Ranked system is actually trash

Ranked system in Hots is actually trash. People that NEVER play the game, just do their placements in ranked for lulz once a year get Silver / Gold (2/3 wins). How is that even possible? You should just always start at bronze and work your way up, since there is no actual proper MMR in this game and especially if you havent played the game for over a year!! Ranked on its own is a big joke to start with. They should implement the forcing role system, you pick a role before you queue and you can only pick that role. So many people go on flex and insta lock whatever they want to play. People in ranked never heared of counter picking or getting a proper team setup. No lets go ALL ASSASSINS. and then cry that no one picked a tank/ healer, every single game. Like this, you can also just remove the whole draft pick and make it like QM just select ur gawd damn pick and queue up for ranked. It’s pointless the way it is now. Just like AFK bans should be punished.

I hope you guys will rework the ranked system and make it an actual competetive mode, currently its anything but competetive, and the whole MMR and SKMM? I liked the perfomance based rewards point system. Cause that way the slackers and AFK or chatty people wont get as much ranked points as the one roaming all over the map giving it everything to win the match.

Example: you start a ranked game, one of your team mates leaves at start or disconnects the whole time, makes you have an AI on your team. you lose exactly the same points as if you would have a real 5th player. How triggering and unfair is that?

Also what about that promised D.va rework? waiting for that almost a year now.

Blizzard, please just fix your damn game. TYVM.
We all dont care about events or new skins if the game itself is just unplayable. (speaking of ranked here)
For now, if not fixed / improved i’m feeling like deleting the game ive played since the beta and supported through out kinda everything.

~ an upset frustrated player.


That is why I gave up on playing this game at all until they see ranked is broken and needs to be fixed.


Thats how it worked in launch hots, you started in rank 50. Then you grinded your way up to rank 1.


I would love to see this that way the trash and afks can stay in bronze where they belong. Besides all the master and GM players are just getting placed, maybe play 1 game to avoid rank decay and quit so.


honestly, they should bring that back. Way better then how it is now tbh.


I concur, it’s garbage.


Yup. It’s garbage. Gets worse every season.


Cause more players are quitting which means more players are getting matched against premades or with trolls. Hell I have basically quit for this season cause climbing doesnt exist if you solo que.


The forcing role is what they did at overwatch. By far, the worst decision ever made, just to appeal the cry boys (no offense).

Serious ranked players fill role when there is need of a certain hero, if they are able to do so. You want people like me to stick to a role, and destroy the option to be able to adapt to circumstances. Not only that, games will be boring and similar to each other.

I’ve won games in master league with no healer, just a main tank and abathur as support. Other games with no tank, but full dive with assassins at their backline. All these games, queueing solo, btw.

From my point of view, something I see often is players rage quit whenever they see a Nova/Gaz/Murky/whatever veteran player because they want their meta team tank+bruiser+mage+range+healer.

The lower the ranking, the lower the trust in that player to carry. My last Nova game was 15-0, with highest siege and exp too, in high diamond. This is a team game. Trust your team.

While most of this is true and I agree with it, too many players are boosted outside of their rank or just playing tilted so they feed on purpose and well you can not exactly trust that.

You mean, kinda like they are now anyway?

Overwatch and Heroes are two different genres of games so comparing how this type of mechanic effects them is pointless.

Also, if you are high diamond and playing that kind of game with Nova, doesn’t that tell you all you need to know about the state of the game in HL right now?

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The garbage ranking system is (in my opinion) the primary reason why this game failed.

The actual game play is fun and exciting and the graphics are better than competition. This is all smothered however, with the loads of frustration that turns to anger, from the ranking system in this game.

The standard MMR system simply doesn’t work in a team game with shared team xp. This is the key differentiater compared to similar games LoL and DotA2.

I think the dev’s finally realized this, and tried making PBMM, but by then it was already too late. Too many players had left, and Activision pulled the plug on the money.

At this point, ranked play is a complete lost cause. The dev’s no longer discuss it and we’ve had no real development on ranked play for years now.


I highly agree with this. I love the game play, the characters, most of the maps, the shared team exp is also amazing.

But the lack of attention to the game when it comes to match making, ranks, boosting, smurfing, premades vs randoms and of course trolling and tilting have made ranked nearly unplayable unless you have a 4+ man premade. No one wants to play a game where you are lower than the games lowest rank due to a bad system.

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The matchmaking was always garbage. You constantly get players with vastly different skill ranges.

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Ranked mode was always for wusses, just going by the way you can ban characters you don’t want to play against. You can’t take it seriously on that alone.

I win with 5 Assasins at that rank