If you think the game is dead, why are you here?

wish i could give more than one like.

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You’re sweet Planar. The joy is in giving likes for me, I don’t mind if I don’t get em’. :grinning:


so much for calling her Fruit Fly


He’s fake silenced me twice with his alt accounts in the middle of community competitions lol

Cya tommorow!
he says this almost everyday…

Don’t be so sure lol

Anyways, regardless of if this game is dead or not, it’s still fun lol, and the community at least is relatively decent (compared to Overwatch lol) and I can appreciative of that.


It prefectly explains stomps, back and forth losing streaks and winning streaks…of course this is only 1 factor out of hundreds but a major one.

if you lose a game, your chances of winning or losing the next game are 50%.

but, i’m not going to go into depth, someone already did:

you gotta help him find a way out. He explodes more violently each time and it kinda worries me. This will destroy a mans mental health :c

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yep, those are the ones. Hes also admitted that he uses more then 1 account

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I didn’t count how often I played with 3x% winrate Hanzos vs. 6x - 7x% 4-5 man stacks. Those are the matches I call troll since everybody matters in this “team game”.

The consolidation of HL and TL ruined this game.

Even 3x% wr Hanzo have 40%+ SL winrates.

that’s rich… well i speak on Mumrah’s behalf so here’s the message from Mumrah since because of your false flagging Mumrah got silenced.

In that case, both of you can contact Blizz and tell them to remove the silence imposed on my account. It is clear I did nothing wrong here, even before you explained anything.

that was it. and seriously people quit abusing the flag system in the forums this is really disgusting…


Not sure if dead, cause every time i hit 70% win rate or around the matchup suddenly turn oddly challenging obvious in enemy comp… maybe is dead but something keep trolling your scores LOL, just saying

calling it a “hero brawler”, hots 2.0 where 90% of the changes was cash shop related, even made it harder to buy the skin you want forcing people to loot box rng for shards to craft, forcing you to level to 5 to have the full kit available for a hero, ect

Hey look I got flagged!

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Yikes so that means they won’t stop flagging.


People abusing the system… that’s a new one :joy:

Blizzard doesn’t care so best to move on. Happened to me already.


yeah if they actually wanted to bother i believe they can ban whoever abusing the flag system. that’s false flagging and it should be punishable but they don’t seem to get punished for abusing it so whatever…


This will be the third time I’ve been silenced for a week because of this guys’ false flagging, so no I can’t really move on

Also, I’m so sorry Mumrah it’s happened to me a few times and it sucks IMO. One time was in the middle of a 4 week long competition, silenced for two weeks and almost lost cause of it.

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Why can’t I be here? It may be dead or may not, I don’t really care, but telling my opinion or making a critic is legal and encouraged.

One of my posts got also flagged for spamming :face_with_raised_eyebrow: