How are You All Doing?

I don’t really talk much here but I do like browsing on and off out of boredom and have to say this place really haven’t changed much, just became quieter which is understandable, a lot of people come and go, rage, salt, joy or all of them combined which is kinda chaotic not gonna lie.

The last year announcement was certainly a demotivater for me, which is ironic because I play TF2, this should be a common feeling to just shrug it off because well ***duh*** but honestly HotS just doesn’t feel like a game I would have expected to reach this state at all.

I miss the last years, to watch an entire live stream that is literally on auto play of random replays from bronze to GM (if you are the twitch owner pls revive it I’m begging), or trolling everyone here with a big blown patch to put people in pain and sorrow (see 2020, 2021) (I’m sorry, again).

I’ve been rather busy and somewhat demotivated to make content for this game, even if it’s a funny post or a full essay guide over the hero I’m literally having a brain rot over them (hogger, tyrande), I still unironically still have the draft for Tyrande on my PC but its in an incomplete state, also lost my TL3 because of inactivity so i cannot continue it anymore which is a big off.

The last couple of weeks I was just kinda in the mood to open HotS again, played some SL on my smurf, brain rotting all over hogger as always and causing the usual copium of why you shouldn’t be in a tight room or the fact you forgot to ban him on Infernal Shrine (actual platinum lobbies lmao).

This game is really something, I have a huge memory train of a lot of amazing content from the community, from guides to literally comedy gold introductions that made me play heroes, content creators that are scattered around that people never heard of (that is not pallytime he’s cool but he’s like the face of hots on YT or something, if he still is).

I loved going weekly over carbot’s channel and get the next episode for this game, it really sucks that it was the worst performing one despite having a lot of cool stuff just being mixed together, or waiting 2 weeks exactly on time and date to literally get patch notes EXACTLY on the specific on 2 weeks or 3 weeks, with no less than delays, those were really something.

I know a lot of newer players will never see this experience like this despite the community being small in its way.

Anyways, i’ve been playing overwatch 2 i mean 1.1, i mean the prequel to overwatch in features… uh whatever people call it these days, game still kinda the same, here’s some of dumb highlights:

Sorry for the big ramble, I just felt like making a thread and see how people are doing, I kinda talked a little on and off in the off topic mega thread but still my point stands, I kinda really went inactive.

I’m still playing hots, had a lot of fun on Tracer today, soooo I’ll see you in the nexus! (EU region, +2 GMT time around 4 PM~ usually).

And remember, nerf chen.


Well, I’ve had to restart with a new name and none of my years of hand-crafted skinergy. I’m more than a little anti-“give money to Blizzard ever again”, but luckily HotS is very F2P friendly.

As (hopefully understandably) mad as I am at Blizzard for unjustly permabanning me, I’ve had a lot of fun powergrinding levels on every free rotation hero. I’ve had some good really luck with loot boxes: currently I’m the proud owner of D.Va, Azmodan, ETC, Malfurion, Muradin, and Rexxar, alongside duplicates of Nova and Kael’thas from the Assassin starter bundle.

I’d say match quality is worse, but I won’t lie to you. A nice combo of me being awful at this game and the low pop means I’m pretty much right back to the game I know. I certainly wouldn’t be doing this if I didn’t truly love this game, though.

Unrelated note, but Jack Stauber is a genius and I can’t believe it took me until this year to find his stuff. Go watch Opal, it’s brilliant.


I am still waiting for Blackthorne and the Legendary Return of our beloved Haunted Mines

Hurry up and release please

Also man; I thank you for your helpful video about rotating the camera in HOTS

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Wait… you’re saying that twitter is not whitelisted?

How am I doing? Good, not that long ago I bought a new laptop (so did fiancé). HotS was the first game to be downloaded on it, but I mostly play Hogwarts Legacy and Pokémon Legends Arceus nowadays. Still playing HotS tho.
We can finally play together easily with gf. She even got MVP :smiley: (I’m the ETC)

Also can’t wait to see Wrathion on the throne (I don’t play WoW), and I want to try out DIV on the open beta weekend this week.

Also, I’m currently working on a Carbot-Medivh t-shirt design.


obviously, I am bitter and jealous that someone posted a wall and I didn’t. :unamused:


No problem, happy to help. :smile:

No, the twitter link contains a 9 and the forum assumes it’s one of those indian scan phone numbers that get posted in #technical-support or #bug-report by bots.

I’m looking forward for the tshirt btw.

You should be, it’s literally your speciality that and the amount of literacy being used in the sentence, sometimes I get confused but that’s a skill issue on my end.

r u murlocaggrob?



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It’s been a long time since someone asked how I was doing, usually it is what’s new and I can only casually shrug with my shoulders so I’ll entertain this rare opportunity with some pessimism.

These last few years of doomscrolling have made me even more inert and desensitized to daily events unless it personally affects me. I just hate everyone and everything about the world at the moment because after a longer pause it feels as if everything started catching in fast forward mode and simply I can’t or completely refuse to keep up.

It is not all so bad. I’m still a bit away from unlocking a mid life crisis but I’m not surprised if many people feel the same way as me. If I was born 100 years ago I would have probably been dead by now and not necessarily through a fault of my own.


It gets better man

Life is full of little pearls of happiness if you know where to look

HOTS is personally one of them to me


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Hey Samich Master
Are there still a lot of people playing it?

I’m doig not bad actually. I actually JUST had a promotion today :slight_smile:

In HotS, it’s the usual horrible players for me, had a troll, then teamed up with two people and we still got stuck with the worse 2 dps ever. (Our Li Ming went to take a merc camp as our core was being destroyed)

Unlocking things is fun :slight_smile:

Rock & Roll racers first!

You both got seperate laptops? How do you spy on each other’s emails? :thinking:

What is DIV?

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Swizzlesticks… We didn’t think this through it seems :thinking:

I know I wrote it in a way that can be confusing :smiley:

DIV → D IV → Diablo IV → Diablo 4 :wink:

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doing very badly because overwatch still exists

Pretty good way to promote the vaccine! Take the shot and you will become instantly good at taking the shot.

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Technically Overwatch doesn’t exist because it has been replaced with the inferior Overwatch 2

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Hello friends, I’m also still here and I also still love this game. It deserves better treatment than it got. I don’t mind where it is now and I hope it stays afloat for as long as it can.


Skill issue.

Overwatch (1) still exists in the Nexus…

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I left Hots last year cause I were burned out from all the stubbon people I would get.
I que up as tank I would get a trolls that dont lane at all and dont take a single camp.
I que up as healer and trolls would blame me for not healing him while he die deep into enemy lanes and cry about I spend more time laning insteed of healing him while he dont lane at all and just walk around geting killed.

I’m just tied of the mentality dmg dealers got that they are allowed to do what they want and healers/tanks are just someone they can command around with.

So now these days I just stick to YGH Master Duel and Monster Hunter. I’m done asking people to go back and defend a lane or ask players do basis stuff that would help us win cause his massive ego is in his way.

I had alot of anger issues the last year I was playing this game so moving away from it permanently has done wonders. I had my fun in it while it lasted but the past years more and more people I got into a team with did not care playing the game as a team and only played with his ego and would let his team lose on purpose just to laugh at them.

If this game gets the help it need from MS then that would properly change the mentality those people got right now. If not then will just continue like it is now.


It’s on its way:

super cereal


Same here.

That was actually quite fun IMHO.

A lot of devices in your home-network can actually be used as a file-server, including router as long as it´s not the cheapest possible, stripped down ISP provided one. Set one up, have your e-mail client sync to some folder there and have fun :rofl:

If there is a will, there is always a way to do something horribly dumb!

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