The Bronze 5 problem

@OP do you create smurf to experience bronze 5? Because you have pretty high MMR in your current account

Started gold 5 yesterday and was getting 400-500 a win and already climbed into plat 5. This rank system is not very good I feel.

The thing with the points is explained few topics below

Oh not looking for it to be explained, I just feel its not a good system is all, It does not make any difference to me cause climbing was easy for me so.

As mentioned before in this thread:

#1) There are players throwing games to stay in B5 for easy daily wins.
#2) There are incredibly high skilled players that are trying to win. (as mentioned in this thread, there exists MASTER LEAGUE players doing the Bronze to Master runs for fun)

How to rank up when you are bad:
A) It is a hard grind when you don’t make much difference, but if you understand the system; you can exploit it to rank up fast.
B) Do not try hard early, but don’t play terrible. This makes you seem like a Bronze 5 player, and the trolls/smurfs/throws will ignore you.
C) Statistics will get you out fairly fast eventually.

You simply don’t understand the statement made in the update notes.

In the past, the match maker would look at both your MMR and your visible in game rank (i.e. Gold 3) to create a match. They did this because your visible rank could get out of sync with your MMR. Now that your visible rank is tied directly to your MMR, there is no need for the MM to look at both…it just looks at your MMR to create matches.

This actually is what the system used to do, but so many people were complaining about getting teammates of varying visible rank in their team, that they changed the code to look at both.

At the end of the day Blizzard just keeps creating more and more problems for themselves due to their poor decisions in regards to the rank system.

The leaver penalty is what’s causing the disparity. Deducting SR for anything other than wins/losses and in-game performance is a bad idea. Either SR is a measure of skill, or it is not, and if it is not, then it is just “rewards points.”

They would never start at B5, but at B3-B2, if you check FanHots last B2GM-challenge you woul know it. B5 is not a problem, it’s fine. But as vonKippe said it’s the leaver penalty that creates that huge differences, because you lose 600 points and if you stack it, you could be easily beyond -1000. But to be honest, if you manage that, you deserve it anyway.

This comes from someone, who played himself out of B5 twice.

This game truly has ELO hell compared to other games because the most efficient way to rank up in mid-level is to support the gains of your team but if you do that in a Bronze 5 game with trolls you’re just gonna lose. Rotation, camps, etc won’t help much if your team are a bunch of trainwrecks.

In the end you need to out-stamina your fellow Bronze 5:ers who probably resign themselves to losing when they encounter a troll because there’s a good chance at those ranks that the other team has one too.

(Also most people you label trolls are casual players or kids who simply don’t care about your opinions but that’s an other topic).

I can’t imagine being locked in bronze 5. All you have to do is lane and you win 95% of the time. Just ignore your team completely. I promise you if you aren’t trash you will be out of bronze in a day.

Yeah but if you are only getting 20 points a win and you need 1000 points to rank up. You are gonna get no where quick.


This isn’t true now, and it hasn’t been true since before the merge to SL. You have to have at least 3 other people on your team who can rotate out of mid and occasionally check the minimap before an objective fight. Laning doesn’t solve the feeding problem.

About half of bronze matches are thrown in draft. Toxic draft chat over this pick or that ban or whatever leads to someone locking their “throw pick.” Then someone else retaliates with their throw pick. Then you look at the most toxic person in draft chat and see that he has a 37% winrate, and all your other teammates have less than 50%. You can’t lane your way out of troll feeders.


I can guarantee you I can win atleast 95% of my games in soloqueue bronze with literally any hero. Your teammates shouldn’t have any impact at all in that rank.

The team with more potatoes loses 98% of the time. No more, no less…

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its imposible to get out of bronze

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People who carried himself out of bronze wants to talk to you.

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Players who skill level are silver or gold but get placed in bronze will not be able to climb out of that hell hole.


my problem is that they have made all these changes to MMR in ranked and never once did a MMR reset. All my friends have pretty much left the game of the poor management of the game, but the ones that have stayed are all lower ranking than ever. I would get a couple here and there but it is like 5+ most have stoped playing ranked. That cant be right, it seems that they have made an unclimbable ranking system. The ques are soooo long now days, i have a hard time finding reasons to play this game.


It’s been 2 years since you posted and they still haven’t addressed this. They’re “aware” of how unbalanced the MMR and RP is at the moment and how this issue is exclusively a B5 problem. Now, because of the latest change to SL MMR, I can’t even group with my friends because they’re afraid of getting stuck in this morass. I get 26 points a win and need 17 wins (3:1) to break out of B5. Without friends and solo queuing it feels like two steps backward one step forward situation.

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They will not fix it, They do not want to fix it jsut as they do not want to fix smurfing in this game. they admitted it last patch…

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