The Bronze 5 problem

You have to see passed being stuck there and realize that if you are there, it is because you are not good enough to be out of it. While you may do the things you say you are doing, it still doesn’t mean it’s right. Allow me to elaborate on each of your points, because escaping bronze is pretty straight forward and super simple, if you don’t truly belong there.

Problem 1) Your gold friends still have very little clue what they’re doing, but if you follow them around the map, you’re likely not doing YOUR role correctly either.

Problem 2) Solo trolls - The other side gets this too. This is not an advantage or disadvantage for you, as it evens out perfectly.
Problem 3) Escape velocity - When you exceed a ranks actual skill, you actually rise above not only that rank, but usually rise numerous ranks consecutively until you find yourself in your next “teir” of ranks you get stuck in. This is because the current ranking system doesn’t do a good job categorizing people based on skill tier to an exact science. For example, when you escape bronze 5 because you get good enough, it is likely your “new found skill” will carry you to silver, not just bronze 4 or 3. Bronze being at the very low end of the barrel, players with a higher understanding and faster reactions to abilities can typically carry team fights almost every time regardless of what role they’re in. At bronze level play, there are so many errors made and so many opportunities skipped, that even a mediocre player may appear great when they are in fact not. Once you exceed your skill area however, you won’t have a problem with velocity, I have attempted to throw games due to players being rude to other players in silver games before, and can’t even lose doing some of the dumbest stuff I can think of because the other teams are just so incredibly bad. When you exceed the skill level, you will climb out. You said it yourself, and it still rings true now. Statistically, everyone will end up exactly where they belong, and they already do.

If you need actual help, have someone review your replays and tell you what you’re doing wrong and or what you need to work on. I find that bronze players often lack the most basic of skills including the ability to react to things like not standing in bad stuff for more than a quarter of a second, or letting a telegraphed ability hit them with TONS of time to dodge it. Don’t focus so much on strategy, but on micro ability at bronze level. Play a hero like valla or raynor, where micro means more than anything. It is more important to hone your skills in this way at this low of a rank than anything else. Without being good at this basic function, you don’t have a chance at other ranks regardless.

Focus on awareness and strategy WAY later (gold moving into platinum), as nothing you see in your rank is a good strategy anyways, and always assume that to be true, even if you have a gold calling the shots. You can make it all the way to gold without ever looking at the minimap and no sound with purely micro skills. Not 1 person on your team under platinum is capable of making calls, so just play your best micro game, and attend team fights when they happen, as well as be at the objectives a few seconds BEFORE they’re up.

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On that note, if you’d like me to review your replays or want to play a few games to learn some stuff, I am more than willing to help you.

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Some great comments and suggestions here. As someone who started in Silver 4, stayed in or around high Bronze for a year and now slipped to near the bottom of Bronze 5 (due in part to accidentally missing a draft pick that cost 500 points when I just entered B5 - something it’ll take dozens of games to replace), I can say that the “Bronze 5 problem” is still alive and kicking in December 2020.

I love this game - and I am also thoroughly disillusioned with it. Like the OP, I’m a basic Bronze or low Silver player; but also like him, I find Bronze 5 a deeply dispiriting experience. We play Storm League for two reasons: to play in a balanced team and to achieve a sense of progress and improvement by climbing the ranks. Bronze 5 makes the second almost impossible - once you’ve lost a few games, you move so slowly it can literally take months or years to get out, and that’s only with a regular team to play with. And that means people stop caring! What does it matter if you quit during the draft or go AFK during the game because someone insults you? You’re never going to escape B5 anyway, so the lost ranking points make no difference. Why not try a brand new hero or try to take solo camps the entire game? Win or lose, you have no realistic hope of leaving B5 so you may as well have fun selfishly and ignore your team’s needs.

In my opinion, Bronze 5 isn’t where the trolls choose to hang out - it’s where they are made. Put these same players in a ranking system that rewarded them when they played well and most of them would change overnight. But if you have no prospect of social mobility regardless of how well you play … well, the analogy demonstrates the result.

The suggestions for staying positive and digging oneself out of the hole rather than crying foul are greatly appreciated - I’ll give them a good go and report back if they make a difference. But I’m not confident. Why? Because this game is so much more about communication in the team than the individual, so I doubt how much one player out of ten can really influence the outcome of any given match on their own however good they are. Given that I’m an “entry-level” player, I concentrate almost exclusively on not dying: so as a ranged assassin I tend to die 2-3 times a game on average, up to 4-5 times when we’re losing heavily (with the odd bad game here and there, of course). This is evidently not enough to influence the match decisively for my team, although no doubt I am making several other basic errors as well. I’d welcome feedback from those higher up - where should I upload my game videos?

In my view this problem would be fixed to a large degree if Bronze were a bottomless league; so you could go down to Bronze 300 if necessary and keep giving people enough ranking points per win so that they climb to the next divisions after 4-5 wins (as they do in all the other, “non-broken” divisions). I believe the psychological effect of moving from Bronze 100 to B99 after five wins would be significantly more powerful than moving through 10 degrees on the Bronze 5 circle. As things stand, the only way I can imagine ever leaving Bronze 5 is by getting a new account or somehow miraculously finding four like-minded people to team up with (and talk to over voice chat, something not everyone is comfortable with): any takers, my Blizzard ID is ReddieEddie#2760 and Discord ID is ReddieEddie#5904.

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right now it is easier to win as a grp of 3 than a five man. Unless your all actively using VOIP.

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the bigger issue is that every game there is some one cussing each other out. how you supposed to play a team game when your team is always fighting.

