Any Changes Happening To Symmetra Soon?


please speak this into existence


Without adding new abilities the biggest two things i want to see are a health increase and loads of teleporter QOL’s. Her main shtick is a pain to use.


Me too but nothing probably will. I don’t think they even check the forums anyways


Some form of shield gen would be great also


Still don’t see how the hero with the highest or second highest winrate of the entire roster needs any buffs but eh yeah I’m the “biased” one -.-


You again. Still obsessed with Sym mains?
And yet again vomitting your stupid “she has high winrate” BS.
Do you even know how it works? You pick Sym. Fail. Your team pressures you to swap off. You swap off and your WR almost doesnt suffer.


Not likely.

With the Armor nerf (the one where it blocks 3 pts of damage instead of 5) Blizzard will call that a Buff to Symmetra and call it a wrap.

I want buffs too but we’re all going to have to face a harsh reality: Symmetra will never return to anything close to 2.0 status.

Move on.


who are you again?

I mean that’s your conjecture but this really doesn’t work out
if people pick sym, fail, and swap off, her winrate should be closer to 50% (or actually lower since you’ll always give the enemy team an initial ult advantage) because her winrate should reflect the overall winrate (which is exactly 50%)

hard numbers aren’t BS, sorry you don’t like them


Oh no darling. You are mistaken. Same BS was working with Sym 1.0 and 2.0


Faster tp deploy time pleeaaaseeee