Heroes of the Storm Balance Patch Notes - March 29, 2022

Heroes of the Storm Balance Patch Notes - March 29, 2022

Heroes of the Storm has just been updated with Hero balance changes! Read on for details.

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They … buffed Anub?


Oh, they nerfed Artanis. Well then.


Guees you will be a Anub main now :smiley:
And finally Jojo gets the nerf.


I am just afraid that between his buffs (have I mentioned he is busted? no?) and Jo’s nerfs, he may see bans more frequently.

And honestly, I don’t think the Jo nerfs will impact her win rate all that much. As I keep saying, what makes her OP is her trait, not her damage. Although this will tone down her wave clear a bit, which isn’t a bad thing.


Alexstrasza changes look ok, for Whitemane they need to finally erase that silly rework out of existence.

Oh, this is good to see:


Glad they fixed the toten tooltip bug. Game was literally unplayable with that.

Now I wonder if Illidan Hunt bug got fixed.


While waiting for the patch (Europe) I wonder if they will change the lootboxes from Winter to Spring, as I understand that can be done manually.

Yet another patch that fixes nothing and introduces more problems.

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But I’m also happy for Buffs on Gul’dan and Sgt. Hammer. Thanks. ^^

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The Sgt. Hammer buffs look really interesting. Artanis got nerfed but I do not think it is too bad.

However Anub’arak is gonna have a good day. Maybe we will see him more.


Happy they did what against chromie slowing sands in ARAM, but now if youre playing against heroes with saves your ult is just useless. They shouldve just raised the mana cost imo. Cause its basicly free now.

I don’t know about the Chromie change… yeah, sure, the Sands can indeed be quite annoying/oppressive in brawls, but why not nerf their slow to 50% and get it back to 70% with the 18 upgrade?..

Oh hey, the pink bike with placeholder name disappeared. Again.

Leoric Phantom still unselectable, has anyone checked for the other long-ago-locked stuff? I believe there were some skins and mounts unavailable for ranked…


Cockroach meta inc? I mean he was always strong, but I never saw him 1st pick 1st ban material, maybe this is it. :smiley:

This on the other hand is confusing…

Not really, for all the times people in higher ranks complain about him being one-dimensional, he is incredibly strong in that dimension. I was watching one of Grubby’s VoDs recently, and he was saying that Artanis is one of his most-picked heroes with a 70% win rate this season. When you look at Heroes Profile (I know), he is the top bruiser for both pick and win rate, and Blizzard basically confirmed it in their Developer’s Comments.

I actually think this was a decent nerf, especially since they compensated for it with his level 4 talent buff.


Good. More joh nerfs

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I guess I missunderstood the meme/jokes about him and took it literally that he is “trash”, but devs and pros thinks otherwise.

He isn’t trash, but he is just a straight sustained damage hero. That’s it. Very little CC or utility, so if you are talking the top tier of competitive play, you really want to pick something like a Yrel or Blaze for the offlane.

But at the level that 98% of us play, he is perfectly fine.