[Reddit] List of stuff curently being worked on

Yeah, in the AMA the devs spend work time, while posting in other threads are usually on their free time.

How to trigger forum dwellers


Gratz, another thread turned into why daddy Blizzard likes reddit more


We did it Reddit!

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Reddit is also a neutral ground that they do not moderate themselves and therefore cannot censor or ban users or questions they don’t like. It also has a much larger audience.

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the ‘replies’ dropdown shows all the ppl that replied to a post. easy enough to follow along with a specific conversation like that. additionally if you see just the quoted passage in a post, and say its already 100 posts down in the thread, you can click the little arrow up that says ‘go to quoted post’ if you want to read the entire post it came from. which will in turn lead you to seeing that ‘replies’ drop down that is listed on the original post.

the forum here all blizzard topics and posts are specifically marked as blizzard.

i would call your attention to a few things here:

this is the ‘please read me…’ pinned post at the top of the forum. look at it in the forum list. it shows it has a blizzard response or was created by blizzard as indicated by the blizzard tag off to the side.

you can click this blizzard symbol and it will take you directly to the first blizzard post in the thread! whether its the first post or post 100 it doesnt matter. it will take you there.

next i want you to notice about the first post the blizzard icon in the top right corner of the first post. located right under the post date. if you click this it takes you to the next blizzard post! helpful right? …and again it doesnt matter where in the thread the following posts end up you can keep clicking those little icons and go through the blizzard replies in the thread until you reach the last one.

next is the scroll bar off to the side. so you got to the end of a thread and its post 400. you want to go back to the first blizzard post quickly. click that blizz icon at the top of the scroll bar where it says ‘first tracked post’

the next thing is the blizzard tracker and dev tracker.

these are incredibly useful in just finding the recent blue posts. the ‘dev’ tracker as it may be obvious, tracks developers only. the ‘blizzard’ tracker is all blizz employees.


so the point being made here is that the forum has more than enough tracking. you may not know how to use the forum properly still, but its there.

So, to repeat what I said before, this forums has all that but it’s not even that big of a deal, because you can easily find stuff on reddit as well.

Dev’s posts usually have lots of thumbs up, so you just order by top and you can find it very easily. Then you add the fact that reddit is a more organized format where you can follow and see everything more clearly, instead of having to go back and forth to find things here.


Also they are highlighted and easy to find with just little bit of scrolling in most cases.

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  1. stuff posted on the forum is taken to be a sort of ‘promise’ and come a week after seeing stuff like this in the works (if posted by a blue) then there’s going to be topical spam saying ‘x n x’ was promised, why isn’t it already here?
  1. Outreach. theres 207k followers on the heroes reddit; does this forum even have 2000 real accounts? (rhetorical question)

reddit follows allow people to hit up a number of difference interests without needing to personalize each and every membership, so its not as if other games don’t also have followings on reddit that dwarf their ‘official’ outlets.

However, when big stuff does come down the line, then the interest can come to the forums and the blue topics do have 5-digit views. But overall, ‘people’ just aren’t interesting in this sort of thing when they can prob themselves for posting/viewing the same meme junk across however many communities and think it unique each time.

They should fix Zagara’s Nydus worm count while they’re at it