Community Feedback: ARAM

Since 99% of us had no idea there was a random thread somewhere on reddit that would dictate the biggest patch change to HOTs in the last year and a half, I feel the need to provide my own feedback here:
Same Hero ARAM is not fun. Change it back please.
I appreciate that someone out there at blizz wanted to make a change to HOTs, even if it was a small one, but the community at large had no idea an “open” discussion was taking place.
My last bit of feedback is that the discussion should be here on these forums, not on reddit… and a pop-up at the main screen after load-up would have probably gotten a much better response with a much larger sample of us that still play this game regularly.


You visit the forums like once a year; you’d have still missed out on giving ‘feedback’.

players popularized reddit, not blizzard. Several games have had their communities abandon the format, and devs have tried to have people there to be engaged with communities. Many games have outright stopped supporting forums because their players don’t bother with the format, even when they were more active than this ghosttown.

Go raise a stink over on reddit and see if people are willing to upvote the same experience instead of pretending you’re making a stand here.


Amen to that

It’s pretty annoying how they care more about reddit than their own forums

Why does this place even exist if they won’t prioritize listening to us here?


I’m going to let you in on a secret: the forums are not just General Discussion.

  • Blizzard communities have an MVP system – user posts in green- and HotS has/had an MVP.
  • People complain that if necrobumping should be frowned upon, then topics should have a timelock to prevent necrobumping. There are topics that have this feature that are auto locked, or are locked when an issue has been resolved.
  • Blues still read these forums. Blues still post on the forums.

Much of the ‘feedback’ of concern is over in the technical support forums where “customer support” try to still help resolve issues and address concerns for support/updates to keep the game going.

What people they have are prioritizing concerns that can actually be addressed, rather than sorting through repeats of 1-post accounts complaining that the lack of attentiveness on the forums is somehow not garnering personalized reactions from the devs to make a overhaul of this game and released in time for next tuesdays update.


These forums are dead compared to Reddit. Just compare Kara’s comics and the reception they receive here compared to the Hots Subreddit. Kara pulls at most 10 likes here for a comic, on Reddit it’s always over 300.

I agree, they should have had a pop-up survey/poll in game. I’m guessing that would have required resources the Devs aren’t afforded. As Hots is in maintenance mode, you have to always keep this in mind and be pragmatic about changes/lack of changes.

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A secret that I am actually aware of

I am also aware that technical support is something that is provided on here

This is something that I am aware of and have seen personally

My own personal complaint is about them being more active on reddit than on their own forums

Reddit being active and these forums being very dead are a good excuse on paper but the proper way to do things in my opinion is to redirect people who post on reddit to these forums instead

These forums are official and reddit is third-party in comparison

The official forums and the opinions of those who post here should be given priority over those who post solely on reddit

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I love the 5v5 Mirror match-ups! They don’t happen that often, and when they do? It’s Fun as hell!

Edit: Again, i MUST reiterate…it DOES NOT occur often at all. Maybe (1) out of every (22) matches will be a 5v5 for me. Anyone that claims it happens a lot for them, is a filthy liar. The whiners just like complaining.


Look at it this way:

People who like it will feel like it’s not often enough while people who hate it will feel like even one of those games is way too much

I personally would include an option that is fair to both groups of people if I was in charge

It is tho.

Don’t, thx.


Still funny that Blizzard actually made a Ocean/German/EU forum when most people are posting here.

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I obviously agree with the OP and the same hero needs to be removed or people will continue to alt+F4…especially now that we KNOW Diablo 4 is a good game. What’s stopping us from alt+f4ing if we get Same Hero and don’t agree with this feature? I got off the D4 early access and this forum is still filled with threads to remove the Same Hero thing.

The “open discussion” on Reddit was a bunch of people just flip flopping around without making a point. The Reddit thing, it had SOME people who want this feature, but these same people also admitted they chronically AFK and actually hate the game in that same discussion. Why listen to low skill players you wouldnt even want on your team?

Blizzard, listen to the players, not the fake ones on Reddit. Don’t do the same thing with D4 either. Listen to your own forums, not the Reddit kiddos, when it goes live.

Players care more about Reddit than these forums actually.

They just go where the players are.


different regions will have different support staff (customer service) so for people looking for bugs/fixes/reports/etc it makes more sense to have people available to speak the same language.

