Fix mm? working terribly

bad matches over and over again, the only GOOD thing working properly on this game its the report system besides that matches are working horrendus


Yay? Okay?

I’ve had a eight game win streak in my recent QM games, they were good games, mostly close, had one where I got stomped. So I guess from that sample MM is good?

*Edit - Some people seem to have missed this, so edit. My reply above is deliberately glib as the OP’s post provides nothing of substance to engage with other to say “MM is bad, I lose games, report system is good.” When writing this 2 days later, the OP has not been back to engage with his own thread.


I usually see onesided games rather then balanced games


You are funny thinking this report system is working


I could be wrong, but it sounds like the kind of person who hits the report button anytime someone says anything or if they lose a game. This is probably the first person I’ve ever seen on the forums praise the report system.,


The OP clearly talks about his overall experience with this game (“over and over again”) while you try to make it look absurd with a comparison based on a limited sample. Let us avoid straw man. Overall I have lots of games behind me, mostly QM, and I would tend to agree that the MM is pretty bad there. Win streaks happen, but these are rare. Nor would I wish for it to happen more often, since I want balanced quality matches. Losing streaks due to MM are not fun, and neither are winning ones.

If we have to avoid strawman arguments and look on accounts with high amount of games played then my account is perfectly balanced since i got 14000+ games in qm and have 50% winrate in that mode.


No, the OP does not say anything about his" overall experience" with the game, this is something you are inferring. He wrote he has “bad matches over and over again”, he does not say at any point for how long this has been so.

I’ve been here since launch and I have lots of games behind me and winning streaks aren’t rare for me. You provided an anecdotal reply as an argument to my anecdotal reply, do you spot the flaw in your reasoning?

My experience is clearly different to the OP’s, I don’t have “bad matches over and over again”, that is my history with the game.

I gave a reasonable reply considering the OP’s statement is purely anecdotal, he provided no context for how long he has been playing, so not exactly a detailed or researched post.


“I’ve had a eight game win streak in my recent QM games” (your saying) is anecdotal indeed. My quoting all my game experience is not anecdotal for it is not so limited in number and in time (a “sample” as you called it). Please cut the bad faith. This does not interest me. I am open-minded but not with such fallacy. This post will therefore be my last exchange with you in this thread. I usually am a patient person but not towards this.

As I said, the OP didn’t provide enough information to say his “bad matches” were over any specific period of time. My reply was proportionate to his statement, which is simply a complaint post without any specific details, research or context provided. I mean this is the entire post:

You and I have both exchanged about a hundred more words than his entire post. The OP (like many compliant posters) has not even returned to engage with his own thread. You are in fact reaching and iinferring meaning to the OP’s post that isn’t there, and attacking me for specifics the OP never expressed.

Now that is bad faith.


My winrate is above 50% (I do not remember the exact figure) but I still think the MM is bad. Whether you succeed in “beating it” is a topic of discussion, and is a real pain, but in my opinion it is not good in this mode even though overcoming it is not impossible. (Otherwise it wouldn’t be “bad” but truly catastrophic.) The assignment of allies in regards to their skill level is very erratic and the hero comp assignment leaves much to be desired.
The ideal goal would be to beat people of your level with allies on your level or, at most, ennemies slightly above, this progressing along as you progress, allowing to really get better instead of either being stomped by players way better, or being stomped because of allies who have no clues, or more rarely being the one who stomps because the MM has reversed these roles. Hero comp wise, some difficulty would be ideally welcome without being so preposterous as it often is. All the CC (or close to all of it) for the ennemy team while the ally team can starves for it, ennemy team having bruisers and ally team only the squishiest assassins, ennemy team being all long-ranged vs short-ranged and melee allies, or playing a hero with close to no point-and-click potential versus an all mobile team…

I have to say, the 50% argument is one of the dumbest ones. You could lose 7000 games by 5 lvls and win 7000 games by the same margin and it would still be a perfect 50%. Has nothing to do with matchmaking quality.

MM is pretty awful, everybody knows it. But it’s not going to get any better, there is no more development done for HOTS and population is slowly decreasing which will amount to more and more rainbow matches, etc.


Calling such an argument “dumb” is largely exagerated. I don’t agree with it either but it raises a lot of questions, for me included, as it adresses – intentionally or not – the matter of a “mythical” forced 50% winrate, which has been subject to much debate in this forum between believers and non-believers. As far as I know, no dev as truly answered this question (or, if I missed something in this regard, someone please tell me).

