Are you happy now?

Considering people want more tanks and they don’t want any dps added for a while. A section of the community seem to want more space and different ways to create it. Same thing with supports. If we had dps tank i wouldn’t be surprised by their tank aspect great space. It’s the same with brig right now her tank half wants to create space. While her support half is healing.

Nah thatd be to easy. OP wants to score ez kills, now that their fav hero is slightly less good in that regard, they cry about it.

We just have to wait a few weeks and they will stop crying since they noticed “wait. I am actually not that good with her. Maybe she was oppressive” and those posts will stop.

Nothing against you OP, but from my experience most Brig players are just like that.

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That’s the issue. Brigitte can do everything a tank can, and more.

Why yes, thanks for asking! :slight_smile:

…her two healing abilities, the fact that she can still stun, and even without her shield has more HP than any other healer in the game, and can still put distance between herself and most heroes that get up in her fact, and can grant armor as an ult. But other than all that, completely useless.

Pretty sure this is called a nerf, not a deletion.

That depends, who’s too OP right now?

When has anyone complained about this? Speed boost has always been fine.

LOLOL. Real Moira players know that the healing orb is where it’s at.

Has already been addressed before.

A unique, slow ability that is very powerful and as such as a high CD.

I’m a healer main, and I do absolutely fine with Mercy. Guardian angel is my… guardian angel.

That depends on how she is after the nerfs come through. But strictly speaking, ya game developer wants their game to be fun to play. A lot of people didn’t want to tank anymore because of Brig, and she makes the game un-fun for most of the hero roster.

SB >> slap around >> whip shot >> shield up.
Rinse and repeat.

Irony police, arrest this man.
More often than you might think, people post that heroes need nerfs because they actually need nerfs. Maybe all those other players are right, and you are wrong. Did that cross your mind at all then you wrote this?

It’s people like you who make me ashamed to be a support main.