So... that overwatch 2 delay, huh?

Context on the straw that obliterated the camels back: Overwatch 2 just got delayed to 2023.

I mean really? as fans of this franchise how much more we expected to put up with? Just to be clear, I’m not upset with the concept of delaying the game in order to make it better, and put more time into it. that’s not my problem… the problem I have are the choices blizzard has made on how to handle the game, teasing the game and keeping their current game updated while waiting for this game to come out.

This game was revealed in late 2019 and up until this point we’ve barely had any content, with our last major major piece of content being in may 2020.

As well, development for the game seems to have slowed down even more, with our experimental patches not only being incredibly small but also taking a long long time in between one another to actually release.

We were told so many times the development was going well. hell, even according to leak things were going at least decent. we were told that we might not re ceive consistent updates, but just to know the things were going well. so what on Earth happened? why are we suddenly delaying the game so long when apparently all that had to be done was hero balance around 5v5?

Between the horrendous balance patches, the lack of updates. the lack of quality in the events anymore, the overall poor marketing for overwatch 2, the horrible decision making from the Dev team, the horrible things going on Activision in general and just a general shift into direction I personally am not a fan of, I don’t really see myself playing this game for too much longer.

it’s already hard enough to wait until May of 2022 for the sequel let alone wait all the way until 2023.

My interest for OverWatch has been dying for a long time, mostly because of the direction that they’ve been putting the game into. but now, knowing OverWatch 2 is not going to be out for so long how can I possibly continue playing this? yes I could just wait for the game to come out and play other games as people like to say, but at that point I may as well just invest in the other games instead of coming back to this, especially knowing that the devs could handle the next game just as horribly as they handled this one.

I don’t know guys, it just seems like the end of the line for me. How is everyone else feeling?


I wonder if people didn’t asked for a campaign, would we have the game by now?


Clearly I’m in the minority because I’m still having an effing blast with Overwatch. Even the rough losing streaks that make me temporarily miserable aren’t enough to quell my love for this game. I wake up wanting to play Overwatch, I go to sleep still wanting to play Overwatch.

The idea of the PvE campaign is great. I’m sure I’ll enjoy that. I’m in no rush to get it though, let them work on it, make sure it’s done right.

The idea of the 5v5 PvP however is just not interesting to me. It’s moving away from the team cooperation style that in my opinion fundamentally is Overwatch. I just don’t care for ‘Overwatch: CoD edition’ where everyone is basically just a dps and everything just dies really fast so the games feel more deathmatchy.

The content drought hasn’t bothered me. All the new heroes released after launch have been terribly unbalanced and many have broken the game, and other than Ashe, I’ve not really taken to any of them and downright hate most of them (Doom, Ball, Sigma, Echo, Moira). The post-launch maps have been equally as bad. And the archives modes? I mean, cool, they have lore if you’re into that, but they just aren’t all that replayable and don’t even stick around all year to peek into now and then. And Storm Rising was really just Retribution in a different location.

So, TL:DR, current Overwatch is all I need to be happy, and since OW2 will kill OW whether it actually releases or not, I will gladly take all the time I have left to enjoy current OW.

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I have mixed feelings about this. I really don’t like 5v5 and the current state of OW is balanced in a way I don’t think we’ll see in a long time. Yet Overwatch is hemorrhaging players, there’s very little sense of exploration, and people are experiencing burnout.

We need change, we need content. It’s what drives content creators, sustains the community, and helps the game grow and flourish. That’s what I like about OW2. Even if it’s a bad change it will reinvigorate the community and renew the game’s sense of exploration.

So ultimately even though I don’t like a lot of the changes, I feel like Overwatch needs them to thrive. And it’s important to me that Overwatch thrives.

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Might not wanna hold onto they date so closely.

Considering the context of that post I would be very surprised if it was implying an even later date.

That’s what I’m thinkin’ lol. At this point I’m more worried about if the current game will survive long enough between now and then.

And I get that, and I would totally be on board if OW and OW2 were going to be seperate games; if one wasn’t going to just overwrite the other as if it never existed. But I just can’t be excited for the death of the game I love. Even if it makes others happy in giving them the changes they wanted in order to enjoy it, because in the end, they never loved Overwatch and they wanted a different game. And you can see that in every other post on these forums “I hate this game.” “I uninstalled this game.” “Help me stop playing this game.” “Why do I only get tilted when I play this game?”

And that’s kinda what I meant when I said OW2 will kill OW with or without release. If it releases, it overwrites OW. If it doesn’t release, OW dies a slow death due to dwindling population anyway. Either way, it’s the end of an Era and the beginning of a new one. Will I still buy OW2 and play it? Yes, because I love this game. But do I believe it will feel the same and fulfill me the same way OW currently does? No.

Didn’t in the blizzard employees post they say not to expect D4 or OW2 in 2022? So the it would be assumed it’s 2023 so not sure why they are back tracking unless I’m misinformed.