The Bronze 5 problem

It’s tough when you only get 20 points for winning, but get -200 points for losing in B4. This is a 4-year old bug that Blizzard acknowledged but will never fix because they’re a trash company who doesn’t care about their games or their players.

That’s some next level delusion :p. Grandmaster can pretty much win 1x5 in bronze5 (that’s not just bronze, that’s the worst of bronze).

I am wholeheartedly convinced bronze isnt real.

In my experience it is hard not to win in bronze, you really have to try hard

Having been in bronze 5 this season, and getting out (while solo queuing) it is possible. Im went down from gold 5 and dipped down to bronze 5 and got back out and I’m now 5 wins from gold 5. Turn off team chat and focus on important aspects of the game. Soak xp, make sure camps are done, and a big one “MAKE SURE YOU’RE AT OBJECTIVES WHEN THEY ARE UP!” I can’t stress this enough. So many people get to objectives late and the fight is already fought. Also, if you are under half mana or life “Hearth back to base when the objective countdown timer starts”. This will ensure your success and put less work on the healer, plus you will be saving their health pool. I hope these tips help. Good luck to you.