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Etc garrosh and stuk are really scary. Same with zera

Yea, Zera can be too but didn’t see him since ages. Teams nowadays are usually too heavy for him and hard to master.

He is incredible safe to soak with late game and you have a lot of people who think valla or ming are good vs zera…
Where are my jimmy excecutioner mains

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Rexxar and hammer for me.
It takes a garrosh main to know how to beat him. And that is by freaking slows and a tank who van hug him

Rexxar just wins the xp game

Off topic but nice taunts yesterday

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Yeah we were against that for one of our games, both, we won it, intense game though!

Nice! I saw you won all 3

here’s the replay in particular


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Too lazy to write 20char

You need to make a thread Sami asking “why no forced 50%!”

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He needs to solo queue. Where he will be forced to take diablo in a comp that doesnt work around him. Or seeing a auriel who doesnt know how to use her crown in diamond.
50% wr for sure


Oh gosh, that’s what I was forced to do yesterday but with Mal’ganis. :cry:

I think Sami is skilled enough to handle solo though, but yes, it probably will lower the winrate.

Did you win? And sadly solo queue is more like fixing your teammates mistakes then showing your skills


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No, I complained about it already in The Salt Mines. It’s always hard to be solo frontline with four ranged heroes vs dive. :frowning:

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I only check a small number of posts. And yeah sucks had the same thing. Very often

I 1st picked a good tank like ETC Garrosh, get completely countered when asking for a bruiser.
Then people say GG no frontline…
And when I say then picked someone to back me up, Im getting outpoked and all the healing goes to my team. they just say I cant tank :upside_down_face: really fun when they are onetrick assassins


Don’t worry m8, I always have at least one healing potion for you.

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They were worse, they insta locked two ranged assassins and banned three main tanks, the enemy was wise picked a tank first and banned two main tanks. This left me in a bind as my team had taken all ranged heroes and refused to take a bruiser so my tank pool was limited. :skull_and_crossbones:


Oh horrible. The lets ban all the good tanks and force you to tank :sob::sob:


I’m already my familiar:

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Your thread is catching up to the message board. I should spam more

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