13 nerfs aint "in a good spot"

Main healers weren’t powerful. Teams had 3 healers of course there will be so much healing. Mercy was meta during dive at s6 7 and 8 and no one really was mad at her hps. So if other main healers can do the same, nothing would break the game

Well yeah, let’s agree to disagree then. Also I already explained I view trading a cooldown for increased survivability a potential that’s available to them rather than something they “have to” do.

I also don’t think 12HPS is usually enough (though it is enough to prevent a 3-shot kill from Ana in Deathmatch), but I’m saying it can be argued a guaranteed 12HPS (with the potential for 35HPS for 3s) is better than a conditional 20HPS if no damage was taken within 1s.

Healing that only triggers when not in combat for a short time offers very limited self-sustain in combat.

doesn’t matter if it was 13 nerfs ago or 4, as long as they make it so other supports are viable, which this nerf did exactly. So hallelujah.

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Making characters viable by making another unviable… I think I’ll pass.

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Would any rework truely make every mercy main happy? Lets say the do revert mercy back, I 100% guarantee you this forum would still be filled with Mercy posts saying “Revert was bad” or “Valk mercy was more flexible” ect.

This forum is just a soap box for people to complain about their favorite hero because it’s not exactly how they want it to be. And for some reason most people’s favorite hero is Mercy.

I mean, You asked for it.

Your entire write up about valk in this.

You can also quit the smart act. I already told you I agree with it. You’re actually getting defensive and just arguing to argue yet again.

Hello? Mercy is what made dive the only viable team comp for 4 seasons. Her rework single-handedly took away dive’s weakness of lack of healing when she replaced Lucio

but she’s not viable, as supported by her data.

Who? Ana? Have you been paying attention, lately? She’s seen a massive rise in pick- and win rate, where Moira was the one expected to fill the gap that Mercy was going to leave behind.

oh my bad i meant to say, she’s viable supported by her data. My bad but thank you for agreeing with me by saying she’s more viable than moira.

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I wouldn’t necessarily say

though I have to say I’m quite surprised by the sudden adoption of Ana. I mean, if you look at the numbers, the change to her ultimate doesn’t seem all that much.

I guess people picked Moira over Ana because of the lack of reward for Ana’s higher skill input, whereas Moira had an easier time keeping up with Mercy. With the Ana buff, they’ve got more to play for, so they switched back to her.

It wasn’t. It was the change to mercy. Giving mercy one weakness gave room for other healers to fill that spot. Mercy still gets her niche of single target pocketing and Ana gets her long range burst heal back that allows her to keep up multiple people

If you’ve played both of those, you know why ana is picked more than moira, her utility in grenade. Also, the buff is actually pretty amazing. It’s nothing minor. Tanks can withstand team fights way easier now. And winston can survive a jump for twice as long now. Also you can use your ult defensively more often now.

Does she, though? I read left, right and center that Mercy isn’t even good at pocketing, anymore. And based on raw numbers alone, you’d tend to agree, since you don’t need that much accuracy as Soldier: 76 to out-damage Mercy’s healing beam at 60 HP/s, let alone the 50 HP/s it is now.

Pharmercy is still strong. Widow+Mercy is still strong. A constant 50hps is strong.

What she can’t do is keep somebody alive when they’re getting focused, nore should she. Or any other healer for that matter.

When could she ever? You’d have to be particularly bad if you couldn’t out-damage Mercy’s healing at 60 HP/s. A lone Sombra burns through that with ease.

All throughout dive when she would ga to her winston or genji in the enemy backline who’s going after enemy zen, forcing the enemy tank line to either trade zen for zen or tank for tank.

Basically since her rework till this nerf

I don’t follow. She’s had that capability since she got the healing buff to 60 HP/s in 2016

Yes and no. She had the potential. But she could utilize it more effectively with the introduction of bunny hop. Instead of GAing to an overextended team mate and being in the middle of the enemy team, she could now GA+bunny hop to the team mate, putting her behind the team mate in a safer position.

Ah, that makes more sense