Company that owns blizzard is taboo

I was discussing that I want the company that now owns blizzard Activision to raise awareness of skins and instantly a moderator went into my account to edit everything. Looks like there is a secret rule that the development team doesn’t want you to say or want to acknowledge about who they work under now.

I didn’t edit and it genuinely says that moderators aren’t comfortable that I’m speaking about another company if even if they own that product. Also I just noticed they locked it as well… ya uh…why???

Since there are a lot of current topics doing just that. It doesn’t look like it bothers them.


Why was mine edited than? Why can’t I tell that word of the company that owns blizzard that I want probius to get new skin or some of the character roster to get new stuff why do why doesn’t activision blizzard not want me to tell them that. XD like what’s the problem with talking to the new owners in that post?

  1. deal isn’t completed, so [they] don’t ‘own’ anyone, but the word of mouth on the internet already shifts perceptions of value, which is all that really matters :thinking:
  2. “Secret Rules” are posted on the forums, but people generally don’t read them, and act all surprised when mods act on things. Feel free to be ‘in on the secret’ at any time. :+1:

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  1. A mod edited your post; you should be all the amazed at such activity on the forums. Get a screenshot and pretend that you now how a ‘secret’ admirer in comparison to all the other posts/topics that aren’t modded out of existence. :wink:

  2. Marvel someone actually read through that post and didn’t have a conniption over from the conflicted compulsion to modify the readability of that post. :shushing_face:

  3. The topic wasn’t deleted, so your ‘want’ is still there for anyone else to read. The point of the forums is for ‘discussions’ and many of those can be had just fine without particular violations of forum/internet courtesies.

  4. For my own tl;dr I’ll lump up the ‘secret rules’ into 3 types:

  • Enforceable rules for doing something bad (flaming, spreading viruses, etc)
  • Suggestions so topic/posts avoid the anti-bot protocols the forums use. While it doesn’t look like it these days, these boards have been/can be attacked by a variety of methods, and some of the protections they’ve made on the forums can ‘false flag’ a topic for deletion for resembling a bot post or spam.
  • Internet courtesies or requests from the staff. If a mod/blue responds to a topic that says “Hey [blue]” that that makes it look like they only respond to those topics, and more people then flood the boards with that stuff, so it both encourages the wrong type of conduct, and kinda ties their hands if they act on those things. Which makes the forum-experience more annoying and disconnected for those involved.

I really hope that means blizzard dumps activision if deal isnt completed. I dont know whos idea was to sell blizzard games to another company but it mightve been activision. What your mentioning right now is probably that blizzard is against activision against this idea.

Blizzard’s. They sold themselves to Activision. They merged. And now they sell themselves to MS.


Actually, it was Vivendi, which owned Blizz back then, that merged with Activision.
They changed the name to Activision-Blizzard because back then the name Blizzard carried a lot of respect from consumers (“Activision-Vivendi” wouldn’t have worked the same :stuck_out_tongue: ).
Though I heard somewhere that there was a push to make it “Blizzard-Activision” instead, but it didn’t go that way (but I don’t know if it’s a made up rumor).

I imagine the idea to sell to MS was… the Acti-Blizz board of directors? IDK :man_shrugging:

Maybe they don’t want to show the new owner immediately that the only hope the players have is the new owner, not the current IP management.

But anyway, compared to Reddit this forum is still a quite open and pretty uncensored place.

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