False reports and how to break a system

This is a simple post on how the report system is being broken by the players them selfs.
As i constantly stumble upon complaints about the report system and how nobody is getting banned for this and that.

Valid reports consists of 7 categories, inside them some sub categories, these are:

-Abusive Text Chat
These can range from Hate speach, racism, bullying anything that could be irl abusive in anyways, being toxic ingame is abit of a greyarea here but can at times go into this category.

-Abusive Voice Chat
See above, and change text to voice.

-Intentionally Dying
Litteraly what the title says, for when people are purposly running inn to die.
This is NOT for the times when your team is playing poorly, or some guy has got no clue as to how to play and might overstep, as that is a common problem in lower ranks.
This would ONLY count when A player/Your team runs in with the intensions of being killed, no contest.

This is NOT the “The guy DCd let’s report him” category.
This is basicly for when someone gives up and leaves the game, or when someone is trying to spite their team by standing stil constantly during the game.
A wierd example here would be someone going BRB for a coffee, that’s a grey area, if it affects the game, then obviously that is a valid report, if it doesn’t then that could be a good plee for mercy here.

XP farm bots, pretty much our only struggle in this game when it comes to hackers, cheaters and botters, luckily that is a QM problem and not a ranked problem, stil something to report.

-Inappropriate Name
Pretty much the same as Category 1 and 2, hate speach, racism or bullying of some kind in a name, a good example of this are cho’galls that call them selfs a combination that ends up as being racist of some sort.

Spam pinging, a good example is death pinging, spamming in chat, mostly just the same things over and over.

None of these categories consists of poor playstyles.
Bad gameplay, or anything along those lines.
You are free to be a bad player in this game or any game for that matter, you are free to sit in gold 5 and not know when to take down camps, those things are not reportable.

The reason i bring these things up are mainly because any reports outside of these categories that you decide to fill after every match, is another report that has to be reviewed and gone through.

If there are 80% invalid reports, 10% valid reports, and 10% that is valid but not bannable.
Then that means less people banned for things that they should be banned for, more reports to go through means more time spendt reading a bunch of non-sense, we are a decently sized community, and it is only ourselfs that can fix the system that we ourselfs wants to work.

We can’t make post after post after post complaining about a system we ourselfs are breaking, to then not come up with a solution to the problem.

That’s all i have to say on that matter.


I don’t understand why everyone keeps saying the report system is broken. I’ve been playing the game daily for two weeks in quick match and haven’t run into any cheaters or botters. There are a handful of toxic players and one player that gave up and quit, but beyond that the vast majority of my matches have been fair and fun.

2 weeks huh, come back in 4 years.

Though your experience is limited, it is pretty much how the game is, extremly few bots above lvl 50, and not all that much toxic players, most of them are located in like the Plat area.

The reports system isn’t really broken, but the community is kinda making it so.
You do get emails when people get bans of any kind, so you actually would know when someone you reported got banned.
It is what it is overall.

And some months ago I was told by someone on the forum that if you report someone for spam ping you are false reporting him casue mute exists.
Same goes for abuse chat. You can just mute the toxic player no need to have him false reported casue he said someone stupid in the heat of battle whatever whatever.

Just proves that some people in this game want to have a free pass for being toxic just becasue mute exists and everyone who abuse chat reports him are snowflakes.

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It’s easier to complain than it is to understand something. It isn’t ‘everyone’ that complains about the system being ‘broken’, but it is a select few posters that repeat their complaints over and over again to try to give it increased visibility. If something is fine, then those players aren’t going to make topics about that because they’re off playing the game.

One of the issues of player-complaints, and repeating them, is that people don’t actually have to be honest about it, or rather, they may not intended to lie/deceive, but they may not be actually observing all the conditions of what is going on.

In a number of topics where someone complained about being silenced, they’ll say they didn’t ‘post anything’ and then the replay (if fished out on heroesprofile) can demonstrate they were typing in chat, or whispering people, or using teamchat, etc etc. That doesn’t mean there can’t be false positives, or mistakes made, but it does indicate there tends to be more going on, options people hadn’t considered, and it’s not like they’re going to check for similar cases/topics if they are of the intent to complain, complain, complain.

Other posters that try to complain about leavers/bots may be in the leaver queue, but won’t convey that information to anyone else (it may also explain some mmr spreads that also see complaints.) The concern for many players that complain is they are looking to complain in the first place, so they filter out stuff that doesn’t suit the complaint, act in ways to encourage the results they ‘want’ (to complain about) and loop that into a process of scapegoating ‘the system’ instead of other choices outside of that complaint.

