Hotfix Patch Notes - October 2, 2019

We’ve released a hotfix today to address bugs below.



  • E.T.C. Mosh Pit will now be properly interrupted by Crowd Control during the cast time.


  • Fixed an issue that would cause Mac players to crash when certain mounts were used with stealth-ed Heroes.

Oh wow this is cool, hope this is a new thing for patches to get pinned here. :slight_smile:



Fix pls the ETC channel bug ASAP

This patch is causing repeated crashes on my iMac once the game starts. I got in for a few seconds, then it crashed, got back in, got a kernel panic, got back in, crashed again. Sucks for my team.

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Sorry, but the issue is not fixed, my game just crashed 5 minutes ago…

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They’re stealing your job!


I mean… It was there’s to begin with…

dEy TeRk YeR jErB!


There’s no edit option for the Patch History anymore, so I assume that is that case.

You can’t edit your own thread anymore?

Yeah - I went to add a link to this thread and the edit icon is gone. I can still edit any other post.

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“You died”


Return statistics for tanks, and selfheal and shields add to the overall healing


i logged on today only to find the only thing i could interact with or click on was the options top right…couldnt click on anything else , not the chat, portrait, options, chat, invites…nothing…i did a scan and repair…did not fix, relogged, exited, restarted computer…nothing…even uninstalled and reinstalled the game and still cannot play or interact in game…please help…

Wish it would contain an update for better MM. Been playing this game since it came out and this is my first post. If it counts for anything, this is my whole wish:

FIX the MM in QM, or remove it completely. Thanks.

October 4th and game is still crushing!..

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