[Reddit] List of stuff curently being worked on

There is a dev post on Blizzard that details what is currently worked on, emphasis on things that were not clear being worked on/coming up by me:

  • New Content (Heroes, Skins, Mounts, Sprays)
  • Battleground Changes
  • Storm League Seasons
  • Hero Reworks
  • Game System Changes
  • Balance Updates
  • ARAM Mode
  • Auto Requeue
  • Hero Mastery Identifications

Maybe those game systems changes are purely internal, but maybe there are mechanic changes or new mechanics coming.

Hero Mastery Identifications will probably by my personal guess be something visual and permanently visible, as many complained babout the loss of the skins as identifier.


Why this is not posted on official forum? Feelconfusedman


like, for when the “someone you connected with has left the game” nonsense happens? that sounds pretty nice


It is. Rcw just posted it.

This is probably something I asked about 2 AMAs ago. Something about having the mastery show at the end of the game in the mvp screen. Maybe a new system for the mastery taunts.


I would rather guess that it will be something that tells other players from the start of the game/during the game that the player has quite some experience with the hero.


thank you very much that’s exactly what keeps me playing the game just give me more skins and i’ll never leave even if i’m the last one standing! skins keeps me alive actually not even kidding i swear.

I will be playing this game as long as the developer team can promise us content updates that are both ridiculously high in quality while interacting as much as they can with their small community by keeping them updated on what their future plans are. :slight_smile:

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If that is team only until the end of the match then it’s fine, otherwise I can see people complaining about how the enemy team has more players with higher level heroes than them and all that stuff…

I don’t mind it, but you know people :joy:

I have long wanted them to include enemy chat in the replays, as they do with enemy pings. If seeing my high level heroes from the start can set the salt mine on fire from the beginning, it is worth it.

Then i can watch some fun replay, enjoy the enemy chat and listen to this in the background:

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Oh my god if the enemy could see my chats when i play with my buddy, they would learn what toxic rly means. We rly dont go light on each other

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Something about the increase of potatoes in games!?

its because blizzard hates this forum. so they avoid posting anything except when they say they get mad and moderate a thread.

…or silly cat threads.

they really need to add

  • Remove/Rework Report System

to that list

The announcements for AMAs, game updates and all the other pinned threads are actually exclusive to here and only get linked back on reddit. At least for half a year or so by now.

yet the actual AMA is handled on reddit.

Better and easier platform to do AMAs and find answers.

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This forum is far beter equipped for AMAs. The funtio to display dev posts alone makes it much easier to find things.

In my oppinion redit is a hot mess.

All the answers on reddit stay below of the original post, so it’s easier to track what is being discussed and what was said.

And you can easily track what the devs are saying because on topics they are marked by “Blizzard response” or something like that, and for AMAs you can just click on the devs profiles in the AMA original post and find all their answers. It’s pretty easy.

Blizzard should just hire a CM to make a summary of everything that was talked in the AMA and post on their official blog tbh.

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Here they are in chronological order and linked up and above, so you can just click through them in either direction.

Same her with topics and even more with posts.

Here you click on “Blizzard Tracker” or “Dev Tracker” and get it even more easy.

Do you know or not? And I know it’s rare but this site has the same functionality. There’s just no devs here for you to see it.

That’s what this is.