Any Changes Happening To Symmetra Soon?


Anything happening to Symmetra. If so I hope it’s a juicy buff :crossed_fingers:!


The buff has to be
Turret CD reduced to 6s ( from 10s )
Teleporter Spawn time reduced to 0.5s ( from 2s )

Would probably become a huge help.


Extending her primary range might also be nice - like to the same as Zarya’s.


Maybe something like shield generator.

Extending the primary fire would be nice.


I just want anything that reduces the amount of time I spend reloading since that is what kills me the most.


30s cooldown on turrets is an unnecessary mess, yep

i’ll agree to shortening those cooldowns, but i dunno, i’d still rather them just cooldown separately, that way turret bombing isn’t so big of a deal, even though you’re still blowing all of your cooldowns (including your mobility) for an unreliable burst

not to mention turrets that just get wasted by blowing up in your face or connecting to the wrong location, and you just wasted more than just 10s of one cooldown: you literally are preventing the rest of the 20s from cooling down

this is such a horrible interaction that other heroes don’t have to deal with

that would be so insane it’s not even funny
it wouldn’t just “help” it would make her ridiculous

it could use .5 off, maybe, but certainly not reduced TO .5

the speed isn’t the problem, it’s the bugs, durability, and duration

it shouldn’t be a perfect get out of jail free card for everyone caught in a grav bomb consistently, it can help your team get out of it, but it shouldn’t be the absolute end for zarya’s ultimate

you know, honestly, same

i go to reload and get nano’d during it and i honestly feel like i wasted the majority of the boost reloading


Please! i want her to become good! not a tp bot full of unnecessary weaknesses.


They’ve been talking about increasing energy wespons’ tick rates (maybe just vs armor).


I really want all of these changes:


well, we know they are gonna buff her weapon so it’s reduced less by armor.
What else i have my ideas, but i talked about them long enough.


Possible Buffs and Quality of Life Fixes:

  1. Shorten the cooldowns for her turrets. They are basically made of fragile paper mache - should not be 10 seconds for a single turret. 6 seconds is more reasonable.
  2. Increase teleporter interact radius.
  3. Spawn the teleporter where Symmetra is standing, no matter what. Currently very inconsistent, especially on slopes.
  4. Make the teleporter deploy faster.
  5. Give Symmetra more health or a passive that allows her to survive while chasing enemies with a laser pointer, such as the suggestion of gaining temporary shields when damaging shields that I’ve seen.
  6. Increase her ammo pool. Currently it takes a lot of ammo to simply make your primary fire not awful - assuming you’re not just eating shields. If you’re worried about her absolutely never having to reload at full charge, you could even add a mechanic of her having to use the correct ‘proportional’ amount of ammo at higher charge. IE costs more at higher charge.
  7. Decrease the amount of time it takes to go from level 1 to 2 for primary fire, leave other charge time (2-3) the same.
  8. Bug for shield barrier is STILL present. It can get stuck on geometry when near a corner.

There are plenty of simple numerical buffs that can be done for her without making her broken, and without going through yet another rework.
JUST fixing her inconsistencies and bugs would help MASSIVELY. There are more suggestions that I know others have made, but something really should be done for Sym.


I wish she her role was more into area denial, that was her potential role with her turrets. Her photon barrier would have been different, a transparent force wall that allies could walk through freely and shield them, but also knocks back enemies if they try to walk through it. Her spawn tp and shield gen was always super helpful, but that does not mean she should be place back into the category. Maybe a passive that drop shield boosters from extracting light enemy barriers.


There’s two different buffs to Teleporter I’d enjoy; not together though because that’s oppressive and one would outweigh the other’s changes.

My preference: Duration, cooldown mechanics, and F to destroy as Torbjorn (counts as in combat if used within the last 5 seconds). Area of usage increased and a Lucio’s Cross-Fade-like light blue circle of influence added to show its increased range.

Everyone else’s preference: Deployment time reduced to 0.5 seconds, down from 2.


I’d be happy with a QoL fix to make her teleporter easier to place, set up a little quicker and last a little longer.


Probably not.

She got used in the OWL, so perfectly balanced and useful.


I’d like to see:

  • Reduced turret CD to 8 seconds.
  • Reduced deployment time on TP, with all consistency issues and bugs worked out.
  • Higher base damage at 90 DPS instead of 60
  • As for sustain, I’d like Symmetra to have a passive that simply allows for her shield regeneration to begin when dealing damage with her primary fire. If she is dealing damage, then there is no delay in her shield regen, and she receives 30 HPS while active in combat.


Hmm yea and Maybe her orbs going through shields (Or at least the splash damage component.


Yes please, I don’t even care how, just buff Symmetra.

And now that everyone is up and arms about Lucio’s speed, you know what hero has slow down powers? Yeah that’s right, too bad turrets will never be strong enough to counter a speeding tank without breaking the game and Sym will just get bullied more than usual.

Oh well, we we’re not meant for greatness.


Doubt it, took them 2 years to even fix their own nerf to her primary on mei ice walls.


But that is exactly what it needs to be.
Because D.Vas DM exists. Which can eat Grav Bombs consistently.

Keep in mind Teleporter has a 10s CD. So if Zaraya uses Grav Bomb after Sym wastes her TP then - its perfectly fine.

This is the strategy used for any ultimate. Hog should not use his Ultimate if Brigette has a Bash off CD or McCree flashbang is off CD.

It is the same thing with Teleporter. Don’t use Grav Bomb when Syms TP is off CD. Nothing new here exact same mechanics existing for other heroes.

It has counter play.
But it needs be useful when it is off CD.