Anyone here that has played since launch?

is there something you miss about old overwatch? (it can include before launch things)

Pre-ordered n a beta player but i haven’t played in a few months. Probably not getting ow2 due to the focus on pve when all i want is a full on moba mode.

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I’ve been here since the first summer games event in 2016.

I can’t say i agree with the direction they’ve been taking overwatch since OWL came out - prioritizing being “exciting to watch” and mechanical gameplay over the game’s founding principle of “the strategy-heavy hero shooter for people who normally wouldn’t touch an FPS with a ten-foot pole.”

But my experience with the game in 2016-2017 was so good that I’m still here years later, even after I’ve lost hope of the game ever returning to it’s roots.


Despite my complaints during the years, I’ve been here since day 1.

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Been here since beta. Only ever even tried the game because of the baby Winston pet in WoW that you got for buying the collector’s edition. Figured I’d try it - ended up loving it. lol

… At least for awhile. Still looking forward to coming back for PVE modes in OW2.


I’ve only joined the team/Blizz around 6 months ago. I was fortunate enough to have a good friend on the team who invited me to one of our internal friends and family tests before announce/beta. My first experience with Overwatch was watching my kids sitting next to Metzen’s kids, loving every minute.

I’ve been a fan of the game ever since.


Been playing since the open beta spring of 2016.

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My gf has it but she dont play since years ago

Been here since pre launch, for I am, BASTION

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started with seasons 3-4.

Been here since the beginning but I took a year off after I deleted my account after the Blizchung scandal.

Been here since I was lucky enough to get into Beta 1! Crazy to think of how far the game has come since the days of 6 Mei’s on a single team.

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Same here. Late 2015 beta period.

Been here since the first Console Beta on PS4 (I don’t remember when that was). I come and go depending on where the balance is these days since we don’t really get content anymore, and have put in thousands of hours into the game and don’t regret it one bit. I’ve got 3 decades and some change in the game now and this easily one of my top 10 games of all time, right up there with some SNES classics from my childhood.

I don’t think I’ve ever put that many hours into a shooter-even Socom 2 (I’m mostly an RPG kinda guy).

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I would have purposefully not bought Overwatch during that time period to make sure I didn’t get the skin :joy:

All jokes aside, it is cool to own exclusive skins but man is that an ugly skin in my opinion.

This echos my thoughts on why I stuck around for so long. Being able to contribute in a team based game and not have it be all about clicking heads was a huge driver of my returning time and time again. I don’t investment myself as much as I used to into the balance of OW anymore however and just play till I reach exhaustion with Overwatch and move between some other game.

This is why I’m ironically concerned with OW2. Unless somethings changed OW2 is supposed to flat out replace OW1 which is what I know and am comfortable with, and will come with a huge rebalancing effort. If I flat out don’t like what they’ve done I get no recourse to go back and play OW1 unless they do some kind of legacy release like with WoW classic. I guess OW2 will be the turning point if I continue to come back to play again.

Played since open beta, stopped caring about comp when I hit t500 in season 6. I still consistently played a decent amount of comp until I think season 11? I started playing in teams and tournaments which killed my motivation to play normal comp, stopped even placing around when double shield showed up.

Also, just 100 levels away from max border reset lmao.

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I started playing not long after the first Halloween event. I’m surprised I’ve stuck with this game for so long.

I found the enemy’s teleporter!


Played since beta. But I hardly care about Overwatch anymore thanks to Blizzard escentially abandoning this game. They only give us eye candy now to try and distract us from the content drought (seasonal cosmetics)… and no. Cosmetics do not count as content. New maps, heroes and new game modes do.

I very rarely visit these forums anymore, however I still visit once every few weeks just to see if there is any news updates. The only thing that interested me a bit was the massive balance update about 2 weeks ago. Then I realized it was a meaningless thing that will not affect the live game at all. What a waste of developer’s time. Sad.

I cannot imagine Overwatch going through yet another year of no content, which is why I have pretty much moved onto other games, and the best part about these games is they are not abandoned by their developers.