Happy/Angry/Sad Clouds Bugged?

Same thing happening to me and also my girlfriend. Most of her mount choices were reset and that’s why we were even looking through and noticed that they were all unavailable, but showing owned in Collections.

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Same! Came here to post this. I want my happy cloud back that f***** cost too much lmao.

Blizz devs any word?

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Yup and also the golden treasure goblin is bugged.

I am also having this issue. Just chatted with support, they are tracking the issue and working on a fix!


I own the happy cloud and it is also showing as “not owned” now in my collection

Hey everyone!

I am so sorry this happened but we are aware of this and looking into it. I appreciate any continued reports of this, and if possible when reporting this, can you let me know what Mount / Skin / etc. you are seeing as locked so I can make sure they all get restored properly.

I also want to confirm that these items are not “removed” from your account, but by the actions of a bug, locked from use. You should regain access to these items without any problem once the issue has been resolved.

Again, thank you so much for the reports, keep them coming, and I apologize for this inconvenience!


Can’t comment on the clouds as I don’t have them, but my Leoric’s Phantom is nowhere to be seen anymore

  1. D.va Competition Pro Skin
  2. Diablo Toxic Prime Evil Skin
  3. Leoric’s Phantom Mount

(Those are the only 3 of my collection missing, based on other posts, the following skins and mounts have also been reported missing by other players):

  1. Happy/Angry/Sad Cloud Mount
  2. Golden Nexus Charger Mount
  3. Murky Amber Sir Murkalot Skin
  4. Malthael Angelic Grave Warden Skin
  5. Flames of Judgement Charger (Mount?)
  6. Zeratul Ancient Unraveler Skin
  7. Golden Treasure Goblin (Mount?)

There’s probably more than this, and as mentioned, I can only verify 1, 2, and 3. Regardless, everything listed was pulled from posts from other players.



I noticed it today when trying to play as Leoric, and my matching Phantom mount was completely gone.

Malthael - 3 skins got locked. Gold and blue, Black and grey and one more variation … I do not know exactly, since I refuse to play before this gets sorted out. I do not want to see more of my collection locked.


This is on my eu region.
For now Crimson grave warden Malthael skin is missing.
I will look for other missing skins as well but I do not think I will be able to remember all.

Some Unraveler Zeratul tints,
Some Sgt. Doomhammer tints.

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Hi! I found my Flames of Judgement Charger mount missing after an update.

I sure hope it all gets fixed. Direct purchases and crafts are logged on the account management transaction page, but there is no record of quest rewards or unboxed items and some are worried over this.

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Could that be the source of the bug, perhaps? It actually makes a lot of sense.

Maybe it’s also related with the Lordaeron/Orgrimmar Warbanners from the Echoes of Alterac Event, where the one you didn’t pick as a Reward remained available for purchase, even though you had purchased it… and thus was denied because of that.

My angelic and frozen grave warden malthael skins are locked as well.

If still looking for skins, I think Nightmare Prime Evil Diablo is also locked

My sad cloud is locked too. please fix it

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the silvanas skin with the skull helmet is missing

Sharkmouth Goliath D.Va as far as I have found right now

i had almost all malthael skins, now they r all locked

the available ones r:
2 xenotech skin
2 seasons reaping skin
3 original skin

thanks for the hard work :slight_smile:

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