That’s part of why it’s a telling detail that the players chose to complain instead of asking for advise, expressing a non-complaint suggestion, checking if they’re just looping a confirmation bias, evaluating their own action/actions in watching replays, etc etc there’s lots of different choices people can make, but some are just on repeat and look to blame the world around them for just about any inconvenience. So long as they can blame something else, they then remove personal accountability, adaptability and ability from the equation.


Though i see your point, and i actually agree on the part of there being tons of snowflakes that needs to calm down.
This thing isn’t about the whole “I define as a him/her/his/had/that” thing, where you can claim anything to be offensive.
Because your argument can just flip the coin over and say “Well you could just ignore the chat all together and not consider it racist”.
Or say “Well it was a racist joke, let’s just take it as a joke and not racism”.

The spam report is there for a reason, you won’t get banned anyways for spamming, you will get silence banned, which basicly means you get the whole “Learn to behave, or play QMs for the rest of your time in HOTS”.

It’s not acceptable behaviour which is reasonable for reporting, because it actually can affect your games, behaviour in MOBAs are wierdly a large part of MOBAs.
So YOU might mute him, but then you got other people in the game actually sitting there thinking that this guy needs a response to his talkative actions, leading the rest of your team to sit there and chat rather than play.
It is gamechanging, and reportable, and let’s call a snowflake a snowflake, and a decent reporting system a decent reporting system.

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This person has been writing tripe like this since there was a forum. While a predictable, broken record of a poster like this can be hard to discredit in good times now his or her own words clearly apply to him- or herself - “but some are just on repeat and look to blame the world around them for just about any inconvenience. So long as they can blame something else, they then remove game accountability, adaptability and development from the equation”.

An apologist like this still defends the game in failure, probably blaming the world for its failure rather than itself and decisions made. Ultimately anything but a constructive poster, oblivious to reality.

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Here is how reporting actually works for HotS players:

  • Abusive Text Chat: Anyone who dares speak or call someone bad. We retaliate to that (without actually addressing the comment) we play victim and tell our teammates to also report. This is the “I was butthurt or cannot handle criticism” report. Oh and that 1% of times you have an actual rager/death threats/etc.
  • Abusive Voice Chat: Never actually used by 99% of the playerbase, so never reported.
  • Intentionally Dying: Automatic report for the person with highest deaths in game
  • AFK/Nonparticipation: This is the only legit one. However, It’s used when a player is solo all game, not communicating with his team, literally afk in base or just bad.
  • Cheating/Botting/Hacking: Bots and people who outplayed you so bad that they must be “hacking”
  • Inappropriate Name: Legit, but rarely used, only when someone has bad words in his name.
  • Spam: Never actually used because you can just report for abusive chat instead.
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Been playing the game on and off again for 5 years. Things seem as fine as before.

Wow, that is a really good response! Thank you!

You forgot the party where the devs do not even review the reports, if your account if flagged for a report from X amount of different accounts, You are punished. Then when you appeal it, you get a bot saying we reviewed your account and you broke the terms and agreement blah blah blah and they will never even give you any info on what you did that was against the terms.

Then they close the ticket and bam you punished with 0 review. I got punished like this while back probably cause i turn off chat, i pick azmo every game and i split push and win. But players dont like that and they report you for it and its not a experience players are gonna stick around for. I have already stopped playing this game as much as i used to cause why play when you are gonna get punished for nothing?

Except for queue times/matchmaking and a drastic reduction of new content/development. Even the pro-game regulars on this forum acknowledge the game is in a troubled state. If everything but the game keeps getting blamed there is necessarily no path forward. What is there to change if the game is practically flawless?

And that is pretty much my view of how most reports go.
Which is in all fairness breaking the report system we have going.
Or breaking it is a harsh word, but atleast slowing it down drasticly.

It is quite silly really that it is this way.
Even on all my smurf accounts while ranking them up, i would keep getting falsely reported, mostly for AFK/Nonparticipating, when i was working the map as i should be doing, none of these ofc didn’t go through so i have never been banned in the game.
But i can only imagine if i got reported 2-3 times each match, on all my accounts, how many false reports someone actually has to go through JUST because of me.
And then to think how many times we actually gotta times that with to have the real number of valse reports.

THAT is breaking a system.

In 6 years I have never recieved such an email.

I have several emails saying that someone i reported got banned.

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When I point out that you don’t read things through and look to blame others for your shortcomings, it doesn’t help that you then go on to demonstrate that you didn’t read things through, and blame others for your shortcomings.

For one, time and again, people that mass-quote blocks do that to try to fake that they read something through, and they didn’t. You could claim you ‘read it’, but seeing something is not the same thing, and the trouble of pointing out how people don’t ‘read’ something is it requires them to actually read, and if they weren’t doing it before, they likely aren’t going to the next time around.

