Plz Boost the number of skins in hots

Im really sick of not seeing any skins coming out for characters like probius there are tons of characters that dont have any skins from the upcoming events that happened. I hope you get activision blizzard to realize that, some receive no summer skin no halloween skin not even christmas. Atm im just going to say why arent their any probius skin for probius? That character is just a sphere shape u know how many decorated objects are in a shape of a sphere? Probius coudlve been a floating jack o lantern or a floating skull or a floating snow globe for the christmas holidays or a disco ball in the summer events. Why is thinking about putting a texture on a sphere very difficult to this company? I really wonder why is that.

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To be clear, Microsoft will have little to no say in what the HotS team actually does. They mostly control how funds are allocated.

Fingers crossed they invest in HotS, and that gives the team more budget to do… everything.


This. And the deal should still take a year or something to go through, so we just have to wait until then.

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But controlling the budget could already have a huge impact depending on the granularity of the said budget.

Here hoping that Microsoft is interested in the MOBA market, they could allocate a specific budget for HotS only. Well, let’s see in more than one year.

Doesn’t all Activision/Blizzard business have to be reported to Phil Spencer, Microsoft Gaming CEO?

Wouldn’t that mean by default the HotS team also has to report to Phil? Or am I just unversed in how these legal matters go within big corportations?

Phil Spencer doesn’t care if the team is adding a Thrall skin or doing a tenth Stitches rework. All that matters is where the money goes and how much money it makes. This is why you have management tiers - people on lower levels can manage all the micro of each department.


Spencer might care about a skin pack being used as a marketing thing or a new hero, or if not him then someone below him who handles marketing,
We do have a chance, cross our fingers the HOTS team that exists now can give a good pitch as to what they could do with the game if given some new blood

Or a skin that makes him look like a probe for you know where… that’s the only skin Probius needs…


… take your angry upvote and leave

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Oh okay well that’s a bit relieving. I didn’t know how it all worked. I hope he kind of just watches but doesn’t interfere with what content is added to the game and lets the HotS team deal with that (and hopefully hire more Blizzard developers in general). The whole point of this game was to have Blizzard characters battle it out. Any other additions would kill the vibe for me.

I do hope for more skins for heroes that need em, and I wouldn’t mind non-Blizzard, skins, but as long as it stays as a skin and no heroes like Master Chief are added to the game.

But is this final? Or are they still able to no go through with the deal?

Common… don’t be mad at me for pointing out the obvious. Both of the Probius mains would be floating around looking like a giant pelvic muscle probe…

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He cares insofar as the team makes a return on investment. How they get there doesn’t matter to him, as long as they’re getting there. He’s not gonna be like “Make more Li-Ming skins”, he’ll be like “Make more money” and someone on a much, much lower level will say “Make more Li-Ming skins so we can make more money”.

We don’t really know. All we know is the deal is going through some time in 2023, so not any time soon.


Well, hopefully it goes through. I don’t like the Microsoft eating up gaming studios, but I think Activision/Blizzard can use this to return to their former glory. Blizzard was once so loved because their games/lore were masterpieces. I hope to see a return to that.

Maybe a company can filled a complaint saying this is monopoly, shouldn’t be allowed bla bla bla bla, but I think it’s very unlikely that it won’t go through. That’s why they say the deal can be finally done around 2023, since they might fight something in the justice.

Let the MMR be opened at least first.

No skins, solve bugs and give us quality of life like removing forced camera movement and making it so items dont randomly disappear from your collection anymore.

Are you Polokus/Doomguy? Did you just pay money for a new name? What its origin?


He is surely Polokus.

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He is the only one who talk about forced camera movement so I bet its him with a new name.


I just went checking and it is him. No doubt.