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Waiting time in ai. You can’t make this up :smiley:


How is this even possible?!?

You dont have to perform to play UR or QM with us

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No clue. I hit “cancel” and then it immediately found a match. Probably a bug.

I did my no-damage-challenge. Play Lili, only hold Q down and walk around. 0 siege or hero damage, we won (AI of course).
I already feel uncomfortable playing with you with my full capabilities, since you are simply better than me. No worries, I’ll be back in a week or so.

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Your a risk taker doing that with li li , I would just serpent on instinkt

My finger is in a bandage, I can pretty much only use my index finger right now. So just put it on Q, hold down and never let go.
Who needs mounts anyway…

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My msg board is dying : (

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Can be resurrected though :slight_smile:

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Thank you. Should reply here more. Im also at fault

Just realized now that my tyrande’s winrate is really cool.

And that goes over 3 years of playing her. :thinking:

I should really play her more. :yum:

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HMMMMMM :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

I spoke too soon and im on a losing streak, QM is filled with clowns

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Wait a minute…

Are you PLAYING?!

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Nice! Well played (before your losing streak)
Its my 2nd most played on my alt. Really fun hero. But the moment I closed my pc I saw the patch notes and are now wandering how her talent tree looks liks :sob:

For starters, I’m so used to Elune’s chosen on 1 and Aura on 2, and them swapping in place is just confusing.

Also these new changes to her trait are meh… Looks nice on paper but still unsure unless you do it right.

Tyrande is underrated by those who only think she is the duelist owl spam meme hero she was for one iteration!


But this requires constant autoattacking. Something most the player base dont know what it is.

Yes, good point Harbiee…I would give you a like but apparently it’s toxic to give too many likes so I’m out of them for 12 hours or something! :heart: :sparkling_heart:

I don’t know how I even ran out of them as I was working most of the past two days and I even missed the new patch. Oh well! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Whaaat you didnt read before posting :scream:
Giving likes is incredible toxic

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They do know, many are just lazy! I think that’s why the devs try to make heroes like Whitemane who isn’t a hero who fits the “fantasy” of an AA hero, is because many Healer and Mage mains don’t bother to AA.