Small Buffs for Symmetra and Mercy


Activating Valkyrie no longer interrupts beam connection or Guardian Angel.

Valkyrie now doubles the range of resurrect to 10m.


Secondary fire Orbs can now be held indefinitely at full charge.

Primary Fire now has more levels of charge, each taking one second of damage to be charged. Starting at 60 dps, each level of charge increases her dps by 30 up to a max of 180.

Teleporter deployment and cast time reduced to 2 seconds collectively.

The range of Teleporter is increased to 30m.

Photon Barrier cast time is removed.

Activating photon barrier makes permanent shield health regeneration uninterruptible for all of Symmetra’s team that have shield health for the duration of Photon Barrier.




Am I boring you? Are these changes not enough or are you just tired of Mercy and Symmetra threads?

I’m not sure it’s really fair to call most of these “quality of life” changes. Most are flat out buffs.


Most of them are very small buffs. The only one I think is a significant buff is the Photon Barrier change to make shield health regeneration uninterruptible.

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A QoL buff would be more something like Mercy’s beam not breaking when she is ulting or Symmetra getting a placement ring around her teleporter.

Its really small though no particular need.