sequel like this to be taking that long. It isn’t being built from the ground up.

It’s now come out that this is believed to be caused by the changes in leadership. No idea how that could cause such a huge delay.


They shot themselves in the foot. Maybe they assumed it would have been ready much sooner? But announcing it at blizzcon so early was the wrong decision.

If they had kept quiet and kept releasing heros… they would be storming the industry. But now this… I’ve waited so long with no new content (no im not counting skins as new content… how many can one hero have… jeez) that I’m done waiting. I’ll return in ‘23 or more likely ‘24 but I can’t do another few years with just skins releasing. No


Yes. Yes. Join the dark side.


honestly same, I’ll buy the damn game when it releases but I have no sympathy left for team 4 and honestly I don’t want no excuses either, get to work and shut up


Nah that’s cyberpunk 2077 and cd project red.

I am not going to lie, I gave up when queue times were 10 minutes long. I have been a zombie ever since the moment I realized they were actually that inept.


I wonder how much worse it has to get for the rest of the blizzard defenders to finally open their eyes because I have been saying this for the past few years and the evidences have been there all the time.


is not coming out til at least 2023

I’m pretty down on OW2 now too but I think you’re going too far. Especially with that “at least” bit lmao.

they probably moved the release date from projected early summer to mid Fall; worst case scenario would be Holiday, since devs don’t wanna miss the Christmas boom. Theres nothing to suggest that it’s not still in 2022.

that being said, Jesus Christ this is embarrassing for Blizz. Having “Overwatch” credited to you is gonna be like writing “DO NOT HIRE ME” on your resume.


Well my optimism toke a huge hit. As someone who loves OW’s universe and it characters. Hell, I cosplay as Reaper.

The kid gloves are off, Blizz either make new heroes now or I might just take a long hiatus from this game. My motivation to play completive is gone at this point.


Star Citizen will be out before OW 2 if it keeps getting delayed.


Yeah, me too. This is sad

Understandable. This really is beginning to reek of vaporware at this point. Like, Duke Nukem Forever level vaporware. Or Half Life Ep. 3.


Why do y’all care so much? Seriously, just enjoy the dang game for what it is and stop being parasites that require that constant drip feed