I'm sick of the tower changes

Personally I don’t like the tower changes, but I’ll always support trying bold, new things. That said, I really don’t like the tower changes.

It’s not that I don’t want the devs to copy LoL. People on this forum treat Riot like literally all of it’s decisions are the death of PC gaming. There are good things to steal. The problem I have is how tacked on and sloppy it feels.

  1. LoL has tower aggro as a no-zone, but HotS already had a no-zone - the gate. I get making the fort more threatening, but they didn’t just do that. The gate towers shooting you is miserable, and pushes that no-zone way too far out the lane.

  2. It wasn’t implemented with any care. Things like summons halfway across the map causing towers to shoot you was ridiculous and needed to be fixed, but it’s still messy. Bouncing AAs, splash damage, and AoEs triggering the towers feels unfair and makes it hard to siege as certain heroes.

  3. Objectives are less powerful and ergo less rewarding and fun. It’s basically impossible to push with objectives now in the early game, so all that happens is they mash into the gate and die. It takes all the oomph out of what is supposedly the main event of every map. I hate to say it, but they’ve Haunted Mines’d every monster-summoning map, particularly Dragonshire, BoE, and Volskaya.

  4. Ultimately, the forts are easier to dive. In the old system, the slow was certain death if the tower caught you in it’s sight. Now you can kill someone and usually walk away. If you’re already winning, the tower is no longer the deterant it once was. While it is more powerful on even ground, the fact that it requires enemy action to take effect now opens up another avenue for snowballing.

I honestly would not mind a full revert. I think the tower changes have made the game worse in many aspects.

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What I would really like as a response in these threads is someone actually explaining why they think the changes are an improvement rather that it just being “I don’t have a problem with them”. The fact that nobody ever really says why they are better combined with the fact that certain talent picks are now much more dangerous and this wasn’t fully taken into account makes it a hard argument. Take the chain AA ability for Tassadar, essentially guaranteed to draw agro from towers if you pick it so why pick it ever over another talent. Doesn’t matter if you never used it before, talents should have some value depending on build or there is no reason to have a choice on how to build a character.

Usually the extent of why people like them is because they like being able to hide under their Towers completely safely.
These are the people who claim, “Towers are useful now!” as if they weren’t before. They’re literally people who were bad at the game applauding being given a handicap advantage to reward their own bad play.

There are also a few people who seem to like change just for the sake of change, but they’re just crazy. Change for the sake of change is what got us the 2017-2018 laning changes that took a whole year and another overhaul of laning to balance properly.

Towers got nerfed:

  • Tower, Fort, and Keep damage to enemy Heroes reduced by 10%.
  • Maximum Armor reduction from Structures reduced from -40 to -20.

I don’t play tanks but I had idea to buff them via tower changes but it fell on deaf ears like the forum normally does

That’s just about every thread about the Tower changes.

Useless towers and overpowered objectives were one of the main reasons i took a break from this game. Now stupid maps like AV, GOT and BH actually feel a bit more balanced because there is a defender advantage which was basically non existent before.

You shouldn’t be playing this game then. If you think you can win, ever, by turtling in a base you never learned how to play HotS. It’s one of the reason I love this game. It forces engagements and you have to deal with them or you get punished hard for not doing it.

There is no ‘defenders advantage’ (one of the reasons this tower change is bad, it makes people think you’re supposed to sit at towers/forts). You either go balls out and grab everything you can or you wither and die with each objective you miss. It’s clear cut who is actually decent at the game and who is simply playing it like LoL or DotA.

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Is really nobody going to talk how completely illogical this is?

It’s not really worth dignifying with a response. It’s also not amusing enough to make fun of, nor likely to mislead anyone enough to correct.

There absolutely is a “defenders advantage” in HotS, just not nearly as big as in some other games. As you say, if you spend all game hiding under your Towers you’re never going to get anything done.

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