A Manual Action (Suspension/Ban) Wave for Gameplay Sabotage was just issued

Community Manager Josh Nash just recently replied to the pinned topic Using the Priority Pass and Intended Use and stated this:

It is clear that the development team is taking note and specifically targeting any attempts of throwing to earn a small number of Priority Passes. I would consider this a fair and honest warning to all of us to make note of this, and make sure that we all work to try our best in all of our games.

Let’s keep the discussion civil everyone. I have created this separate topic for constructive discussion about this news. If you have suggestions about the Priority Pass system overall, I recommend posting it in the original pinned topic. As a reminder to anyone who was recently actioned and you feel that your silence, suspension, or ban is not justified due to unauthorized access to your account, you can appeal the action with a web ticket to Blizzard Customer Service. For any questions about what constitutes as acceptable behavior in Blizzard games, please refer to the Blizzard In-Game Code of Conduct.


Nice, I guess that’s one way to discourage “throwing for passes”.


We all know that a manual ban-wave is a band-aid fix to very systemic problems.


Kinda depends how big the issue is after the hype of passes wears off. And people start realizing throwing for passes is longer than just queuing for DPS directly.

Could probably just have some YouTubers put out a video and show how much of a waste of time that is. To create some community consensus on that.


I can’t imagine not even trying to win. It’s as you said, a waste of time. I played for a little while last night and maxed out my passes – it doesn’t take long. And you get more for winning so… :man_shrugging:


You know how much soft-throwing happens currently right? With Blizzard doing what they do best - handling it incompetently and doing nothing about it.

Go look at Sleepy’s stream at any given time. He’s probably punching a bucket doing nothing.

This “manual ban” they claim to have done is kind of a slap in the face to the people who correctly predicted throwing (or at least a lot of soft-throwing) would happen for priority passes, but were wholly ignored by our overlords for no reason.


I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again

Anyone with half a brain could see people throwing in advance. It just comes with the territory.

Acting like it was a big brain move to predict is just nonsensical


I am guessing my perpetual Support pick to play only Mercy would not qualify me for the nuking. To quote MC Hammer, “too legit to quit.” Or be banned.


to truly fix this and keep the feature you just have to reward effort

1or 2 ticket(s) for win

0 for losses

only way in my opinion

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And yet Blizzard didn’t predict it and are now slapping a manual ban on instead of just releasing a better system in the first place.

This is a joke.


No, I’m sure they were aware of the very obvious possibility. In fact, it wasn’t a possibility, it was a guarentee.

That’s why they’re doing a manual ban wave. A direct attempt to discourage bad behavior.

Either way, the issue will die down in time as people realize it isn’t worth it or fun to throw matches like this, and will become even less of a problem if they decide to lower passes from a loss to one.

They did say before releasing the feature that they may end up adjusting the amount of passes you gain and/or can store.


0 for loss is harsh for people who tryhard flexing.

We just need to make it not worth throwing for pass

1 point for a loss
4 points for a win
Each priority queue costs 2 points at least.

You can throw two games to get a priority queue or win one game and get two.

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My point is that if they could only do a trash job at curbing throwing BEFORE priority pass when there was no reason to do it - why do you think things will be any different afterwards?

There were tons of people who were throwing who did not get caught by this wave and will not in the future.

I do agree that losses should not reward priority passes, but also understand that might be quite harsh on those who have big loss streak.

I’m positive the reason they are being so generous with the amount of passes gained is to encourage people to use the system and see its benefits. If people don’t think it’s worth it, they won’t even try it.

If people see how nice it can be to have these passes and they lower it to one for a loss in the future, but keep six on a win, they’ll probably still end up using it.

Meanwhile, those that only wanted to throw matches probably won’t continue to use it since at a single pass for a loss, it’s hardly worth the time.

Also, nice facts with people not getting caught in the ban. I definitely am going to take your word for it.


This is good, people need to have a reason to stop throwing.

I want some of your optimism if you genuinely believe Blizzard is competent enough to catch everyone who is throwing.

Plenty of popular streamers throw on stream as part of their regular personality - Blizzard does nothing.

They couldn’t deal with throwing before, and they can’t now.

I don’t think they’ll catch everyone. That’s a ridiculous notion.

You don’t think that I think they will, do you?

No, the hope is for everyone to be caught, but the realistic and attainable goal is to make sure the strategy isn’t popular.

All games have people that lose for the “fun” of it, that behavior can’t be stomped out because there are simply too many people.

I mean, you did imply you wanted facts for me to prove my assertion that many people did not get caught in the ban. As if it needed facts.

Anyways. The truth is, this manual ban wave does little to restore my confidence that Blizzard will handle throwing properly - after all, it is all held up by another garbage system, which is the report system.

Streamers I can believe. It wouldn’t be hard to believe that they get special treatment. However, that’s hardly proof for the larger playerbase.

Also, I’m still amazed daily at how many of you sour grapes stick around here since y’all do nothing but spout doom and gloom. It makes one think that you guys hate this game!