Fine. The Developer Community will make a Community e-sports


We’ll make community e-sports. Renewing the domain in 3 days

We’ll collect data from hotslogs Process it with tensorflow and run it with ampproject and a kubernetes cluster that will host a golang backend. We’ll stream it every year to restream and file for a license via blizzardesports if we get big. Maybe some istio. Give a year.

Community developers can be just as good.
github com / topics / heroes-of-the-storm

Anyone is more than welcome to add to the repo list

A message from Kaéo Milker
Lets Revive This Game

I am in!

My email is


It would be cool to see this happen. Get it, dudes.


With HotS going in the direction of Diablo 3 maintenance, this game’s gonna need all the grassroots promotion it can get.


Interesting idea, but would´nt it be better to start off with something smaller, like custom game tourney to get the organizational part right first?


Be prepared to have your email flooded with all manner of p0rn. Giving your actual email on any type of public forum is probably the worst mistake you could possibly make - especially among this crowd.


Sometimes having so much hope will only backfire on you all.


Yea, I wouldn’t trust code from any “developer” who is dumb enough to post his personal student email address on a toxic MOBA forum… unless Richard Patton is one of his enemies and he is meta trolling in which case bravo.



I urge you to edit your email out of your post. It’s almost certainly going to get spammed HARD.


Just watch for a repo with the heroes-of-the-storm tag like the others. Make any pull requests. No need to share your email here.


So if I get this right you’re going to build an automated system to stream replays?


Can you also insert your site link into preformatted code? because then people don’t need to remove the space in the link and could then copy and paste it.


Let me explain a bit further. A tournament with a slightly worked MMR system with a generated tier list based on match history and other factors. A ladder is generated. Top of the ladder = qualifiers for the tournament. Date locked annually (sub tournaments likely quarterly/another interval). The tournament begins a week after the lock. Streamed results.

http/s links within a post prevent me from posting


Surround it with ` characters


No, it doesn’t


Forgot about that! Thanks!


Activision cut LAN from Starcraft in SC2 to prevent people from hosting 3rd party esports events. Good luck if you think they’ll allow anyone to do this and get big. Their whole entry into esports is salt over KESPA and they’ve only failed with every esports scene they attempt to control, even OW is just waiting to die.


If it’s made for fun, and not for money, do you think that’ll lead to a different result? All I’d want is to cover server costs and the energy drinks required to make it.


Love this. How can I help?!