What you posted is vague, has little to do with what I actually wrote – save for a line you ‘quoted’ – and draws the complete opposite conclusion from what was written. Since you advocate for ‘change’ and I posted ‘against’ you, you then draw the conclusion someone has to be against 'change; and conclude that my post ‘defends’ the game.

It doesn’t, and you don’t know how to read well enough to not notice that.

Instead, you have imposed a blame on me, used that to rationalize away effort on your end – since you have your conclusion – and then fault me for your issues. You conclude your ignorance is more valuable than otherwise, refuse to see things beyond two options, and then conclude it’s others that are the problem instead of noticing other options.

A key part of what I wrote about (on ‘repeat’) is that a person can be the source of their own problems. If they do not consider that, they won’t make attempts to change that, and then often repeat the same things that cause them their problems. You have been pointed out to not read things through, if you don’t read them through, then you won’t be able to make accurate processing of the information, and then react according to what you don’t know.

That’s why you conclude that people have to ‘defend the game’ instead of ‘doing what they can to make their own experience better’. I often conclude that people that demonstrate these issues likely make similar mistakes in other aspects in their life, so the frustration they feel compounds because they can’t seem to ‘escape from it’. However, so long as they keep having this list of stuff to blame, they won’t deal with the common element in all their problems: themselves.

Part of the issue of that cycle of conduct is that it then bears a new option in game: reporting. People that then look to blame anything else can ‘report’ that, for any other sort of rational that suits their cycle, and then also expect some sort of ‘action’ to be taken to suit their claim. Regardless of outcome (ban or not) they’ve made the ‘blame’ and it perpetuates the cycle where people can ignore self-reflection and accountability in favor of just blaming something else.

If you weren’t so caught up in that loop, you’d noticed it, and stop doing it. And before you prattle off “oh but that’s all you do” you don’t read well-enough to notice when I’m not doing it, when I do demonstrate self-awareness, because you’re not looking to find those things, you’re looking for something to blame as a poorly-conceived coping mechanism.


Can you please stop with the “no u” or “reverse uno card”. It’s literally the lowest form of intellectual debate. WE do this in kindergarten for crying out loud. What is this OBSESSION with forum users to be seen and feel like they are smart by trying to turn the entire argument and conclusion someone makes by trying to turn it around on the person. In a way to dismiss any points made with your pseudo-intellectual garbage that equates to a “no u”? Constantly tap-dancing around the actual argument by pointing out flaws in the poster by making assumptions and formulating a narrative where the person is wrong no matter what they say.

You do not even give the other person the benefit of the doubt, you automatically view yourself as superior and more knowledgeable/wise (because you can mask your language, you do not say that directly, but it’s the motivation behind your feeble attempts to “win”)

By making statements like that you are arguing from the perspective of your own bias (assuming everyone is wrong). “I cannot ever be wrong, therefore, you must be”

There, you clearly view yourself as superior and that is why you fail, you do not give others any respect, nor would you ever admit to being wrong on something with this kind of attitude and motivation’s. You make assumption after assuumption to draw conclusions. If you wanna actually be “superior”, try to make a better counter-argument other than “no u”.

Do you have even an inkling of how predictable you are?

This game is past the point of blaming “persons”. It’s an example of systemic failure. It is explained on a regular basis that a largely indiscriminate, indefinite, unaccountable system of reporting and severe form of punishment is repelling people. Some argue that any alternative is worse yet the games that don’t ban their players willy-nilly are proving that “toxicity” isn’t the primary issue. What has been unfolding in this game is a product of laziness and stupidity. There is a workable way to enforce stricter standards for chatting but the clowns who “designed” this system never bothered to think it through and consider the repercussions of their actions. Then silly posters like you accompany it to the grave.

You are entirely predictable. There is nothing smart or perceptive about your arguments. They are completely hackneyed. The system is not working. It’s contributing to the downfall of this game. Anyone can report anyone else for abusive chat with no possible punishment irrespective if anything of the sort has occurred. GMs check for single instances of even “mild toxicity” and even simply invoke the concept of “community policing” and rubber stamp bans. Hell, have they even started misrepresenting their automatic bans in the emails they send out to discourage appeals? The players who are most committed to the game are most likely to accumulate reports. Players who spend money have no guarantees that their accounts will be protected unless they disable communication in a team game or stay quiet.

Immature twerps like you have had their day. This experiment has gone on long enough. The core of gamers play games to be excited, not to sit passively in front of screens for a light source like tender vegetables. The current system totally indulges the latter group. Blizzard has totally lost concept of who gamers are. There needs to be middle ground. Cut your nonsense out; this is a freaking game for crying out loud.

What is even your point?

You are literally incoherent. How many people use this forum entirely as a coping tool for whatever the hell is going wrong with them?

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Nailed it, been saying it for years.

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