Using the Priority Pass and Intended Use

That’s already how it works when you don’t have recent playtime. I assume, though I don’t think I’ve seen it stated explicitly, that this applies per-role since role queue.

It would be far better to make a loss award a portion of a pass, not a whole pass. Playing to win might get you more, but many think it’s “fine” to just throw or not-try every other game to get their preferred role, with a few lucky carries getting you a nice chunk now and then.

Have a win net you six coins, and a loss earn you one point towards a free pass, requiring 2-3 points per pass. That way, it’s really not cost-effective to throw at all, but losing wouldn’t get you nothing.

Also, I’d like to see the commendation and report system integrated here. Add priority passes as a reward for achieving and maintaining high commendation levels, as well as a reward for utilizing the report system appropriately.

When you commend someone in-game, you’d get progress towards a free pass, like a loss. When a report is found to be legitimate, toss a few passes to the people who reported them. Instead of loot boxes, a bundle of passes would be a great reward for being a team player.


Hello, your post is much appreciated, but understand that this statement is totally false nowadays due to HOW the game is balanced and played.

  1. Except for some Supports… teamwork is absolutely NOT rewarded nearly as much as just racking up kills. If you have a smurf or ringer, put them in a DPS role and they’ll cancel enemies and remove the need for strategy or even much healing. Dead enemies do no damage and powercreep has made it even easier to wipe enemy teams.

  2. The flex-pass system is now rewarding DPS mains for queueing tank/support where they will pick the DPS-heavy ones (Zarya, Ana, Hog, Moira, etc) and… DPS with them! This was a problem before and is even more so now with this mildly enticing reward to queue these up.

  3. The effort is admirable, but it’s not addressing the real problem that needs solving - tanks/supports need to be designed in a way that makes players WANT to play them the way Blizz WANTS them to be played. This flex-pass system has only made it worse.


Great post since it basically sums up nicely all the reasons behind the system that were already kind of obvious to most players I would think, but my biggest question is

Is there going to be some special system or surveillance regarding throwing for tickets? Because it had already been actively happening more or less explicitly ever since the system was implimented and the game quality overall feels considerably worse for everyone I know. Some like the fact that you can now get other roles from the flex queue that didn’t really happen (or happened unconsiderably rarely) when you chose all 3 roles previously, but overall the feedback is rather negative. Matchmaking for unpopular roles remains unchanged, but the game quality is worse overall, which makes the game quite unenjoyable overall and I’m sure that if this keeps going on there’s going to be another massive wave of quitters ahead of us.

Why not make passes for losses very unattractive like put them behind 3 losses? That would actually prevent harmful behavior like you did with Arcade lootboxes, because what you were afraid that would happen if they weren’t is now happening actively elsewhere like in QP. If there’s special surveillance and the player gameplay behavior was punished more harshly, it would fix the issue, but that would also mean that the devs are indirectly encouraging players to get suspensions. If not and you decided to rely on the already existing report system, it unfortunately doesn’t really work properly unless it’s only purpose is to suspend players who are on constant explicit throw streaks. It doesn’t really work with occasional or cunning gameplay sabotage

Hence why we NEED a full rank reset so players like this don’t ruin all their teammates’ games during their gradual decline, which gets cancelled out by players “grandfathered” into lower ranks that actually should be higher. Plez fix

UPDATE (Dec 22)

We have issued a manual action wave against players with confirmed instances of gameplay sabotage. We encourage everyone to take this time to review the purpose of the Priority Pass feature and its intended function within Overwatch.


Thanks to the development team for working to keeping the community a great one!


Hey Blizzard, did DotA2’s experience taught you nothig? You do realize that this “priority pass” is only going to make EVERYTHING worse, do you?
It isn’t even funny anymore how BAD your decisions are. Keep up doing good job KILLING YOUR OWN GAME.


The whole deal isn’t going to end well for the fact that “sabotage” is subjective. It is a blanket statement for "anything I dont like about the other person(s).

I agree that people don’t always like the way their team mates PLAY and are often CAUSTIC, Judgemental and use “MOB RULE”. This opens up a NEW “can of worms” if this is the way the company wants to run this.

I can say that there is a difference between “fun in games” type of play and COMPETITIVE play. Where players are EXPECTED to play in such a manner.

12am, drunk live stream, its fun, its crazy and gets a little out of hand! :beers:

But cracking down on people for not playing a certain way is an over-reach. To me, I dont really take this game much too serious anymore. ITS FUN, its nice to chill, relax and kick back. and with the amount of problems the servers and the network is. I really cant.

Then this happens…

Then some person with a “severe mental illness” goes off in chat on someone and starts SHOUTING “REPORT PLAYER X for GAMEPLAY SABOTAGE or THROWING”

…is what this gets us.

It rips the community apart at the seams and continues to dump the “gasoline” onto the Toxicity Fire that has been failed to extinguish over the years.

I dont use priority pass, just because I think it promotes “issues”. and I’ve played Blizzard games an awful long time (like many here). I dont think this really helps the community in a positive manner, because then EVERYONE will abuse the Sabotage report.

  • I don’t like the way you emoted at me… - REPORT!
  • I dont like HAMMOND - REPORT!
  • I don’t like how SLOW or LONG it took for a person to select their Hero - REPORT!
  • I just dont like the person for their NAME - REPORT!

This is the kind of thing that taxes resources having a Sabotage report.

What makes this even MORE sketchy is the fact that the SERVERS already have an exponential amount of data on US players. The servers can predict us, before we even KNOW how we are going to play. Eitherway, to each… its own. :unamused:


Let’s clear this up:

Cut and dry to me. One could argue the feeding rule. I try to make an effort to confront the player directly first, if they refuse to cooperate or fail to group up, then I report. I also know that if this behavior is consistent across all the suspected player’s matches, they will be actioned appropriately.


1 for the win, 1 for two looses in a row

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Now if only Blizz would initiate bans for smurfing in very low ranks as gameplay sabotage as well. The abuse that bronze players suffer is borderline lawlessness in this game.


that is nice, may be fix 15 fps zenyatta on front page now? thx!
1 pass for the win, and 1 pass for loosing 2 games in a row, also pls, thx!


When you queue for “Flex,” you are essentially signing up for tank and will be assigned to be a tank which has the lowest population at all times.


Oh i don’t disagree here. BUT… Players typically IGNORE the Yellow statement often.

I will admit it. I am TERRIBLE at this game.

I use to be OKAY, but not great. Players see my NICE, SHINY Gold Portrait and scapegoat me a TON over every problem. Which is why I am concerned about this now being MORE emphasized by the staff. :no_mouth: .

I get players blaming me for their losses. Its like… um… im NOT good at this game… Somedays I barely function for hours and just want to play this game without JUDGEMENT. To me, when this is a game that advertises inclusion and then does a 180 on the Ethos. It is a “tug of war”.

its like we NEED a “lesser Quickplay” mode on the main menu LOL!!

Eitherway… who knows… yeesh. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

That’s why they wrote “manual” and “confirmed” in one sentence.

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I called this would happen lol

finally, why are there not measures in place to deter or prevent this yet?

why not tailor the pass to how you ‘intend’ people to use it, because if you don’t then people will use it to there ‘intensions’

I have to be honest, it’s a great idea but I’m having an absolutely awful experience these last few days, it seems everyone is using it to get the passes but some players just aren’t experienced in different roles and the game is suffering for it, can we not somehow ensure flex fits you into a role you’re suited to with say percentage of time played on certain roles? Have a great Christmas guys.

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