I'm sick of the tower changes

Hate to fall to your level of using insults instead of discussing something kindly but I’m betting you still haven’t moved out of mom’s basement with a response like that.

All you are saying is that you disagree without any specific reasoning and telling people to “just deal with it” and denying people the option to voice the opinion that the turret changes need to be taken into account when modifying other things like hero builds/AI mechanics and possibly pushed back temporarily until they can take them into account better for how it changes how characters play. As mentioned the change affects some characters more than others and that should be taken into consideration in game development.

Oh that’s rich.

I am merely pointing at an obvious and well known negativity bias that any semi-educated person knows of subconsciously but limited people fail to see consistently.

You are making stuff up just so throw some of your poop at me.
Good job! You do not look limited at all with that response.


I’m saying that no mechanics need to be changed because of macro map changes.

Towers are macro level.
Hero abilities are micro level.

They don’t really directly interact enough to make a difference.

Towers is a map element. No hero except for Arthas and Sylvanas (and possibly zeratul) is connected to them mechanically.

No hero is inherently a tower-dive hero. Some heroes can DIVE, but where to dive - is entirely your decision.
Some heroes have AOE, but the way you use it is up to you. Where you stand and go is up to you.

It’s like complaining that a wall on the map was added so some heroes now need to be changed.

Tower is a destructible static map element. That it became a more dangerous zone doesn’t really warrant any changes to any heroes. The change is proportional for both teams.

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Limited people? Please do give me some more information on what you are referring to?

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He is just so big brain that he is beyond us limited mortals.


I am just assuming he means that players complain about it instead of learning to adapt to the change which I can say I have adapted just fine and have no problem with it.

I only believe the system is boring and uninteresting to me. It feels no different than league of legends and I do not see what was wrong with the previous system.

But ya know us limited people do not know anything cause yeah git gud.

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I don’t actually have much of a problem with the change in general but I think discussion on it is important. Think about characters like Anub’arak or Gazlowe where the beetles or turrets can AA onto a hero and suddenly make towers target you. How this adjusts how some heroes ability to tank anywhere near forts is affected, how you have to change which talents or placement you pick because some abilities like Burning Rage just deal damage constantly. I’ve no problem with learning a different play style. I just think the meta and how it affects play should be taken into consideration. Finally, I would love some feedback from people who like the improvement on why they like it rather than just a “deal with it response”. Change can be good but a change that doesn’t improve the game serves little purpose. If someone can tell me why the change made the game any better I will gladly stand down.

It finally dethroned diablo and garrosh. They are still good so idk why people QQ, because anywhere other than towers they are still as good as their S-tier selves. They dropped to A-B tier since towers are part of the game.

Fair point. Now I’m going to add some more words because I have to to be able to post.

And yet a ton of people don’t even bother to do that.

Almost every game someone mentions the new Tower aggro function in, it’s to deride it. I have literally never seen anyone in game who defends the new system, even when someone else complaining about it brings it up. Anyone who cares enough to voice their opinions in-game is always complaining about them.

Dude. They are literally the two worst performing Tanks in the game right now.

They aren’t garbage tier. Stitches is in a worst position.

Literally, they are the worst performing Tanks in the game.

Stitches ain’t doing too well himself, but Diablo and Garrosh, annoying as they may be, are doing worse.

Their popularity on hotslogs still show above 30% even if their winrate is below 50%, people still use them


The fact that people pick them doesn’t automatically make them good.

A hero with a 50% winrate and a 2% pickrate is more balanced than a hero with a 50% pickrate and a 40% winrate.

Might not be exactly balanced but it’s popular, so you might as well let them play an underpowered hero. Unless all those 40% just play the hero because they like that hero’s (possibly underpowered) kit or visuals, then that’s their fault they use that hero when there are ton of other heroes.

For all we know, the low elo players are dragging down their winrate because those 2 heroes dive. And with new tower changes, you can’t just bull rush under the enemy turrets. The low winrate could be due to the playstyle of the players, not the kit. Those 2 heroes were S-tier pre-tower changes.

In master + diamond combined, garrosh has a 62.5% winrate, 31.8% popularity (bronze has much lower winrate way under 50%)

Diablo has a 54.8% winrate, 27.1% popularity. In bronze, it’s way lower winrate.

I think it’s due to playstyle of the player rather than the heroes. By platinum only data, 50% wr on garrosh, 43% popularity.
Diablo: 30.3% pick rate, 58.2% winrate

It’s slightly shocking garrosh’s winrate spikes from plat+, diablo from gold+ but it can be explained by player in-game decisions over the hero. They’re still the same S-tier heroes not under turret, but overall they’re A-B tier due to turrets existing

What i dislike with the new towers :

  • a melee player can be blasted because someone ranged activated it.
    Make towers grow their range if someone from afar activates it.
    Would prevent ranged heroes to ignore it by walking back and forth after all they would also need to l2p.

  • the armor reduction is dumb i don’t mind the shot getting faster and hitting harder it does not need to also make heroes attacks hit harder to boot.
    This thing is too handholding for the defender.

For your second point you should have supported my tower anomaly rework


B - I - A - S.

P.S. I never seen a single time someone complain about it in game.
I maybe saw a couple times people admitting they died bc tanking a tower, but not negatively.
Finally, I have better things to do in game than chat about how I love the change.

There was one? I mostly saw the hero concept ones

btw you responded to the anomaly thread but it didn’t seem like a legit suggestion

For players that like the new system:
In normal cases to mention it. It feels natural to them, and they like it. Randomly talking about things you like is odd behaviour

If someone mention its bad, arguing with them is generaly discouraged because these discussions are far more likely to cause you to get silenced. So they silently laugh about them and just play as if it was never said.

Initialy people did talk about it more often because there were some illogical flaws that generaly hindered a few heroes severely, while some others barely had to care about it. But since the towers are still being improved, this is becoming less and less common.

And if someone mentions a flaw on the towers, it doesnt even mean that they believe the system is entirely bad, its just that flaw that is an issue. This was mainly noticed with the DoT heroes as they did get excessive agro on them, but since its change, it all feels fine again.

Knowing from many service desks, when things are fixed, people often remain silent without any sign of a ‘thank you’. Thats why many support platforms automaticly close tickets beyond a certain timeframe of inactivity.

I like the tower changes, i do see room for some improvements, but in general its much better than it used to. You wont hear me complain. But i might still type feedback on what i think can be improved.