Are you happy now?

You’ve turned Brigitte into the new Mercy. Completely useless except for one ability which you decided was only “balanced” after it was nerfed 12 feet into the ground.

Do you just want to delete every support character? Is that it? What are you going to start whining about next?

Lucio’s speed boost?
Moira’s damage orb?
Zenyatta’s orb of discord?
Ana’s biotic grenade?
Are you going to start picking on Mercy again?
Are you going to continue posting “#deletebrig unfun hero” while lapping up the developer’s falling for your crocodile tears?


If you think Mercy is useless you need to learn to play it.

Brigg still has a lot of damage. And if you think she will became useless with this… You need to learn to use her.


I don’t think brig is useless…but she most definitely does not still have “a lot of damage”.


I don’t think she was meant to be like that. She is a support “Lot of damage by her own” doesn’t fix in that description.


What’s that thing Brigitte mains keep insisting we do?

Oh right…



Remember when heroes were actually balanced due to real issues, and not because of ideas backed by pros and other twitch streamers as “____ Is unfun to play against. Remove it” ? I certainly miss those times. :blush:

~Sincerely Yours xoxo,
a Lover of True, Fair, and Fun Balance.


Luckily Blizzard finally did that for you. There is a difference between playing around a character with highly exploitable weaknesses and playing a character that basically has no role, now. Ooh, she can kind of heal and she survives relatively well… totally worth a pick! Get out of here, fam.


She’s a support. Hence why these nerfs came with buffs to her support capabilities. We did adapt. The last 8 months of meta was us adapting. Brigitte was a mistake from the beginning and if Blizzard aren’t going to remove or rework her, I’ll quite happily take her being sent down to the depths of F tier

Maybe I’ll finally start enjoying the game more now


Why do people keep forgetting that overwatch is a team game? So what if she doesn’t oneshot tracer anymore, she still has a decent stun on a short cooldowm, that is relatively easy to hit.

Every form of cc is incredibly powerful in this game, especially when playing as a group or even just one friend.


I will riot if this happens. The forums would never hear the end of it.


She was broken, she is now nerfed and we see how it goes. So yes, I am very happy.

The vast majority may actually be able to enjoy the game again.


okay then…
i kinda hope they are gonna kill your main some day now.


The buffs are negligible. If they actually turned her into a tank and support hybrid, I would shut it. They barely gave her anything despite gutting shield bash which was the core of her kit.

I agree that she was a mistake to start with and beyond that, you are correct, Blizzard is to blame for not coming up with a more ideal solution. That being said, waiting for eight months is not adapting. If you adapted, you, like me, would not believe she needed nerfed. Because she was really, really easy to play around. I barely needed to even adapt. That is the worst part. It takes the bare minimum and so many people wanted to literally cry instead of figuring out how to deal with her. Pathetic.


mehh ill just quit playing brig now an go back to moira


A “support” character shoudln’t be able to win a teamfight or a 1v1 with or becuause of one ability.


it is just not as easy as before. brig players are going back to the old rank

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I’m quite content,why are you asking?


And if you wanna keep shield bash as it was before, what about removing her passive? So she doen’t heal herself while slamming me? Just keep her E for healing teammates. I would be fine then.

Brig still has a lot of damage. As brig main with these nerf her damage is laughable.

A support isn’t supposed to deal that much damage at all. A support is supposed to support and not 1v1’ing the enemy team.

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