[Reddit] List of stuff curently being worked on

Yeah, I find this pretty messy tbh. Reddit format is just simpler and easier to look at.

Here I get really lost sometimes trying to track where some answers came from.

They are also in chronological order there and you can even answer an answer and start a whole new conversation on the same topic without getting lost. You can’t really do that here.

Yeah, but there you just open their profile and you see all the answers already, then you can jump in and look what was the question or the original post. You will even see other answers on the same original post and sometimes even a big conversation just about that topic, which is pretty amazing.

Here you just click to find dev’s answers but you can’t really see the whole conversation. You’d need to basically read the whole topic and try to track everything, which is just a no no for me.

Reddit’s format is just simpler and easier for AMAs (which they are known for).

Blizzard should just hire a CM to do a blog post with all the answers, just that. Playerbase having to do that is pretty monkaS.

Yeah I know, I was just replying to what he said about reddit being a mess where you can’t find anything.

Most of those AMAs aren’t done by one dev, how is it more intuitive to juggle three or four profiles and a thread?

Why would you do a workaround on the profile? Just click the tracker and if you want to see the question click the link to it that is part of ever reply. It is insanely more easy than reddit ever could be.

And if you want to go to the post, click the upwards rrow in the expanded post, it´s literally 1-2 clicks.

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You know what I do? I just open all the profiles (or just the profiles of the devs I want to read, like if I want to read about design I open a dev design profile) and look at the answers, it’s easy. Sometimes you even have a good talk and more than one answer for the same question, so the reddit format of Q&A just helps a lot more with that.

Here you can’t really do what. You could just go to dev track, but you can’t really track 1 dev answer. You’d need to open their profile and look at their answers, but in the end it is messy because it’s not Q&A.

Sure, but it’s almost no difference at all if you think about it. And in the end reddit has the better format to big conversations and it’s easier to track what is being discussed, while here it’s just one post after the other. It’s messy.

Yeah, then I want to see all the answers to that original post, but then you have people quoting and replying to multiple stuff, and then it gets messy and you just get lost and having to read everything, while in reddit you have that simple and nice Q&A format which is easier to look at.

Reddit is the messy format, and as explained you can easily follow any discussion here.

You can do the exact same thing here … except you do not need to because there is a better functionality here.

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Reddit is laid out like a comment section instead of a forum, with votes and replies pushing things around and nesting threads forming from replies. I personally find it a garbled mess. I much prefer the chronological aproach for forum browsing.

HOWEVER, I find Reddit far more condusive to AMAs. Each question serves well being a mini-thread, and it makes navigating specific replies easier. So meh.

I wish Blizzard did more on this place because 90% of Reddit is eye-gouging, but I think what they are doing works just fine.

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mmm I couldn’t be bothered signing up for Reddit, but I did have a bit of a gander. I read one post saying to help balance out the Haunted mines, is by removing the sappers. That could go a way since due to mercs, golems weren’t needed as much. Just keep the siegers and maybe turn those sappers into spy camps with a bigger radius perhaps.

Also with Storm League, I want to play it again but I can’t seem to find a game for some reason and I’m in America’s server. Hopefully something can be patched up. Afterall, GM#1 is waiting for me.

I looked for the thread they said they’d make here to collect questions for the last AMA did they ever bother doing it?

This forum is the messy format, and as explained you can easily follow any discussion on reddit while here you just get lost after so many quotes and replies, while in reddit it stays as a nice Q&A format.

I’ll show you. Consider this an AMA, and OP = original post, Q1 = question 1, A1 = answer 1


  • OP
    • Q1
      • A1
      • A1
      • A1+ Q2
        • A2
        • A2
    • Q3
      • A3

And it goes like that. You just follow things easily.
Now this forum format:

  • OP
  • Q1
  • Q2
  • A2
  • A1
  • Q3
  • A1
  • Q4 + A1 + A2
  • A4 + A2 + Q5
  • A1

Sure you can click to see the origin for the A1, but if you want to see all the discussion about the Q1, you need to read through the whole topic, which is sometimes a waste of time because I really just wanted to read about Q1. Also it’s pretty messy even if I wanted to read everything.

You may say you don’t like reddit, but saying it’s messy and this forums has a better format for an AMA… that’s a no no, everyone can see that.

Unless you just want to go any dev post, it’s no difference than reddit. It’s literally not big of a deal.

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We will be posting the threads a day in advance to gather questions ahead of the AMA, so keep an eye out and have your questions ready!

That refers to the reddit thread, not a thread on the forums.


This is exactly why i hate reddit, thousands of miniblocks to skim for for info; no thanks.

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Ooo, my bad. Be nice if they did do that though.

Do they ever expand on a question? I’m sure the devs are giving you all the info they have/can on a given topic while also being mindful of the time they have to answer said questions. Here you could always just make a thread dedicated to a question if you really wanna discuss an aspect of it.

Unrelated, but may I ask how many posts you have on reddit? I noticed quite a lot of people who appear to prefer reddit have hundreds (in your case thousands) of posts.

So that’s just a personal preference, doesn’t mean reddit is worst.

Yes, lots of time in AMAs you post a question, they answer, you can answer back, they answer again. It’s pretty common thing.

Around 25 posts. I also only started using it like a year ago.

Here I have around 2000 posts and I was also really active in the old forum for quite some time.

That’s still quite the difference. So you just prefer the devs do AMAs there then.

I’ve been hoping to see a new Diablo spray ever since sprays were introduced :stuck_out_tongue:

This whole discussion was because I said this:

See, it’s kinda hard to follow everything here after so many quotes and answers, while on reddit you can easily follow through everything.

I do find reddit much better for AMAs. Probably even better as a forum format. The only really good thing we have here is the dev tracker, but even that is not that big of a deal anyway.

To be fair I was responding to not only this but what you said in the other thread. Which is a lot less focused on AMAs.

Ah right. Well, as I said, I think reddit has better format overall for a forum and it’s just easier to follow/filter things. There’s also the fact that reddit has much more people than here.

I feel like they made this forum for more official stuff and announcements, so if a dev answer something here it has to be really serious and well written, while reddit is much more casual so you don’t have to worry that much about stuff. I also feel like the devs are just another user on reddit, while here they are like “the devs wow”, you know?

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Well, two things. Matt did say that he had to go through checklist of stuff before posting, but I can’t remember if that was official or not, or if he ever said. Choosing not to respond to rude posts for instance could have been a mandate. It also could have been Matt choosing not to reward people who behave that way.

Not sure how that would be different for an AMA though. Matt was using his free time while I’m almost certain the devs are being compensated for the time they spend on an AMA. I can only imagine there’d be more restrictions when officially representing the company on their dime.

Second Lana never really seemed particularly stiff. Always seemed like she was just excited to talk about what she was working on.

Ppl do that already. We keep the same negative but add a positive.

I’d be fine with that.