Please just pull the plug on HoTS

I don’t really need to make a long winded post on the state of the game, most people on this forum already know how bad it is. Just get rid of it. Remove it from the launcher. Half of the devs who worked on the game were either moved or gone so what’s even the point anymore?


So you lost a quick match?

Take a snickers and calm down. Everything will be better tomorrow.


You not enjoying the game does not mean nobody else should

How selfish can one person be?

If you do not like the game simply ignore it


Please remove yourself from our presence.


Might as well. Ranked is a dumpster fire that is not gonna be put out any time soon.

You have been playing the wrong kind of Ranked then

Which Rank Division are you playing in?

Diamond. I was diamond 1 last season.

Diamond players are fairly competent right?

What went wrong for you?

A bad workman blames his tools.


No they are not, you are getting matched against 5 man premades while your team mates afk or dive 1v5 all game. Had a duo feed 23 deaths in 14 minutes. You cant carry that.

Who stops you from finding four others to party up with?

Keep advertising in chat and no one replies so nothing else can be done.

Try making some friends

Or come play with me in the Europe Region

I play a lot of Ranked

Have to reset your account to lvl 1 and your MMR resets and im not starting in gold or lower.

The Bronze League is where the real fun is at

Even Grand Masters know:

Hey what are queue times in Storm League like in Diamond?

Varies. I have had matches in a minute or so. I have also had matches that took me 10 minute before they were matched.

Nah I wanna try to get better at the game, playing at the bottom is not gonna do that and that is half of why the matching in this game is so terrible cause of all the smurfing ruining players games.

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If your skills are the real deal you will not stay at the bottom for very long

Then what is the point of being there?

Playing the game with people who are willing to listen to you and get better with you

Then why not do that on your main account against players of equal skill vs making a new account and destroying players who are no good at the game? Like that just seems pointless and a waste of time.

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