Sidecar Mount is causing Constant Crashing + Leaver Status

Since equipping the event award sidecar mount - my machine is constantly crashing. I can barely load the game. The only time I can play is when I am not riding my mount - and when I hearth - the game crashes immediately on my Mac Pro.

If you are having this problem just choose a different mount. It happens when I’m cloaked and not cloaked. If devs don’t already know and you’re reading this - feel free to give me some free WoW Classic subscription time!

Doesn’t matter the level. I play Nova but it seems to happen whether I am cloaked or not. The game barely lasts a couple of seconds if that. Sometimes it crashes immediately on rejoin. Only change has been using the new mount.

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It is not the mount, my game has been crushing since the last patch with any mount, I tried both with a side-car mount and another one, and in my last match my game froze at around 10 minutes, and waited 3 minutes and nothing occurred, had to turn off the laptop and got the leaver status… =(

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I had this exact same problem, but only with the sidecar mount. I was also playing Nova; maybe that’s a factor?

Crashed within seconds of reconnecting 5 or 6 times in a game. Rebooting the computer didn’t even help.

No, I was just playing a match as Anduin, and was using the Raccoon mount, everything was fine until like minute 13~ that the screen froze, and had to turn off the laptop =( Also, when I answered this post, I played a match as Nova with a Warboar mount, and it crashed at around the same time…

Hey friends, thanks to your reports and replays, we were able to hotfix this crash with an update that is live now.

See you in the Nexus. :heart:


I have just had a game and it crashed at around 6 minutes…

Hey MisMagius,

When you crashed did you get an occurrence ID? Looking at our tracking, we haven’t seen any crashes caused by this issue after the patch, so you might be experiencing something different.

Either way I will look into your account now!

Thanks for the heads up!