The irony on r/heroesofthestorm

This would be true if Reddit’s upvote and downvote buttons had not been reduced to “agree” and “disagree” buttons. To quote someone else in this thread:

I know from firsthand experience. Thoughtful and constructive posts often don’t get the most upvotes. There have been plenty of times in the past when I’ve made a post that was objectively true, yet it was downvoted to oblivion because the “hive mind” didn’t want to hear it. It’s far from a perfect system for discussions.


This is so sad. What a weird reason to be jealous lol.

And yeah, post and content quality is much higher on reddit.

“Backseat moderation is what makes a great forum.”

I’m saving this one for the collection.

Not technically wrong. Devs apparently post game effecting polls there. That’s pretty good content.


Most ideas, concepts and suggestions posted on the Reddit board seem like they were written by AI mains or Bronzes. I feel like the people posting on the official forum are generally more proficient at the game. (Not always, there are some good Master players like Elitesparkle posting on reddit as well)

Imagine if someone from dev comes into our art posts and says something like “Good job dude. Game won’t die because such people like you”.

But… I guess it won’t happen, yes?

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I don’t know man. There’s some (as everyone’s favorite youtuber would put it) quality khantent that you just can’t find on these forums.

Yeah. Really sucks when people are indifferent to the stuff you make especially if it’s made for them. Kinda glad the community creations section is dead if the devs aren’t gonna look at it.

This actually kinda makes me sad. 2 comments, 6 likes.

1 comment, 2 likes.

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Serves him right for posting about a troll, oh yeah yeah oh yeah yeah.

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I just looked up that guy now. That is the most annoying video I think I’ve ever seen on a youtube home page.

I just picked it because it’s the same genre of post you get here. Complaining about bans/silences.

He’s a certified troll and a big fat hypocrite that plays the victim card by deleting their comments and making it that the Owner of the channel was the one who did it, terrible at arguing too, I would actually slap my old self for subbing to his channel back in the OW days.

It’s unbelievable there isn’t a rule on Youtube when it comes to trolls and vandalism.

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the only reason for them to use reddit is to expand games community. thats the same way of content distribution as hearthstone on twitch or starcraft on youtube

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My works related to forums, that’s why they are named “Life on the Forums looks like…”.

In other places my pictures will be senseless.

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If you sign up to post on Blizzard forums, you can move between the games and the different sub-forums of Blizzard games… but that’s it. You can’t then switch over to a YouTuber’s sub-reddit and chat about the gameplay that person had just put up in a new video with the same account you used for talking on the Blizzard reddit.

I guess it’s the difference between letting people gather in the lobby for Blizzard’s headquarters versus hosting a public event at a mall or something that anyone can be at. The gathering at Blizzard headquarters is going to be attended by the people that REALLY want to be there, while it’s easier to get casual passers-by to stop at the public event… sure, they won’t be automatic converts, but still that’s one more person at least being exposed to your product.

There’s also the fact that, while I don’t really check out reddit… I can honestly state that this forum really doesn’t have anything WORTH the developers time to comment on.

I’ll say here what I said in the other "WAAAA DEVS DONT LOVE US HERE WAAA " thread but in a different way.

I’m in here 2 or 3 times a day and I have a hard time finding something worthy of a response and I’m allowed to be snarky and sarcastic, the devs aren’t.

The official forums are spread across 3 regions, NA, EU, and asia. So that would mean if they want to talk about a topic in the forums they have to 1) do it 3 times, once for each region, or 2) limit their audience to 1 region.

Reddit has the widest access and because of the voting system on topics you have an idea about what the HOTS community is most salty or happy about, unlike here where its just volume of the same threads over and over.


The devs are people like you and me. They use the platform that they feel comfortable with. Whether it is the Forums, Reddit or Twitter doesn’t matter as long as they are communicating. They didn’t design this forums themselves so you can’t blame them if they don’t like it. If they have no obligations to use specific platforms (as opposed to Customer support staff) then they are free to choose any one that suits them :slight_smile:

Did you really have to summarize my point this way? Geez. No wonder why it’s so hard to make yourself understandable enough.

This is an overlook from the designers of the forums. We all know most European players who hang out on official forums do it here. As for Asian players, I guess their only way to reach the devs are via English-speaking platforms. Which leaves only one forum to use in the end.

Again that proves that you didn’t understand my whole point. I hate to repeat myself but among those there are subjects that could really benefit from a dev insight, while on Reddit you have a lot of low-interest posts (it’s not the same thing all the time but the quantity is the same if not higher) that get answered. It’s all the things that are of minor interest and are answered because they are on Reddit that bug me. Not the fact that devs don’t answer here in itself.

