✅ Modified 1-3-2 that can be 1-1-2-2

Like with 222, or 123 how many Balance changes the devs are willing to do will make or break the mode.

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I mean, personally, I would play the Main/Barrier Tanks, if they would buff them.

I was actually one of the people that were for the original 132 concept we tried out. And I was fine with solo tanking. I played all three rolls pretty evenly, during the time we had the experimental card.

And, this solution does appeal to me, even more. I could get a Barrier Tank that doesn’t suck, 1/2 or 0/3 (Heavy/Normal) DPS, and two Supports, and away we go.

This could really please a lot of people, I think. those who like playing off tanks, wouldn’t have to worry about their tanks being heavily changed to try to be Main ones. DPS still potentially get extra slots. And, if buffed correctly, the people who do like main tanking, would go to that role.

I think once people got over the initial shock of “oh, my god, I’m technically the only tank on the team”, I think it could be a really cool concept.

Like I said to GreyFalcon, I think this is one of his better ideas.


Lets be real here. It is Blizzard.
They are notoriously slow.
Not saying you are wrong.

Zarya turned into a dumbed down defensive Lucio in 1-3-2. You figure a way for bubble to stay the way it is. While being the only tank. I will than consider it. If not, not playing PVP anymore.

I think they could get over that pretty quickly with all the buffs raining from the heavens.

Like let’s say they get 50% resistance to all forms of CC.


That’s why I keep providing them good ideas. Like the one that allowed them to balance-patch the game 4x faster, without requiring a console recertification.

Devs are much more likely to pick up an idea, if you do all the mental legwork for them.

༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ Summoning Robot Wizard.
So I think I finally figured it out.

My explaination still sucks, but I think I got it.

Part of the idea basically makes Mei into an offtank.

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Great idea you have here :wink:.

Hope the devs go with something like this. It solves every gripe I have with role queue.

people who like 222 arent against freedom they just understand that quad dps sucks for everyone except for the dps

this would need alot more polishing but i could totally see this as a method of improving dps q times without turning every game into i hate tanks game.

i dont really see double off tank as a problem i just see it as a method of playing tanks its a comp that has it own merits especially in modes like koth.

removing double barrier is a net win for everyone since no one really enjoys it not tanks not dps not sup.

i dont really se how it prevents your provided example of 2 tanks plus mei/reaper since you could still do rein zar and mei/reaper are both synergistic with brawl comps

im not sure how much it would actually drop q times but what i do know is that solo q on tank would probably drop alot

The way it prevents 2 Tanks + MeiReaper, is by making Mei into an OffTank. Or “Heavy DPS”.

This is basically merging Off-Tanks with Damage role, but limiting Off-Tanks to max 1.
So it’s 1 - [(1+2) or (3)] - 2

Well done as always GreyFalcon. To add, moving heroes like Mei/Doom into the heavy dps, aka off tank category…maybe they can use that as a way to nerf their cc abilities and in exchange give them more tanky abilities. More HP, armor, or just new abilities that protect them. Seems like a win-win for everyone.

Well, I think I wanna boil it down to some visual I could put on Reddit, and get people to understand the concept within 10 seconds.

It’s not there yet.

my bet is they would buff the cc add tanky stuff and then nerf the damage or in the case of mei buff her synergies with tanks possibly by reworking something like cryo into a team ability instead of a self heal/protect

Even in that case it might be better than now because the cc would require more follow up for kills If they nerf their damage.

Yup, already moved Mei to the “Heavy DPS” category.

For other heroes I’ll probably leave those out, since I feel like that complicates the idea too much.

But if they wanted to, they could use this mechanism to balance out other problem heroes like Torb, Sym, Sombra, Bastion.

But yeah, that gets down a whole can of worms.

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maybe change the role select graphic you have to have damage encompass both the bullets and the hooks and then add another graphic of grayed out heavy dps heroes with one already selected by someone else that might work

I think Reaper and Mei make sense but not Bastion. Despite his extra hp, he’s not really anything like the off-tanks. Whereas as Reaper and Mei kind of can, with only light tweaks needed.

i think reaper fits better as a normal dps he wouldnt really bring much to a tank catagory with out some form of reworking. we already have hog after all

That kinda works like