Forums aren’t just genchat for 1-post account ‘feedback’


Free will.

This might be hard to genuinely understand, but “free will” actually exists and people are not obligated into some impulsive cycle of self-imposed misery. Similarly, some problems persist because people have the ‘free will’ to try to ruin the fun for everyone else because they made themselves miserable and don’t know how to enjoy anything.

You seem to busy caught up on your bad logic loop that you seem to have neglected that this is all stuff people already do. “Oh my aram is all healers, I quit”. “Had game with person last time, so I’m going to afk this time to spite them” “qm complaints, player decides to afk/quit”

The same sort of players that rationalize quitting the game are just using the same-matching as an excuse to keep doing what they were already doing. The bottom-line is that you have people constantly complaining about the game, but they still sink their time into it. Life is full of ways people can spend their time instead of grumping over poorly thought out lies and childish rational, esp for those that supposedly ‘grew up’.

You’re trying to discount opinions by acting like you know better despite milling about in a cycle of self-inflicted ignorance. A bunch of alt-accounts aren’t the “real players”, they’re troll accounts trying to act like they’re more than that. The ‘real’ players don’t bother with reddit or the forums. If anything, they’re in the discord groups and have… gasp friends that share the some quirks of the gameplay and bypass a lot of issues of the game (matchmaking, afk, etc) by just forming groups to play a game that encourages people to group.

When people try to pretend they are represented by a “notruescottsman”, that’s not giving blizzard a group to ‘listen to’ especially when they bicker over antithetical opinions. That’s part of why chronic complainers keep petering on and on about claiming blizzard doesn’t ‘listen’.

It’d be nice if more players would ‘listen’ so it’d get over the childish tantrums, improve the average playerbase, and ya know, offer better quality feedback instead of the usual tropes of deception and fake-protests.

I understand why they do it

I simply disagree with an unofficial platform being given priority over an official platform

I don’t think I’ve left my feedback (for nobody to see), so for the record, it’s fine. I don’t love the change, I don’t hate it, it rarely happens, so keep it as far as I’m concerned.

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When the last official news/update post is basically: “Hey, just a little note to let you know we are no longer updating HOTs with new content, and will put it on the mothball shelf… and as a token of our appreciation here’s a dinosaur mount and thank you for all the fun years”, why would anyone visit the forums in the first place?? Or Reddit for that matter…

  1. customer support still exists
  2. tech support and bugs still have blues responding to issues
  3. non-blue activity

Yes, some people came here expecting blues to personally answer them and get offended if topics went without blue replies

Yes, “new” content is easier to discuss than new strategies, unfamiliar heroes or, gasp communicating with non-blue players. However, many players think they “mastered” a hero despite how guides and other resources get neglected, so…

obviously people can come to the forum to complain about match-making because the post is that the shop isn’t getting content and mmr isn’t the shop


This. Anyone with a reddit account can post their “feedback” or slander on a reddit post. You have to have a blizzard account to be involved in the forums, and if you have one, chances are that you’ve played hots or at least other blizzard games. Why should feedback from someone who’s never played a blizzard game but has a reddit account be important in the slightest? It shouldn’t.

When I download the blizzard app to install hots for the first time, I have to make an account if I don’t already have one. Why should I be forced to make a reddit account just to give feedback when a forum account (created for me when I created my blizzard account) is already available to me and very accessible through the battlenet launcher. Its stupid.

I understand that reddit is widely more populated, but I don’t think that should merit reddit to be the main source for announcements, update info, and feedback polls/surveys since we have a forum for that. Its not hard for a dev to have two tabs open and then put whatever announcements that are on one, on the other or to scroll on both platforms. Its just laziness.

Also don’t they have a twitter account? Why is that relevant if everything is on reddit? If your mentality is “its more popular on reddit than the original blizzard forums” then why have any other social media to update your playerbase? I’ll tell you, because not everyone who plays has a twitter, not everyone who plays has a reddit so to widen the scope of people to receive game updates they use multiple mediums to do so. Everyone who plays hots has a forum account, but not necessarily a twitter or reddit… so why are they left out of giving feedback?

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I think you are absolutely correct.

On the other hand Blizzard should just close the forum if every developer and community manager is only using Reddit. LoL did the same 2 years ago.

Anyway please remove the new ARAM feature Blizzard. It’s unfun.

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