I'm sick of the tower changes

I’ve over them. They need to go. Why are you changing a game that no one is wanting to come play now and delivering a change that makes the game just take longer to complete.

I support the reversal of this anomaly 100%


Both anomalies are excellent. Don’t need to delete, but can to improve. As people says : “There is no limit to perfection.”


Experience globes are still meh to me but after having adjusted to the tower changes I kinda like them. Now that the anomaly is less clunky than its first iteration, towers do feel like safe havens when you are under them and you’re not an easy prey anymore when defending against a big wave. And as a healer main, it makes it all the more challenging when someone goes for a kill under enemy towers and all the more rewarding when they succeed. As an afterthought, I don’t miss the old towers.


Towers pre anomaly were a joke, not as bad as when ammo was a thing but still, quite a joke. Now, fighting under towers is practically nonviable unless your tank is taking the fire, and they can’t do that for long.

Siege specialists who can wreck defenses have a much more firm role in pressuring lanes, and heroes who manipulate position have a lot more under their belt defensively.

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Anomalies were a terrible idea since they are changes that benefit certain heroes, giving them too powerful advantages on certain maps.


Tower changes was one of the best changes made to HOTS since launch.

Previously towers were completely and utterly useless as soon as you pushed a wave - you could dive them as if they weren’t even there.
That’s a monkey gameplay.

Towers are supposed to be risky to siedge into. Previously, the only risk was on the defending side if outnumbered.

The changes were much needed.


I still say all this just feels like they are trying to copy league of legends and that is not what I want cause I enjoyed this from how much different it was from league.


They won’t remove it completely but they will make adjustment soon.

So ppl will want to try it? Without change, how can they make this game better? :thinking:


The forum doesn’t like change for the sake of change and follows the “don’t change if it isn’t broken” philosophy

But the Anomalies have purpose, thus it’s not change for the sake of changing.
And there is no change or state that sone ppl don’t dislike.

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I think the biggest problem with how towers have changed is that it makes it much riskier to use any AoE abilities. It is a big change to the game mechanics that favors some heroes and punishes others. I feel like a lot more thought or adjustments needed to go into the this change and how it adjusts game mechanics. Also, the AI is stupid and doesn’t understand this change so just eats bullets all the time trying to fight under turrets.

If you’re regarding coop vs ai, then they’d never be a challenge anyway. If for a real game, accept the loss and go next game. Some players may try to still win but in all honesty bots suck and you should lose 90% of the time unless the 4 man is good enough to 4 v 5

I’m still of the opinion that the “be prepared to lose and suffer a slow death for the next 20 minutes” mentality isn’t the best. If they change a big game mechanic then they should also consider that in the AI. On the note of vs. AI matches, the AI is still broken for how ally AI works compared enemy AI so if you play a solo vs. AI your team is much more likely to feed than the enemy for some reason.

Pre tower changes you’d still lose with the ai, so I don’t see the big problem? For solo coop vs ai, you can solo carry the game if you’re an assassin. That mode should be for trying out new heroes. Ai for the foreseeable future can’t beat humans in a complicated game like hots.

Not expecting AI to beat humans, just want it to not suck so hard currently.

It’s not about copying league of legends. It’s about structures in MOBA serving a specific purpose since the first DOTA iteration, and that purpose being subverted by Blizzard’s old design.

They are not copying LoL so much as they are finally giving up their attempt to make something unique in favor of making something sensible.

For people to want to try it - the game needs

  1. marketing
  2. an exciting update cycle (new heroes, skins, etc).
  3. good support

All three of which Blizzard doesn’t do, so no matter how good they make this game mechanically, chances of it rising are slim.
They game only keeps losing subscribers without much new blood joining in.

It was broken though.

And that’s bad… why?
Can’t you just adjust to that and learn to play in the new environment?

Considering I have seen more people asking for the old system back than I have people talking good about what is in place.

You might want to try reading my whole post where I say that there are other factors that should be taken into consideration when making game changing updates but, sure, quote 25% of the post and make your argument based on that.

It is so typical for limited people to make that argument.

I will explain again.
People are much more likely to go to the forums to COMPLAIN about something, than they are for all other reasons combined.
That’s why with almost every “issue” on the forums, you will see more people criticizing it and siding with the complaint than people who are defending it. Because the VAST majority of people who like the feature - either don’t care enough to go to this forum at all, or can’t be bothered to write a post about it.

I personally don’t even look in most of the threads I’m not interested in. That means that even if I disagree with the OP, I will not voice my opinions.

It is literally that simple.

I read your post.
I still don’t see anything bad about the changes invoked by tower changes.