Algorithmic Handicapping (MMR/PBSR) is WRONG for Overwatch 2

I see a lot of projection in this thread, lol.

You can read it here


Yea, can’t believe OP is still projecting till this day TBH.

If he put in even half of his time playing the game instead of making all this analysis, he prob be better.


he hasnt played the game in over 4 years btw


Yea, I figured. I seen this thread many time.

Won’t even be surprised if many of the so-called replies here are his alt-acc or something. They all have the same way of speech and writing.


That’s probably true. Which leads me to believe it’s something else.

Yea, the OP just isn’t as hot as he think he is and decides to blame the MMR instead.

God could give him the perfect matchmaking system in the world, and he’ll still complain.

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Yeah, i know, i never said it was the perfect system. I dont personally like it. If smurfs/trolls/whatevers didnt exist, it wouldnt be needed.

It is, however, inherently fair since everyone is taking part in the same system.

I meant more that its a known thing among the people who have been here longer that he thinks he is way better than he actually is, A.K.A. a big ego


if its forced 50% winrate, why was i able to climb from bronze to diamond in <10 seasons? I started bronze S23 and of S31 I am diamond on tank. I’ve also climbed from gold to diamond on support in the same timespan, as well as climb from bronze to plat on dps.

I do applaud you for making such high quality sh*tposts. They always make my day


We get that you dont like it, you spam this thread constantly

MMR is there to put everyone in matches they have a chance of winning. BLizzard wants it this way

Its just your opinion that its WRONG, you say that as though its a fact. If you dont like it then find something else to do


Paladins does use mmr match making fyi… Its not just random players in matches


That is you right? Asking for balance changes?

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I love this post and agree with it 100%.


Sadly, The developers aren’t going to comment, more than likely for the fact that the Match making system was built from people higher up the chain of Command than the Level designers, character designers, story board team, hero balance team and artists.

I took a look at that patent and read through it. It is engineered to be toxic and atrocious. If someone else says otherwise. Than I guess sticking my hand on a hot stove is safe. We had this issue in world of Warcraft. Matches against PVP teams was always this abusive, and drops for the latest instances, dungeons and raids were SPARSE and required tons of grinding. That was because of the MONTHLY subscription fee. Because of instance LOCK-OUTS, in order to provide them a source of revenue.

IN Overwatch, it is ALT ACCOUNTS. They PROFIT off of GAMER RAGE. No matter what is told to a person, that match is tooled to make “you” MAD.

All and all. If they want to make Overwatch profitable. I wish they would fix the Match maker system, go with the approach of Selling cosmetics and putting their art department TO WORK. I mean TBH “lifeguard mercy” would have probably made a HUGE amount of revenue had they done it like fans suggested. Heck, I would have bet they could have SOLD that cosmetic for 20 BUCKS ea. and made more money in 30 days than they sell in alt accounts within a year!

Eitherway, Activision is nearly bankrupted and Microsoft takes it over. Lets hope they get the hint.


They literally have. That’s a fact. Try looking at their links and watch their videos.

Exactly. You just unknowingly supported my argument lol. Predictive outcomes for every match was confirmed by the devs a long time ago. It gives you less sr for matches it expects you to win and more sr for matches it expects you to lose. It’s a system that gathers data on players and forms opinions about them and where they belong on ladder. It then adjusts your MMR and gives you good or bad team mates based on if it wants you to climb or not. The entire overwatch ranked system is playing against this AI and trying to get it to have a good opinion about you so it will give you good team mates. It’s easy af to observe when you are aware of it.

That’s why overwatch ranked games usually look like this:

Win win win win loss loss loss loss win win win loss loss loss

Cause as you win games your MMR increases so it starts giving you better team mates cause it’s trying to boost you up to where it thinks you should be. On the contrary losses give you worse team mates and interesting how people suddenly get toxic when you’re on a loss streak. It’s cause the system is giving you other team mates losing games as it wants to push you down. It does this until you are where it thinks you belong and then it starts picking and choosing team mates and opponents to get as close to a 50% win chance as possible for both teams. This is also confirmed by the devs. To reach that 50% win chance what do you think it’s doing when the system determines 6 players on one team are highly skilled? It cancels the matchmaking until it can find 3 bad players to put with 3 good players and the same for team 2. Also confirmed by the devs. This means that players determined to be highly skilled by the AI, are more likely to get worse team mates. The system uses them as carries.

This is the reality of ranked overwatch whether you want it to be true or not. There are people like op who have combined their own research along with dev statements on ranked to give the most accurate hypothesis possible of how the ranked system works in its entirety. You raging “tHeY jUsT hArDsTuCK :rage:” doesn’t change literal dev statements and research.

There’s a reason the devs are changing the ranked system for OW2. They know it’s flawed.

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This is the way all Elo systems work though. So if you want to go back to a time when we didn’t do this, you need to go back to the pre-1960’s level of competitive ranking technology. Comparing the outcome of the match to the prediction made before the match was Arpad Elo’s chief innovation- roughly 60 years ago.

Why do we want to undo the progress in the field from the past 60 years?


Here´s the fun part: the enemies also get better, or worse.
It´s almost like the players in your match are on your skill level…

It tries to put teams with similar average MMR together
Please tell me what exactly is wrong with that

Any online e-sport multiplayer PvP game needs an official, fully documented ELO system, not some secret and weirdly weighted “hybrid” . :moneybag: :santa:

It has long been statistically proven that matchmaking leads to effects that can only occur under incorrectly weighted initial conditions.

fix your expected score; Blizzard would have to realize that the original assumptions are not (anymore) correct.
“Winning” is no longer consistently the top priority for all players. :cry:

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But… matchmaking is just the process of making a match that players can play. If matchmaking leads to effects that can only occur under incorrectly weighted initially conditions, then we are all out of luck, because our two options are:

  1. Make matches so people can play the game.
  2. Do not make matches and prevent people from playing the game.

This sort of player behavior issue is a real concern though. One of the problems here, of course, is that people keep spreading conspiracy theories about the matchmaker, which leads players to incorrect conclusions like there being no point in trying because the whole system is borked.

These threads are always so pointless and full of misleading jargon and speculation.

I’m fairly certain the OP has stated that his ideal rank game is having the 6 best players, in any given lobby, on the same team against the 6 worst. Do with that as you will.