Are you happy now?

What? I didn’t mention you in my post at all, like literally my post wasn’t even about you.

I was saying, why would those that are angry adapt when Blizzard has proven one doesn’t need to adapt, they only need to complain. This just proves they need to keep complaining louder.

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You know what? Yea… im happy now :slight_smile:

I adapted, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t complain as well. The point is even players who tried to adapt still complained.

Yes, i’m, because she is finally was she should be in the first place: half SUPPORT/half Tank

What other supports lead the front line swinging their mace and tearing through people, while being invincible?

Highly exploitable weaknesses? you mean throwing the game by not getting on the point because brig has 250 hp, 500 hp shield, self heal, a dash, a stun, and a knockback? she’s probably the tankiest hero during teamfights, far more so than hog for example becasue he doesnt have a small hitbox like brig does nor a shield

also for such highly exploitable weaknesses, man i guess that means diamond~top 500 players are just bad because she has a 55%+ winrate there or maybe the character is the issue hmmm

You just need to learn to adapt, bro.

What are you talking about? I literally don’t care if you adapted or not, I never said anything about it.

You’re talking about how people of the “delete brig movement” didn’t adapt but instead just cried.

I am one of the people who has always said I’d either like Brig reworked completely or nerfed to the point where she was nowhere near meta relevant anymore…

So your initial post kind of called me out.

Mercy was useless, now not so much, shes in a much better position and its disheartening to see another support after Ana, and Mercy going into those positions to begin with.

I’m talking about why those that whine about Brigitte have all the confirmation in the world they need to keep whining, as its only shown Blizzard listens. Nothing else.


This isn’t adapting. This is the equivalent of someone who makes a million bucks a year getting a tax cut they don’t need.

I actually don’t mind the latest shield bash nerf. But the healing buff is way too small. Two-thirds of the support lineup will be trash-tier or must-pick now. I do not understand why Blizz cannot get the supports right. :frowning:


It was 80 healing in 5 seconds (16 HPS). Now it is 100 healing in 6 seconds (20 HPS). Her healing output and the length of Inspire were both buffed to compensate for her damage nerf.

EDIT : Oof I miscalculated. It’s still 16 HPS.

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That’s Blizzard’s fault for their lack of constructing a decently designed tank/support hybrid.

Live with it.

Yep, fair to say I’m happy about the Brig nerfs.

Thanks for asking :smile:

  1. I am happy now and 2. I’m sure further adjustments will be made to her kit that puts her more in line and viable as a support. Have a nice day buddy.

not sure if trolling

Lucio’s speed boost made him a must pick for a very long time at the start of Overwatch as no other hero could offer the speed that he offered. Remember when they nerfed lucios damage like 8 times instead of the speed boost factor? Pros kept saying “Hey guys, it’s the speed boost, not his dps. Stop nerfing his dps.” and they kept nerfing his dps and his pickrate remained the same until they added Ana into the game.
Moiras damage orb is constantly complained about.
Anas biotic grenade has also been an unparalelled “I win button” that many people complained about for a long time after she was added (along with the nano boost charging speed), but I haven’t heard complaints about it since the original hog tank meta.
I don’t think discord was ever that controversial, but I’m guessing you’re just angry and adding random support abilities you can think of in there.

Now if you want to change your list to “Mechanics that were once busted given the state of the game they were in when they were busted” and add the shield bash we have on live, your list makes more sense.

Brig was the “support along support” and was one of few hard counter constant flanks from Genji or Tracer from getting easy kills on other support classes who can’t really defend themselves well. Brig created space. I feel the nerfs are bit excessive and Brig got the Mercy treatment. One day they might revert, then spin and call it a “buff” just like they did with Mercy’s heals.

Yeah i am its one step closer to fixing rock paper scissor match making

lmfao it’s not even on PTR yet how would you even know?