Unpopular Opinion: I like Orphea

I think its time to change the name of your topic :wink: (at least the first part)

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Lanaaaaa!!! (/Archer reference)

How old is Orphea? Is she age like a normal human or is she some sort of “vampire”-like “elder” in a young body or she’s “old” in human eyes but age slowly in mind like elves do?


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Orphea looks like she plays cool, but the lack of drab, dull lore was the reason I like HOTS over League of Legends. Why does an Action/RTS need lore and it’s own characters? Additionally, why on earth wasn’t this theme and toolkit given to an Old God character?

It’s potential wasted on lore for a game that has no story, and as such doesn’t need the lore.

What I want to know is who asked for this? Among the dozens of characters people wanted in this game and have been begging for the entire time, who asked for original lore?

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So what we can only have on character that has weird magic?. Ktz and Jaina both use ice, KT and Blaze fire… because it respect their own lore… and that fine so why is this different.

Is lore important or not? you claim to like hots because it has lore and then more lore is added but its not ok because its new? if the same character with the same kit and the same theme appear somewhere in a void elf city, then it suddenly become okay… but its the same character, same kit.

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IF I may, it actually rhymes with ‘banana’.

The Nexus has a different idea of time and space, so I’m not sure I could accurately answer your question with a number value.

That said, she does attend Raven Crest High School with Kerri and Li-Ming!



So shes the first below the age of 18 to be eliminated during combat Or she’s 18 herself :thinking:

Yes! You answered, THX!!! :3

Hmmm… I guess I need to question it in another way then…
Hmmm… How old her body (supposed to) look(s) like?

Well, Li-Ming is 19, and Kerrigan was 26 when she first appeared in Starcraft, so “Older than 26”, so I’m not really sure that just being in RCHS really defines an age.


I just want to go on record that I’m happy you folks are addressing matchmaking, and I like the proposed changes.

More on-topic: Looking forward to trying Orphea. I like that you’re trying something different.

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15-16 is what it looks like to me.


If she was a human, living on earth, I would even say younger than that.

But she is the daughter of a Realm Lord, living in the Nexus (which has its own weird time laws) so she could really be any age. I mean if David Tennant can be 900+. then really, anything is possible :smiley:


I tried her on PTR against AI, she’s harder to use than I thought she’d be.
But she is very fun, and I’m definitely buying her as soon as she comes out on live. She may be one of my most played characters.

Ravenous Hunger might scale up too quickly.
On the other hand you do need to land a killing blow with it.
On heroes it can be hard to get kills, much less be in position to be the one dealing the finishing blow.
On minions it does force her into lane, and has a longer cooldown compared to something like Ragnaros Empower Sulfuras.
3 hero kills or 60 minion kills to gain the same % increase that Sulfuras Hungers gives Ragnaros after 30 minion kills.
It doesn’t heal her (except on kills), and she’s not as tanky, so finding opportunities for it may be difficult. She can be more mobile though, and the disengage talent can help make it safer.

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Are we going through character’s ages? In this case I’ll play the buzzkill and say that Murky is certainly younger than that.

I would guess Lili and Murky share the honor of being the first underage combatants in the game.

You can literaly see Murky hatch every game :rofl:

According to WoW wikis Lili was 10-12 by the war against the LIch king, and going by her lines and attitude i would assume that is the incarnation they went with.

Goes to show that HoTS is an inclusive game where people of all origins, sexes, ages and planes of existence can mercilessly kill each other on behalf of powerful overlords.

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You are all forgetting Pajamathur! He is the youngest between all.

Look what I’ve found on Youtube. The video is unlisted, so please don’t delete it Blizzard, they are soooo adorable!!! :baby:

Edit: you may find this hero spotlight funny and worth reading:

It also has more adorable Pajamathur videos :heart_eyes:


Well looks like we will have some changes to Orphea before she hits live! That said… They really should be looking at Ancestral strength though… That’s the biggest offender as a level 1 talent!

We have a couple of balance changes lined up for Orphea when she hits live servers that didn’t quite make it into the PTR build. Specifically, we’re looking to increase the base cooldown of Shadow Waltz and reduce the power of the Ravenous Hunger and Eldritch Conduit talents. While it was fun to see how much damage players were able to build Chomp up to, we felt those talents were overperforming, and we’re excited to see what other builds and playstyles players will come up with when she is finally released in the Nexus. :slight_smile:

Really that old? In Mists, which takes place after lich king, I estimated her to be 9.
Attitude is unbeatable regardless.

Uh… a pretty huge portion of the player base? Hell, most of us have been asking for more lore since CBT. Sure over the years we grew a little more silent because it was pretty obvious that Blizzard was focused a little more on the technical side of the game, but a large portion of us have always wanted more lore. When they started doing the comics I know I was beside myself because I had more lore to devour, and I had a small inkling that maybe, just maybe, they’d introduce a hero that came specifically from the Nexus and not from another Blizzard universe. Blizzard has done an astounding job adding heroes that players have been clamoring for this year. I reckon announcing Orphea after spending an entire year releasing highly requested characters is something that Blizzard is perfectly within their right to do. Orphea is a way to allow them to “reset” their creative juices after spending so long hammering out highly requested heroes.

Also, this kit wasn’t given to an Old God because its not void magic, its dead magic. If Orphea was toting around some void magic, then sure I’d say you would have a point. But she’s not, so your point doesn’t really have any ground to stand on.

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