Just like they have no obligation to give us insight into their work. I’m just going to repeat what I said at this point so I’m just going to tell you to read what I said twice already. It’s all good if they use Reddit as their preliminary choice, we get the info anyways. But threads of great interest that get simply overlooked despite being on a platform developed by Blizzard with special infrastructure to make dev posts more obvious to the audience feel sad to look at. I get the audience thing, we’ve been told about it enough times already. It just doesn’t tell anything about the quality of a handful of threads that could be solved or spark up interest about the game thanks to one or two lines of blue words. Again devs are not supposed to communicate with us in the first place, I’m just saying that from a community point of view it’d be better to take a thread’s level of interest rather than the platform it’s been posted on into account when dropping an awaited, but not obligatory, dev answer.

Sorry I’m not familiar with the forums so I don’t know if this is considered a reply to your comment : Tydal

What I’m saying is, imo, reddit is imo more efficient than the forums to pass info. The fact that is English and global is a huge bonus.

I personally find the forums so complicated and finding info is super hard and requires a dedicated job (community manager).

What you should complain about is why the community managers are not communicating enough. Because that’s their job, the devs go on reddit and such in their spare time, and it’s much easier to find relevant content there than here (from my personal experience). Especially if the relevant info is in the comments!


no, its not the case im pretty sure. since on reddit they are tagged with ‘Blizzzard’ labels if they belong to the company. so if they did say something they shouldnt they could still be accountable.

as far as a legal issue? it would be hard to make a legal issue out of someone saying things on a social page (or even the official forum). the worse problem is the defamation that the company suffers. that causes a loss in profit because ppl no longer want to use them anymore. usually if something like that happens the only resolution is termination of whoever did it, followed by a public apology of the incident.

I took a look over it. The thing is not unique everything under “hot” has been talked about here before. If you’re trying to imply using Reddit bestows upon you some level of originality then you’re incorrect.

You also get the same low quality posts, the only thing you have is backseat moderation.

To be honest though, if the devs don’t want to post here or even read anything here why not just have the URL redirect to the Reddit. Kinda pointless to have “Official Forums” when the official discussion is elsewhere. Just added responsibility for what I assume are shared moderators.

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The worst part is that some pretty important things–like what is in development --as posted recently, is something that would make sense to post on the forums.

A lot of the posts on Reddit (as I understand) are more responses to scenarios/thoughts/discussion. I would love to have more of those here–but I understand those things being “spur of the moment”.

But “this is what we’re working on, and planing to add to the game” is something that SOLIDLY deserves a post here. Or even in the News portal! Like they did with some of the things being worked on around ranked.

You know what would make lots of sense?
To post this like some other roadmap things posted:

You know, do what should be a simple thing to keep the whole community (Well, I am sure there are bubbles outside of official forums and reddit) informed.

I have absolutely no issue with Reddit being used–as Tydal said:

this is a game I’ve spent a good chunk of money on, probably some $500 or so in total, mostly on stims, along with bundles over the years for skins.

Expecting a baseline level of communication on the only place the official HotS websites links to for discussion is a very low ask.

And if they want to make it reddit, it’s really simple, do what Starcraft 2 website does.
Where under “community” it has links to:
1. forums (official forums)
2. TeamLiquid (TeamLiquid was the place for Starcraft 1 for years, jumped on SC2)
3. Reddit (look! We use reddit, so we link reddit!)
4. Grandermaster leaderboards (meh)

If you want reddit to be the official place of communication LINK TO IT ON YOUR WEBSITE.


Are you suggesting this forum is not english, and is not accessible globally?

You mean the pinned topics they have some important developer comments on at the very top of the page?

Also there is literally a button that lets you view Blizzard posts on the forum, this makes it easier to find anything from Blizzard than reddit allows.

Now, from a standpoint of following forum threads and such, Reddit may be better–I have no idea.

But from a perspective of finding information/posts by Blizzard, the forum by far has a better system. If there was any posts to find.

There were a couple that seemed perfectly happy to use the forums before they switched them over.

It was less than reddit–which is fine–but the fact that Blizzard responses absolutely died when switching forums regarding HotS team is odd.

Lana for example, had some great stuff on the old forums, and tended to interact fairly commonly.

IDK if they did just move to reddit now fully–but the forum was not an issue before. Seems odd it would be now.

Pretty much.
Sure–you cannot update it every day, but a monthly “here are some things we’ve discussed with the community”.

Or even “we want ensure the community knows X/Y/Z”.

I don’t use reddit, the UX and UI makes me want to tear my hear out (this forum has it’s issue, but it’s less bad).