They have, but true to form, a lot of people dismiss it, accuse them of lying, and just keep believing what they want to believe.

Honestly, Blizzard could make every scrap of data available, and people will continue to believe the system is rigged, rather than honest facts such as the player population being too low, or that they just aren’t as good as they think they are.


Now that is a great post, and from a dev at that. Thanks for taking the time to search back for it and sharing it. I am surprised I did not see it at the time (well, I am not so often here between my job and familly life) but I am glad I read it. Devs should talk to us more often. As you said there will always be stubborn ones but it will reassure the majority upon many facts.
I had no position about the “forced 50% winrate” before but now that I saw some official’s answer I know it does not exist (I do not think an official would “politicaly lie” about something as insignificant as a video game).
That being said I am not satisfied with how the MMR works (see my post #11 above), at least in QM.

small player pool = bad match making…

No code change will make match making better till the player pool basically doubles or triples.


I’ve gotten dozens of suspension reports for reports i’ve sent. Gotten 2 just this month alone.
So the report system is actually working great.

The MM however, is not. Not even by a long shot.

Not sure if you said this in defense of the MM or if you were being sarcastic but this statement isn’t true, like AT all if you said it for the first reason.

bad players = bad match making.

people don’t come here to look at how to do better at the game, or how matching actually works or a number of other things; they have their boogie man stories and something has to be ‘fixed’ despite zero feedback on what the ‘problem’ actually would be.

which is pretty much the foibles of lots of other stuff in life and the trouble [somewhat] being that if people actually knew how to provide useful feedback, they’re probably have a better sense of addressing the ‘problem’ in a different manner than they do, which would then influence the issue of the ‘problem’.

time and again many metrics point out the matching is ‘working as well as it can’ – which is why stuff doesn’t dramatically change every 0 post topic that comes out – but the same posters keep on being effectively useless, and not noticing why.


AZ jackson said its true and not true. The only thing that is not true is that the MMR forces an outcome (win or lose).

From my own experience it is certainly partly true. I have said before about how my first 80 games in QM with Nazeebo had a 72% win rate. Now after 105 games with him… Im at 62.9%. In another 30 games it will be 52-55%.

You can say… You’re simply rising in MMR and getting better opponents! But thats not the primary cause. I have been finding myself more often in hopeless matches where my team gets stomped. My team gets the 12-death Illidan that we never had a chance to overcome.

I feel like if I were in a swim race and Blizz thinks Im swimming too fast. True, they give me slightly faster opponents… but they also put ankle weights around my legs as well. :frowning:

Thats why 55% is considered so good. You are trying to beat a coin toss.

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I would like to know how they collect data for those “metrics”.

  • Is a feeder in your team considered Your fault specifically or the fault of the MM missing the fact that this player would do that? Trick question, MM can’t know it -> luck factor.
  • Is it the case that 1-3 allies in your team who doesn’t have all heroes unlocked, get their best heroes picked/banned? Is this player forced to play something he can’t play? Is the same the case for the opponents? Did that affect the game? Yes? --> luck factor. No? -> Player managed to compensate OR the opponent’s were actually worse. -> again luck factor.
  • Is there a player in your team that’s unusually passive aggressive in your team? Does his negative attitude translate into his gameplay in-game? Does it cause a loss? Yes? -> Luck factor. Do you guys still win even tho he has been ruining the mood the whole match? You guys compensate or are good enough to still play together no matter what. Did you stomp that match? Yes? -> luck factor. No? Even match.
  • Did you get a bot? -> luck factor.
  • Did opponents get a leaver? -> luck factor.
  • Did an ally intentionally break the setup by picking “what he wants” and it actually became a loss because of that reason ingame? Yes? -> Luck factor. Why?

Like take this above for instance, why is it a luck factor? Because the MM gave you that ally randomly. This ally who then decided to not cooperate caused a loss. It certainly wasn’t your own fault. Unless of course it was then again the loss is a luck factor for your allies and not you.

Everything i wrote comes from the definition of the word “Luck” which is:
Success or failure apparently brought by chance rather than through one’s own actions.”.

If the things i mentioned above didn’t affect your own personal MMR then luck wouldn’t have mattered. But it does affect it so it’s a problem. And it IS a problem because every now and then, probably 50% of your matches will be matches where atleast one of the above reasons will invade your match as soon as the game says “Match Found”. And if you lose because of it you didn’t lose because the game is competitive, you lossed cuz you got cheated by something that doesn’t know it’s cheating…