Let's have debates with the devs

Some people think developers do not read what we write here and on Reddit, the truth is that they do it everyday but they are instructed to not intervene on the posts where they are being criticized so that their presence on the post does not make everyone “behave better” and therefore the feedback can be more valuable.

I say the same as Danny deVito when criticizing art, instead of not answering what you don’t want to and not even say why, come out and debate with the people that are giving feedback, ask more details, try to understand, it feels like you dont listen because you dont answer.

No more AMAs please, give us a debate where you are put at the same level of power as the players asking the questions.

The debate topic that would be the most benefited by this would be reworks, some reworks are successful, some are not, it feels like random chance and i don’t want that; debate with us X hero mains to see what the community thinks about the logic behind some changes.

“Hey, we are planning on making Azmodan’s General unable to soak exp for no reason, what do you think?”

I think this solves and prevents a lot of problems.


That kind of discussions do happen but just not on this forum, all on reddit…

That they reverted the XP globes so quickly demonstrates that they do, at least on some things.


For the record, your assertion that we are told where and when to post or not post is false. We have the autonomy to post in whatever threads we wish to.

There are a lot of reasons why we choose to post where we do. As a general rule of thumb, the more constructive the criticism, the more likely it will receive an answer.


They read. Like most internet stuff its mostly griping and toxic so I imagine it takes a psychological toll on devs to be continuously listening to gripes and complaints to get a few nuggets. Reasons devs post rarely is same reason we have a mute button on the Hots UI… internet people are as*holes

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It seems that I need to put more effort in my threads. I though at least my Probius rework concept would receive a blue response.


Unstoppable now affect blind after my ‘‘why cleanse don’t work on blind’’ thread! :open_mouth:


Did that get changed? It’s true that I’ve seen Heroes developers post on the forum more than literally any other developer team, but it wasn’t that long ago when we were told that it was official policy that the community/PR team restricted developer interaction with the community to the beta forums because “Community interaction is our job”.

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That in itself is my biggest complaint.

Put in all the effort you want.
At the end of the day, it is up to the fickle whim of the developers.

I’m pretty sure despite all the valeera posts I’ve made, constructive and non constructive, no dev has read them. The amount of effort doesn’t seem to have any bearing, when you can post a “SUMMON PATCH NOTES” spam post on Reddit and get a blue response

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That’s a lie and you know it


Could you add talent preseting to the game as an activatable option?

if you plan to go off on the times blues posted non-sequitor posts to ‘joke topics’ that doesn’t offset that responses particular to the game tend to be in better composed topics than not.

Wayhaps if you’d bother to read more, you’d bother to notice. But hey, it’s easier to assume others are lying then put in the effort to be honest and critical with yourself :stuck_out_tongue:


And your team has been provided more than a fair share of quality feedback on the topic of XP changes. Community would just want to know why you decided to go along with such drastic adjustments to game play in the first place after only one week of testing on the PTR. There was also a 4-5 week period between public testing and since when you first showcased the changes for Blizzcon. Why wait so long to bring up the PTR? Deathwing could have easily been added later at some point if he was not ready for the public. It was a barebones patch.

Only now, two weeks later have you released something that would resemble a positive addition to the game and a full patch. Today’s adjustments are definitely a step in the right direction as opposed to the first iteration, but you just shifted the handicap created by game mechanics to a different pool of heroes, again without any compensation. I say this because it is obvious the heroes have been balanced around a completely different set of game rules and it breaks the game in multiple ways, mainly how different heroes will interact in 1v1 situations because of the anomaly.

Please stop rushing things, when you actually include the community in the decision making process, a much higher quality release is always assured. Current adjustments despite being positively received by the community feel more like a band-aid and a panic reaction than something calculated which was properly analysed and reviewed before hand.

Many are just avoiding ranked play since players were poorly adjusting to the xp soaking. It will be another two weeks at least until they re-adapt. This represents a second heavy meta game shift in weeks. Users would just prefer to take pleasure at playing the game rather than beta testing it.

Whats preventing you from including the next planned change as a custom map, since we can’t rely on the impressions from PTR because of low participation? Sandbox maps with custom rules already exist. This would be a much more elegant solution to your problems.


At the end of the day, there’s only so much a dev can say. The majority of dev replies are talking about the past, such as developmental insight. Most threads are about stuff in the future. They can’t go around making promises or even sounding like they’re making promises, because people will hound them about that forever. Things change, schedules get pushed around, and ideas get scrapped. If people assume they can control what the team works on, they’ll end up outraged when they find out not even the devs can.

I mean, for Christ’s sake, look at this thread. An honest, neutral reply, and it’s become a witch hunt perpetrated by people who assume they deserve all the answers.

And personally, I think it’s really interesting that Adam Jackson wants Yogg-Saron. That’s a cool hero, and I’d love to see how he’d be implemented.


There’s a lot of topics that post that there are things they don’t like, that stuff should be reverted, that how dare heroes not get added at their behest, that stuff is OP/UP/etc with perhaps one game to back the claim.

and there’s stuff that makes its way to the game without the suggestion references of whatever. Stuff doesn’t need to be specifically pat on the back.

But you concern pretty much boils down to “oh you posted something i don’t like, so you should leave”

That’s pretty much demonstrating the concern presented there so :+1:

You don’t pay attention enough, so you’d rather blame something else.


And yet they chose this thread to reply to which this thread is a taunt to the devs and the devs took the bait and gave a counter reply which is ironically did not answer the OPs concerns. It was a long answer to: “we’re not yes men, we can reply to whatever we want, full stop.”

The blizz post did not answer the OPs question(s) into why they’re not active in the sense of just giving feedback to threads, why some reworks are sucessful or not etc…

The thing is with Blizz posts, if someone created a thread such as “we want moira in hots, here’s why” and it is a constructive post and lets say blizz does reply and say ‘hey, awesome work and analysis on why she should be in hots, but at the moment we’re focusing on X and Y and at this point in time, Moira may be on the drafting board’…

But they rarely do, these kind of responses resonates with the audience more and why they more active on reddit than their own forums… who knows.


No hate intended but when they keep making same type of mistakes it makes it seem like they don’t learn from previous experiences at all. Listening has nothing to do with it.

What I can imagine is they might consider most of our ideas stupid or unimplementable. This is nothing bad. The video game is just developers expressing themselves through art. It might be faulty, people might not like it, but it is easy to figure out what they wanted to achieve in the first place.

If I had to tell this to the community each day, I’d die on the job. However some interaction on the forums would be more than welcome. They could reveal what they themselves think is problematic to encourage a targeted discussion where the amount of off topic and in general dumb ideas would be minimal.


Yeah… Anyway, let’s see some more “HOTFIX ILLUSION MASTER” threads, okely-dokely? You can get back to exhanging your ideas about the devs once priority numero uno is settled. :ok_man:

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Seems like a challenge! Let me be more constructive then bob the builder