Impossible to climb out of Bronze

Impossible to climb in this game and I used to be at least Silver before taking a break.


Obviously not, else everyone would be Bronze.

Learn how to read.

It’s well known the ranking system doesn’t work, and gets worse for people in bronze 5.

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Uh, no. It works fine enough. Bronze 5 is different, especially visually, because it has B6-10 (or, Wood league 1-5) hidden in it. It still works the same, and what players in B5 don’t consider is (likely because they don’t know), some of them are in B7-ish and because of the points gain, they think they need to win 100 of games or something to climb. No, in Wood league, 12 win/lose is required to climb/drop (5 win/lose for non-B5 ranks, on average, if you consider 200 pts per win/lose). Do not let small points gain/lost fool you. That is essentially irrelevant because it can fool you visually and mathematically.

In order to drop to B7, 8, 9 whatever, the player needs to lose 12 net games from B6, 7, 8 etc (top B5 → bottom B5/top B6, still only requirss 5 games lost). They need to win those 12 + 12 + x whatever games back to climb out.

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Read Blizzard’s news article from 2018 where they say they’re aware it doesn’t work.

Which one? I checked enough News articles of 2018 that can relate to it, didn’t find any. All there were talking about old system that no longer exists, some systems where they tried improving upon it, changing it.

Either link me the article, or why don’t you elaborate on it.

Like, how ranking system doesn’t work, and how Blizz phrased it as aware of it. I’m pretty sure it doesn’t at all mean what you think it means. I already mentioned the B5 case. It’s working just as the other ranks, only, below B5, there are B6-B10 ranks (which will still show as B5 in-game), and each bracket is expanded (need more loss to drop in rank, vice versa, need more win to climb back out - from the loss games obviously. points gain/loss being reduced doesn’t mean anything).

Any decent player can win near 100% of games in bronze 5.

Why hasn’t anyone ever done it?

They have. Do you really think there is a rank where there aren’t trolls or griefers? They are everywhere even in GM. People who climb to high ranks do it in spite of horrible teammates at every rank.

Nobody climbs to high ranks. People in the high ranks were already there 3 years ago when Blizzard changed the system. That’s why every master or GM player only has like 11 games played every season. They just do placements and a few games to refresh the rating decay. There are almost no GMs who have over a hundred games in a season because they didn’t need to play any to get there.

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You serious? You do know there are still ex pros who stream this game, right?

How is most of everything you say wrong in some form or another?

Fan does B2GM challenge quite often. Like it or hate the concept, it’s his core conent that made him famous in this community. Current one, he’s in Plat or Diamond (didn’t check recently). On that account, he had low 80% winrate when climbing from B9 to B4, out of 65 games or something.

Oright. Should mention ex pros and some top players from EU or Korea climbing on NA from bottom to top because unofficial HotS tournaments are held on NA server. Most players climb solo, but QopenHagen for instance sleezed his way by trio stacking (himself being EU GM, with 2 Master/GM players if I’m not mistaken). They basically winning streak-ed (x2 points, which you lose the perk if you lose a game, or two, or something) their way to Masters.

“The plural of anecdote is evidence”

“I’m a better chess player than Magnus Carlsen because I had Stockfish telling me my moves.”

:rofl: Ok. That was funny. You dropped the context so that you can ignore my points that destroyed your argument.

There you go, context.

And what’s up with Magnus Carlsen comment? QopenHagen case was just another example of top player climbing from bottom to top from scratch. It was stating facts (other than the word ‘sleezed’), not an opinion. You can’t bs your way around facts.

Friend me ill carry you

Give me your login and I’ll take you out of bronze in a few days. Depending on how bad your MMR is, I can get you to low diamond.

I’m joking… of course…

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Luckily I don’t have to, because you don’t know what facts are.
This is a website that collects replays. It also ranks players in a similar way that the game does (that is to say, it assigns them randomly based solely on wins and losses). If you look at all the top players, almost none of them have any games played this season, or last season, or the season before that, or the season before that. Almost nobody at the top got there within the last 4 years. They got grandfathered in from previous season rank carryover and just played 4 games to renew their rating.

Nobody has climbed from bronze to GM in several years.

By the way, a fact is something that’s not based on your feelings. I figured I’d tell you now because you’re nowhere near smart enough to know what a dictionary is.

I also run a replay site that’s not public yet, but it ranks players much more accurately than the game does, and most of the best players are NOT in Master+. Most of them are actually in gold. I know you don’t like facts, but at some point you’ll have to deal with it. All your “opinions” are wrong.

Can i play on your account? I’ve been wanting a true bronze 5 account for a while. I’ll trade you a diamond smurfo if you want the shiny border. Been meaning to do a bronze to master run again for kicks and i’m too lazy to dodge draft and play leavers to bronze 5 again q.q

The issue is twofold.

Que system is broke (with one rank difference, takes 3X time to find a game).

Low rank system is broke: Throw players all get stuck B5… all it takes is 5-10 losses from high bronze to fall in bronze 5. A bad series, and you’re stuck back at the bottom with the trash.

Poor performance from the company who developed the first online PvP ranking systems…

Stay a while and listen …

I am playing on European Gateway and was placed Silver 4 after my initial Games.

Unfortunately, the Player Base there has shrinked drastically over the last few Years.

So it started. A few Trolls here, a disconnected team member there, one member with lags and so on and so on …

After 2 Months i am finally in Bronze 5. And now let me tell you something: The Ranked System MIGHT work, but only in an competitive, isolated environment. Not on Random Queue. Every 2 - 3 Games, theres a Group of 3 - 4 Bots (i mean the real ones) on my Team. Impossible to win. If its not Bots, its frustrated Players which sabotage the Game.
I am half way through Bronze 5. I need 438 Points for Bronze 4. I get 25-26 for a win and -25 for a lose.

Now everyone can do the Math on his own i guess.

If you are far enough into Bronze 5, you have literally NO chance to get out under that circumstances. And please dont tell me about Master or GM Player which have done it. Thats nice for them, but an unlucky “above average” player is doomed. Forever. No matter what.

Peace out.

Yours, frustrated


It’s impossible to climb out of bronze if you’re a low to mid bronze level player. If you’re silver it’s very possible and if you’re gold or higher skill level it’s very easy to get out of bronze. If you don’t think it’s easy you just don’t understand how to play the game in a way that generates wins. It’s like a chess player constantly blundering pieces and saying it’s impossible to consistently win even against the worst chess players. That is what you are doing in your bronze games, constantly unintentionally throwing, dying for foreseeable reasons.