Anniversary is live

Whoop! The anniversary update is live! Make sure to restart your blizzard client to get the update.

Here is a link to the patch notes:


For real? Earlier than usual

much earlier for me as well. I see lucio ball and petra death match in arcade

yeah its live wtf so early???

Its live so early!! Usually updates come in ~4 hours (3pm EST), thank you for informing us!

It should have been up yesterday. Come on blizz, get with AEST. :grinning:

i got some summer games stuff in my free loot box

Woot! Early! Way to go blizz. GL everyone

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I couple hours earlier is perfect for me. Thanks, Blizz.

At least 1 suprise after the leak. 1gb on ps4.


Thank you for the early patch!!!

did the ptr come to live as well?

Its a very small update, I assume its only the event :frowning:

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You’re fast! Nice one. Thanks for the quick post :smiley:

It’s too bad I’m a work…guess I have to live vicariously through others until later, lol.

Why? Blizzard never updated the game on a Monday.

laaame :confused: thanks!
20 char

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Ah always stuck at work on patch day :frowning:

Turns out that countdown I made yesterday is pointless now… Oh well.

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got the new symmetra one…yeah…

well i can keep my 11k credits because there is so reinhardt or roadi skin…