Migrate to US Server?

Same players each night, seems like the game is completely dead in AU/NZ.

Has anyone migrated to US? 180ms :frowning:

I routinely play US West now and climbed from Silver 1 to Gold 1. Games are better, people are better. 170 ms from Sydney, playable

It’s playable from Brisbane, Sydney and sometimes Melbourne. But the rest of country has a ping of about 250ms which isn’t playable.

I play on central, using wtfast to help mini gate lag. The player base is a lot better so if you come across trolls in the us, you wont see them again for some time. Only time I play in anz is if a bunch of friends are on that I can rely on (:

Playing on US servers only worsens the problem for the remaining still trying to play on AUS server.

Please don’t advise anyone to do this.

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Does the lag reduction actually work?

I used to play WUSA when it was available, in off peak hours or when the trolls were out but now it’s Central only It’s jump of 100 ping.

The ping is too high for most Aussies to play in America, and you’re right this is a bad suggestion for our region.