Anniversary is live

Is it a buff though? I’ve been paying more attention to the way I play, and I do pre-heal quite a bit…

Hopefully it works out though.

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I think she can shoot through full-health teammates now. That’s the most I remember of her changes so far.

we did it boys.

and still have 73,155 coins left FTW.

New Doomfist, Mercy & Tracer victory pose.

weird, 3 hours earlier than usual

Yes, but the question is; how much of a buff is it? It’s great for when players get in the way, but as Ana has healing over time it also means you can’t pre-heal a teammate before they take damage anymore as the shot will go through them.

We’ll see how much of an issue that becomes.

It was a joke mate…

I mean, I don’t play Ana as much since I already main 3 healers.
But since you’ve a Ana icon, how do you feel about it?

For what I’ve been coming across, opinions are mixed.
Some call it a nerf, some call it a buff.

I’m not sure yet, for me this far it’s a mixed bag. Then again, the only game I played her had a Winston, Tracer and Genji on the other team that my Brigitte couldn’t deal with on her own, and I was more or less dying out of frustration trying to keep on playing Ana (eventually I had to switch to Moira just to get some payback). Trying to play Ana against any team that harasses the back-line even a little is just an exercise in frustration.

It’s nice when the shot pierces, but at the same time my vision is being blocked so I can’t really see how much good it does - I mostly just pray that it hit whoever was on the other side. Think I’ve gotten a few unexpected kills by it too. I do miss being able to pre-heal though, I won’t deny it, but it might simply be that I need to get used to the changes.

I keep reloading after firing 9 shots, I really need to break that habit now that I can fire up to 13! It’s nice with a bigger magazine, but I really don’t think this will be anywhere near enough to make Ana viable.