[✅] How do we improve player retention?

It can’t. I can only imagine how rare the pve content will be. probably once a year like the archives but you will have to pay for it.

The pvp won’t get any better until the game is completely reworked (which isn’t even happening with this so called “sequel”)

So we got some months until then. Maybe they should get to work on polishing the rough edges before the spotlight shows up?

There haven’t been any promises for pvp changes so it is safe to assume there won’t be major ones. The only pvp related announcement was about the new mode.

I’m guessing pump out a ton of new accounts and give them away, which is what seems to have happened.


That’s a question for the devs. What we say here does not matter. The devs seem content on letting this game crash to the ground so that’s how it will go. Also OW2 content will last a few days, not weeks.

I guess I got a different perspective on that…

No to these two. Ping system is just additional visual clutter and no to player selected bans. (you mean banning certain heroes right?)

The way I was thinking of a ping system is something like the “group up” icons we already got, but with an arrow that points in a direction that dynamically moves around the circle.

The ban system, I was figuring between the 4 players on a role, if 3 players agree to a ban, they hero gets banned. Default is no ban.

And with 6 people pinging god knows what on these smaller maps it will be a disaster. It works in Apex because you play in small teams and wide maps.

A giant no. Anything that limits my choice of heroes gets a big no, especially when that limitation can be out of my hands. I wont let some sweaty faceless nobody decide what I can play.

Srsly dude, it’s just an extra bit of visual on the already existing visuals we got.

Just add an ^ pointer onto the blue circle.

Feels like you didn’t even read the idea.

If between 4 Tanks on a server, between both teams. If 3 of them agree to a ban on a Tank hero, that’s pretty reasonable.

I don’t think they need to change much at all to keep people like me interested. The three main things that cause me to log off:

  1. I get physically tired of playing sometimes, there’s no way around that other than making the game so captivating I ignore that feeling (which is probably something limited to honeymooned games when they first come out) so I ignore this one
  2. Queue times drive me away and cause me to switch gamemodes or close the game - I absolutely prefer role queue 100% but I mentally can’t sit through a 10 minute queue for comp between games, especially after a loss, I’d rather play an inferior gamemode with a shorter queue like open queue. I’ve even had a 20 minute queue for mystery heroes before :grimacing:
  3. Losing isn’t fun, but they’re aware of this and working on it (per the scott mercer interview on platchat). What I think they’re trying to do is implement fun ways to gauge how you’ve improved through playing a match, like tracking a stat or a milestone you’re trying to achieve, something that’s an objective gain even though the round is a loss and it’s something clearly presented and gamified.

The thought of playing my best when I’m certain the game is going to show me as much negative feedback as possible is offputting. Depending on how they choose to make losing still some sort of a “win” outside of mmr gains, I think it could have a big impact on player retention

How is it reasonable that those 3 decide whether or not the 4th player can play that hero. I don’t see how letting some Moira and Zen mains decide that I can’t play Ana that game is reasonable. They wont be the ones missing out on their main, I would be.

  1. First off, I think you’re dramatically overestimating how easy it is to get 3 players on opposite teams to agree to a ban.
  2. Masters/GM is already really restrictive on hero choices. So the bans actually create more hero choice than the 6-8 heroes of “the meta”.
  3. Do you even play in Masters or GM?

That is a seperate issue that would have to be worked out with a feature and is irrelevant to the fact that somebody could decide whether or not I can play my main.

Yes just like how banning popular hero choices did. Oh wait, that was almost universally hated and this wont be any different. Letting somebody else decide what you can or cannot play is unacceptable.

I’m a masters support main yes, it would affect me.

Make it so you can specify which game modes(2cp, hybrid) you queue for in quickplay.

I still think a guild/clan system would help a lot. There are a lot of times I hear people say they stay with x game because of friends. It’s quite sad that they won’t add one unless it connects to all Blizzard games which kinda makes no sense.

The people you meet on WoW will play WoW, the people you meet in OW play OW, there is no guarantee that the same people play the different games you play and it makes it a lot harder to produce a guild system that stretches across all titles.

Ring-0 anticheat. That is all. Everything else is fluff.

Funny how Valorant still has cheats.

Not very many, and they get caught quickly. The ones that don’t get caught quickly are so subtle that they’re barely useful. Several Valorant cheat developers have completely given up and shifted focus to other games. Plus, Riot makes an effort to “soul ban” cheaters so that they can’t just get a new account and keep cheating. If Blizzard even did this ONE thing, it would go a long way to solving a lot of this game’s problems.

Overwatch has had a kernel-level cheat problem for a long time. It needs to be a lot harder to get away with cheating for more than a few matches. The “ban wave” philosophy is no longer valid in 2020, and cheaters brag about just hopping on another account when they do get banned. Blizzard is asleep at the wheel here. No new game can be successful in 2021 without aggressive anti-cheat.