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Some potatoe leaves a Ranked Match and somehow I get demoted… Is this normal?

there has been many times i lost rank points even after a win so i dont doubt it

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I just started playing the current season of Ranked. I won 3 out of 4 games I played.

I advanced a whole 14 points with my last win.

I used to spend a lot of money on HotS. I decided I’m not going to spend another dime until they fix the quicksand of Ranked.

Just get 4 potatoes that went with Tassadar, Li-Ming, Kael’Tas and Probius. We are now like 3 - 21 deaths and 3 level difference… xD

Now the same Li-Ming potatoe with an added ButcherPotatoe. Great Ranked games!

Game’s pretty trash. As a user I think the experience is horrible.

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A potatoe steal my Tassadar pick to get Xul; enemy team picks Tassadar. Out potatoeXul proceed to die like 15 times, nonstop…

Three potatoebruissers in Infernal Shrines. None of them appeared in any objective across the game…

Now the megapotatoecombo of Dehaka & Nova!

Somehow I managed to first pick Kael’tas again. My potatoepartners: Kerrigan, Tyrande and a potatoeNazeboo that killed my in his wall…

Now intercepted in time a potatoebutcher and potatoeabathur, but the later get pissed off and AFK…

But yes, I am able to carry those potatoegames… xD

Just uninstalled the game.

Over the last month my games were getting more and more trollish to the point of being absolutely unbearable. QM and ARAM are not what Hots is. It’s a draft mode, but Unranked is pretty much dead and SL is full to the brim with people who constantly sabotage their own team in all manner of ways. Truly a trash game experience.

this is why they need to make it so you can only grp in unranked or do something ot match making. They just sit there and never make changes. it has been known for OVER 6 MONTHs that bronze has been a problem and there has not been a single fix for this. They dont care at all.


Now it is time for potatoeAbathur first pick, that don’t even put it’s hat on Illidan. :clap:

Another potatoebutcher doing it’s potatoething!

The same 4 f$$$in’ potatoes than before. No matter that they have been reported for everything… :confused:

Three times in a row, the same f$$$ing potatoes… :clap:

Now a potatoe remains in a banned pick, so I take Guld’ann. THEN he proceeds to take another mage and call me “good job”… xD

Today is the classic bunch of butcherpotatoes into cassia, two potatoemages and so on…

for all the talks about ‘game being daed!1’ our player base, feeble minded as it may be, particularly special needs leagues of gold and below, is very passionate about our game

Problem one is a big problem, Blizzard themselves has admitted to this problem and has failed to put any effort into fixing it which is just sad. If i was new to ranked or even at my current rank of diamond 4 only got 37 points a win. I would just quit so i feel you on that. The sad but only answer to that right now is make a new account and hope it doesnt put you in that same pit when you hit level 50. I also think you should group even in qm with your friends to help the match quality and avoid trolls.

Problem 2 I have to base it on my own experience but even in the higher ranks, people troll and do not undestand the basics of this game. Now in bronze 5 I could not claim for it to be that bad just cause of the rank being so low and newer players will not know exactly what to do. Problem is so many people get so angry when you tell them what they are doing wrong, they wanna argue like they know better and well sadly the same solution as before is to never play solo. Blizzard is not gonna fix the trolling problem in this game due to the report system being a automated system based on numbers of reports from different accounts.

Problem 3 is players do not understand what you just said. They assume and honestly believe all matches are fair and you deserve every loss on your record. While at the same time you can get matched with the same afk, the same auto feeding player 4+ games in a row. They really have to introduce an avoid player function of some sort. I dont care if que times go up but too many game throwers in this game to not have it.

I feel like the real solution to the ranked problems and this is for all ranks goes as follows.

  1. They have to stop matching premades against all randoms. Any group of premades will always have the advantage when they are matched against 5 randoms cause much better chance of trolls while you have 0 chance.

  2. They have to stop account boosting and smurfing and the solution to that would be this example. If 1 diamond player groups with 4 gold players. All 4 gold players should be treated as if they were the same rank as the diamond player.

For anyone who complains they can not play with there friends, there is qm, unranked and brawl for that.

  1. Every rank needs to have rank decay after so long. Right now diamond is 30 days before it even takes effect and the other ranks below diamond should have the same. I have seen several plat accounts who have not played games in months, some even years and they get matched with diamonds and end up losing the game due to lack of game play and experience.

  2. Every season all players should have a MMR reset. Not saying they should be matched bronze 5 (though personally i wouldnt be against it) But many of the upper level players are making accounts to climb from bronze to master while others are waiting til the end of the sesaon to get ranked then just log out before rank decay hits them.

If anything they need to bring back at least placement games to actually place players. yes i know players can still throw these on purpose and lower there rank but still.

  1. Would be the avoid player function. Honestly me as a player I have no idea how this would be effective other than maybe limit it to 2-3ish people a day so you dont get the same person 3 games in a row game throwing and afking.
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What role and characters are you playing? I have been having alot of luck climbing with Arthas and rehgar. I finally just got to silver only playing those 2 characters. I would find a few characters to get good with and just play them over and over and call pings, and encourage people in chat. I have noticed alot of the time people ignore the mini map so I remind them in chat to look at it for pings and roam as 5 when it comes time for the objective. It sounds like common sense but man you have no idea how many people ignore those 2 things. It has helped me alot.

Get out of bronze stupid… EZ

Win in Bronze 5 is like lottery, depends what teammates you get. Even top 100 players can lose asss off in Bronze 5, fun game but really bad ranking system designed.

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