Are you happy now?

I’m seeing bohemian rhapsody today so yeah I’m pretty happy!!!

Also I’ll take any change that gets GOATS out of quick play honestly
begone, foul barnyard animal

You turned Overwatch into a joke for the last half year.



Are you the people who happen to think a 10s rez was completely balanced?

Oh btw, if that 45 damage makes the difference between viable and utterly trash for you, I don’t know what version of Overwatch you play, but it ain’t mine.

Last I checked, Brigitte still has her AOE heal, single target burst heal, armor, stun, and knockback. Maybe you could try actually playing her as a support/tank instead of a dps duelist that can self-heal

In response to your original question, yes, I am very happy they are balancing Brigitte at long last. And you all Brigitte abusers and your salty tears are making me happier.

Keep making my day, thanks

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Yes i’m happy, now i can play Reaper again and McCree flashbang will return to be a factor when i choose to pick him…

Nerf was absolutely needed to her bash, a Support with so much stopping power/defense/mobility, capability of 1vs1 the entire roaster, including tanks, also with self heal/instant heal on allies with an ult that swing games , while negating the existence of heroes like Reaper in game was too much.

Stop complaining


None of her other abilities have been affected by this patch…
So how she is useless except for one ability when you say that ability is the thing being changed unless she’s always been useless except for one ability…

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I just leave it here…

Mercy? Had a mass rez she could use behind the walls, fair share of mercy players were leaving their teammates to die just to use the rez instead of helping what was frustrating. Reworked and Nerfed due to being really OP and basically secured win by existing

Symmetra? So good at countering flankers she was never actually used to do so, had abysmal pickrates across all the ranks, her kit was too slow for the game pace. Reworked, buffed (except for translocator as i find it quite useless)

Brigitte? The Jack of All Trades, being able to counter not only flankers but also tanks and generally every hero in game. Punishing tanks for playing in the frontline and doing their job because she could freely approach them and stun them with no visuals. Had the shortest cooldown on cc ability across the roster. Has 750 frontal hp. Can defend herself (which is super good), have great mobility, fantastic ult, with no after time decay, than without syms and torb’s reworks had a potential to make that tracer a little 400hp tank. Most of her counters are F tier. Nerfed so she could fill her work, not be jack of all trades to this extend

they wouldnt have nerfed her if they didnt playtest it and found it really didnt hurt her that much. She still the best overall 1v1 hero in the game (because she does not rely on enemy missing), she still easily kills flankers - sure its a bit slower but its not like the flanker is going to win. Let us all be real here. She lost very little power with this nerf - 45 damage every 7 seconds? She just got a little more boring to play (but if you play Brig to begin with…its not like you are looking for a overly complex gameplay experience).

lets see how it works out. She can STILL combo pretty well, it just takes 2 of them now instead of 1+a melee.

All of her excellent utility remains. What matchup does she lose now that she won previously? None, really. It just makes it possible to run from her, honestly, instead of getting deleted coming around a corner b/c Brig is camping the corner in 3rd person.

my only concern is that they didnt even put out the shield bash nerf and they already put out another nerf on her. they should really give it time to see how things roll out before dumping a huge nerf like that.


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I guess the best way to adapt is to stop playing support and instead perhaps just lock on tank (perhaps…) or definitely ‘damage’ and just try your best. Only way to improve is to practice, just watching videos of others experienced players playing a certain hero/role won’t solely help improve on your own gameplay experience. Mercy got binned and Brigitte appears to be next (using the ‘unfun to play against’ once again). Once Brigitte is binned I’m sure swarms will pick on another support or tank hero. Who knows, Moira’s damage orb? Ana’s biotic nade? Maybe even Roadhog’s recent buff? I’m fairly certain another support or tank hero will be targeted soon after as having something ‘unfun to play against’ or being simply ‘unfun to play against’ overall.

When there’s a day that there’s simply too many ‘damage’ players who may have previously been support or tank mains then maybe a more true and accurate meaning of balance will be understood.

Since I started playing hardest complaints (in terms of “nerf this”) have been about:
Junkrat (got nerfed)
Sombra (got nerfed)
Hanzo (got nerfed)
Widow (got nerfed)
Rein (got buffed)
Tracer (got nerfed)
Mercy (got nerfed)
Genji (no changes afaik)
Brig (got nerfed)
Ana (no nerfs yet since ult change)
Doomfist (got nerfed)

In terms of pattern of complaints most seem to fall along these lines:
a) Dominance in meta (Junk at the time, Mercy at the time, Hanzo/Widow at the time, Tracer at GM/OWL, Brig, Genji, Rein)
b) Too high value for low skill requirement (Junk, Mercy, Brig, and a few people argue Doom or Sombra)
c) “Unfun” to play vs (Junk, Widow/Hanzo, Sombra, Tracer/Genji, Mercy, Brig)

My observations have been that generally supports and tanks get a free pass if they are meta dominant. Rein, Winston, Zarya, Zen, DVA, etc will get a free pass regardless of their win/pick rate. The only true exception is when people consider the dominant tank/support meta to be extremely low skill ceiling (Mercy, Brig, GOATS)… though I actually consider Mercy decently high skill ceiling. On the other hand every strong meta dps has received nerfs asides from Genji.

Anyways that’s just my observations.

It’s actually kinda funny.

Everyone on this forum complains about Mercy being in the meta and whatever. Then she gets nerfed to the point of no return and the same people are crying that the good healers are no where to be found.

The same thing is going to happen to Brigitte. Then we can roll the dice to see which healer is next.

I feel super sad here that my first post on these forums is a negative one, but these changes just basically make Brig unviable as a character for me to play. Since I started playing recently she has consistently been my go to support character for when the team is being pushed hard by the enemy and I am being focused as Mercy: being able to heal the team and push back against tanks was super important in those moments, and now… now, it feels like I am going to be helpless in such situations.

I find it frustrating that Brig is shown in the advertising for the upcoming free weekend with her shield up and the word ‘DEFEND’ wrote large above her head. Tell me, what kind of defence is she going to be able to offer now?

Oh because Zenyatta can just walk into the enemy team and create a sh*t ton of space because he has so much survivability.

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People already be complainin bout this

I actually play zen you can survive aka not die with any hero if you can predict the team fight going to go. It’s why all support i main have similar death averages.

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What I meant was:

Brigitte can create space easily by walking into a team and forcing them to retreat because of her survivability without an ultimate ability, Zenyatta can’t.
If a Zenyatta walks into your team he’s dead.

Please tell me you know how much space in this game means?

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Brig walk into enemy team. What situation is the enemy in. Ive been in situation as brig where i overextend into 4 vs 1 and need up died by my own mistake. What situation is this imaginary brig in.

Yes, I’m pretty much always happy, or content.

Thanks for asking bro.